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McCormack Cemetery, Lincoln Co, Ky

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McCormack Cemetery
 Located on 1770 Norris Road, SW of McKinney
On farm of Danny & Mindy Norris Douglas
Open cattle gate (please close behind you) get permission and directions from residents. On hill behind residence.  
First divided grave yard I have seen.  I was told by a local elderly gentleman that blacks were buried in one section and whites in the other.
(Ronnie Bates)



On walk up to cemetery, I saw this cobweb - some of the natural beauty awarded by God to Lincoln County.  


Betty Browning
wife of S L Browning

Cindy Whitis

(unreadable) Coulter
Cindy Whitis   
Joseph Duncan
1/12/1815 - 6/17/1898
Cindy Whitis   
Charles Gifford
4/16/1920 - 4/17/1920
Cindy Whitis    
Emmet Gifford
1894 - 1910
Cindy Whitis  
John Gifford
1855 - 1928
Cindy Whitis  
John Gifford Jr.
1887 - 10/26/1928
Cindy Whitis
Josephine Gifford
1852 - 1925
Cindy Whitis  
A. K. McCormack Ronnie's Group
George T McCormack
son of J R & Lizzie McCormack
Cindy Whitis  
? H McCormack Ronnie's Group
James McCormack
Cindy Whitis  
Joseph McCormack Cindy Whitis  
Lizzie T McCormack
Cindy Whitis  
Lula McCormack Cindy Whitis  
Margaret McCormack
Cindy Whitis  
Sallie B McCormack
dau of J R & Lizzie McCormack
Cindy Whitis  
George Ishmael Whitis
son of Robt & Emma Whitis
4/23/1897 - 10/15/1897
Cindy Whitis  
Annie Eva Whitis
dau of Robt & Emma Whitis
1/23/1892 - 12/22/1896
Cindy Whitis  
Unreadable name
9/15/1809 - 6/6/1829
Cindy Whitis    
Unknown Stone Ronnie's Group


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