Newland Family Cemetery Lincoln Co Ky

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Newland Family Cemetery
Located by Walnut Flat Creek between Stanford and Crab Orchard

This cemetery and all photos submitted by Gene Martin unless otherwise stated

John Newland, 1784-1861, moved over from Madison county in 1847.  The farm he purchased was probably part of the old Whitley plantation. He, his wife Celia Hoy Newland, and her sister, Frances Hoy were originally buried in this family plot.  They were moved in 1885 to Buffalo Springs by a son. After John moved to Lincoln several of his children also moved nearby.  The Anderson C Newland buried in the Clark-Newland Cemetery by Cedar Creek Lake was a son.  At sometime, 1940's or 1950's, a Newland descendant, Gobelene Harrod, did a survey of this cemetery, at least for Newland connections.  I donít know Gobelene, I got the information from a second party and so for as I know the survey was not published.  But I do have a lot of the data.  Gobelene is daughter of Justus Gobel Harrod, 1900-1978 + Allie Mae Cummins, 1899-1988.   Allie Mae was daughter of Fleming F Cummins, 1875-1961 + Sarah Elizabeth Anderson, 1877-1962 (NOTE: Allie Mae sister was Eliza Anderson Cummins, wife of long time Lincoln County Attorney, Pat Davis Rankin).  Sarah Elizabeth was daughter of John Anderson, 1838-1917 + Virginia Newland, 1848-1890.  Virginia was daughter of Abraham Hoy Newland, 1808-1857 + Sarah Jones, 1812-1877.  Abraham Hoy was oldest child of John and Celia Hoy Newland.  Gobeleneís second marriage was to Kenneth D Singleton, 1925-1987, so far as I know Gobelene is living in Franklin or Fayette Counties .

These photos came from a camper in 2002 that worked with Frank Horton.  The two photos of Richard T Newland and Philadelphia Deboe Newland had fallen over and were covered.  (Gene Martin)

photo submitted by:  Yvonne Lay Logue (taken August, 2007)

  Submitter Photo
John Anderson
13 Sep 1838 - 28 Feb 1817
s/o David and Eliza Miller Anderson
Virginia Newland Anderson
24 Mar 1848 - 10 Aug 1890
d/o AH and Jane Jones Newland
w/o John Anderson
Wm. Ends
Yvonne Lay Logue
Yvonne Lay Logue
Abraham Hoy Newland
6 Sep 1808 - 11 Nov 1857
First child of John and Celia Newland
Joseph J Newland
4 Mar 1844 - 8 Aug 1888
s/o AH and Jane Jones Newland
Lite Newland
24 Aug 1876 - 24 Sep 1876
s/o Jacob and Julia Conn Newland
grandson of John and Celia
Gene Martin/Yvonne Lay Logue
Philadelphia Deboe Newland
25 May 1828 - 21 Dec 1871
w/o Richard T Newland
Richard T Newland
29 Feb 1824 - 8 Dec 1862
s/o John and Celia Hoy Newland
Sarah Jones Newland
13 May 1812 - 21 Jul 1877
w/o A H Newland
d/o Joseph and Jane Chenault Jones
Thomas W Newland
1849 -1850
s/o AH and Sarah Jones Newland
Celia B White
3 Mar 1875 - 24 Sep 1878
d/o William and Minnie White
Edward W White
17 Sep 1884 - 15 Nov 1911
s/o William and Minnie White
John D White
15 Jun 1881 - 10 Dec 1887
s/o William and Minnie White
Mary E Newland White
8 Mar 1843 - 17 Oct 1917
d/o A B and Sarah Newland
w/o W T B White
Mattie White
2 Sep 1871 - 13 May 1872
d/o William T B and Mary Newland White
Yvonne Lay Logue
Virginia White
1 Oct 1870 - 8 Oct 1870
d/o William T B and Mary Newland White
Yvonne Lay Logue
William T B White
12 Oct 1831 - 5 Aug 1908
William Thomas White
13 Apr 1874 - 6 Jan 1934
h/o Minnie T Boone

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