Lyon Co

Lyon Co., Ky. 1860 Mortality Schedule

Submitted by Peggy D. Gilkey

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List includes: Name, Sex, Age, Place of Birth, Month of Death, Cause of Death, & Occupation if listed.


Abbot, Mary   f   02mo   Ky.   Feb.   Croup

Bayles, Mary   f   30   Ky.  Oct.  Chill Congestion   Housewife

Bell, Augusta   f   01mo   Ky.   Oct.  Unknown

Bird, Hiram   m   30   Ky.   Jan.   Executed

Blue, William T.   m   12   Ky.  Jan.   Scarlet Fever

Bradshaw, Maria L.   f   02mo   Ky.   July   Bowel Infla

Braswell, Ellenora   f   77   NC   Apr.  Old Age

Bruce, Benjamin   m   06mo   Ky.  Feb.   Brain Infl.

Bruce, Elizabeth T.   f   20   Tn.  Sept.  Consumptio   Housekeeper

Childers, Henry   m  60   Tn.   Sept.  Consumptio  Housekeeper

Clark, William L.  m   02   Ky.   Mar.   Cholera

Collin, Matilda J.   f   01mo   Ky.   Mar.   Hives

Doom, Mary   f   68   Ky.   Jan.  Palsey   Farmer

Doom, Robert   m.   01   Ky.  July   Teething

Duncan, Elihu A.   m   01mo   Ky.  June   Liver disease

Durham, Mary E.  f   26   Ky.   Feb.   Erysipelas  Housekeeper

Ealey, Mary  f   05   OH   Jan.   Scarlet Fever

Ealey, Minerva   f   02  OH   Jan.  Scarlet Fever

Edson, Alfred   m   22   Ky   Nov.   Brain Infla

Edwards, Ben F.  m  02mo   Ky.  July   Croup

Evans, Mildred   f   09mo   Ky.  Sep.   Sudden

Fowler, Elizabeth   f   06   Ky.   Apr.  Scarlet Fever

Fowler, Joseph P.   m   04   Ky.   Mar   Scarlet Fever

Fowler, Kitty C.   f   04   Ky.   Apr.   Scarlet Fever

Fowler, Nancy C.   f   11   Ky.   Mar.  Scarlet Fever

Freer, Martha  f   01mo   Ky.  Apr.   Typhoid Fever

Galusha, Jonas A.   m   46   Ky.   June   Dropsy   Farmer

Glasglow, Sarah Ann   f   34  TN.  May   Chill Congeston   Housekeeper

Gray, Frank M.  02mo   Ky.   Jan.   Hives

Griffin, Helen V.  f   12  Ky.   Mar.   Typhoid Fever

Griffin, William   m   56   NC   Sep.   Liver Disease   Farmer

Grimmer, William B.   m   12  Ky.   July   Chill Congeston

Hall, Margarey M.  f   14  Ky.  Apr.  Scarlet Fever

Hammond, John G.   m   72  SC  Mar  Fever   Farmer

Henson, Kate L.  01mo   Ky.  Jan.  Brain Infl

Herring, John B.   m   02   Ky.  Jan   Pneumonia

Howard, Mary C.  f   34  Ky.  Nov. Consumptio   Housekeeper

Hubbard, Samuel J.   m   02  Ky.  Aug.  Croup

Huey, David A.  f (as written)   02  Ky.  May   Consumptio   Farmer

Huey, David E.   m   19   Ky.   Mar  Pneumonia   Farmer

Huey, Matilda   f   02  Ky.   May   Scarlet Fever

Hurt, Daniel   m   05mo   Ky   Jan  Croup

Hyatt, Sarah J.  f  02   Ky.   Dec.  Scarlet Fever

Jackson, Rosa A.  f  04   Ky   Oct.   Whooping

Jarrett, Margaret  f  85   MD   Feb.   Rheumatism  Farmer

Jenkins, Francis   m   02  Ky.  Oct.  Fever

Johnson, William P.   m   06mo   Ky.   May  Consumptio

Jones, George W. B.  m  01   Ky.   Nov.  Scarlet Fever

Kirk, Amelia   f   26   Ky.   Jan.  Fever  Housekeeper

Lady, William   m   01mo   Ky.   Feb.   Hives

Langston, Nathan   m   53   Ky.   Apr.  Typhoid Fever   Farmer

Leroy, Peter V.  m  58  Ky.  Aug.  Dysentery  Carpenter-Joiner

Lewis, Joseph  m   49   VA   Oct.   Intemperan   Saddler

Marshall, John W.   m  35   Ky.   Apr.  Typhoid Fever  Farmer

Martin, Isaac  m  34  Ky.  May  Pneumonia   Blacksmith

McCormick, Mary T.   f  25  Ky.  Sep.  Brain Infla   Housekeeper

Murphy, William W.  m  10   TN.   Oct.   Dysentery

Oliver, Eliza  f  30  Ky.   Feb.   Consumptio  Housekeeper

Payne, Cynthia  F.  f  65  NC   Mar.   Pneumonia

Pierce, William E.  m   02mo   Ky.  Aug.   Liver Disease

Powell, Caroline  f   29   Ky.   May  Consumptio   Seamstress

Reynolds, Elizabeth   f  84  MD   Feb.   Rheumatism  Farmer

Riley, Nancy E.   f  25  Ky.  Feb.  Consumptio   Housekeeper

Rowland, Anna L.  f   05mo  Ky.  Mar.   Brain Fever

Rowland, William L.  m   49   Ky.  Apr.   Typhoid Fever   Farmer

Rudy, William B.   m  51  Ky.  Apr.   Apoplexy  Farmer

Sexton, John   m   42   TN.   Nov.  Typhoid Fever   Farmer

Shade, Zerelda   f   01mo  Ky.   June   Liver Disease

Sivels, Helen M.   f  07mo   Ky.   Apr.   Unknown

Stevens, John W.  m  03   Ky.   Nov.   Sudden

Stone, Gideon H.   m   09   Ky.  Jan.   Sudden

Wake, May L.   f   21   Ky.   Nov.  Farmer

Watkins, James O.   m   01   Ky.   Sep.   Brain Congestion

Watkins, Mary   f   01mo   Ky.  Apr.   Hives


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