News From Confederate ~ May 3, 1956

Generously Donated by Ken Ramsay

The above article appeared in the
Lyon County Herald, Eddyville, Kentucky,
Thursday, May 3, 1956

(relisting names for web spider provided by Freefind)

R.P. Gray, H.C. Thorpe, Zane Williamson, Cecil Lawrence, June Forsythe, R.S. Kennedy, Lawrence Kennedy, Jayne Gillette, Leon Gresham, Urie Cummins, Sidney Espie, Eural Cotton, G.N. Ramey, Thorpe Johnson, Earle Barnett, J.S. Cannon, Macie Ramey, Harold Barnett, Leland Cook, M.P. P'Pool, Shellie Cummins, Calvin Smith, Percy Gray, Lee Ramey, Louard Gray, Willaim Gray, Eural Cotton, Jane Marshall, Linda Hall, Dennis Galusha, Willis Dobbins, Julia Hooks, S.H. Murphy

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