Ennis Family
The Ennis Family

William Manley Ennis, born 1876 in Lyon County, wife Happy Louise Duff, born 8-7-1872 in Ladies Spring, Lyon County with their first born Ethel taken about 1889 by B.W. Crawford in Grand Rivers, KY.

Minnie Elizabeth Ennis (Fleming), born 12-18-1869, Mary Ilene Fleming, born 5-4-1894 on left and James R. Fleming, born 8-31-1897 all born in Lyon County, 1850 in KY photo by B.W. Crawford in Grand Rivers, KY.

Joseph Ennis, born 1849 in Lyon County and Kate Montgomery Church Ennis, born 1850 in KY their children in the picture all born in Lyon County. Geneva, born abt 1880, holding baby Addie James Luther, born 11-15-1886 on right Jerry Carradine, born 12-23-1893 in Grand Rivers, Lyon County on left Addie Willet, born about 1900, baby held by Geneva

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Photos and Report donated by Andrew Hinshaw