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Negro Creek Cemetery Lincoln Co, Ky

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Negro Creek Cemetery
This cemetery is in Rockcastle County on Ky Hwy 3245 approximately two miles from Brodhead,
but also approximately two miles or so from the Lincoln County line.  

The part of Rockcastle where the cemetery is located was once Lincoln County.
Still today, there are probably as many family members of the folks interred there that live in 
Lincoln as Rockcastle.   Crab Orchard was once home to many of the older folks 
that are buried there  (Vicki A Benge)

Index for Negro Creek Cemetery (Vicki A Benge)

photo submitted by:  Shelby Hopkins


Boyd Brock
1889 - 12/19/1945
s/o Zachariah R. & Mary Saylor Brock
Shelby Hopkins
Carl Brock
2/16/1917 - 4/26/2002
h/o Margaret C Brock
Shelby Hopkins
Daniel Brock
8/18/1921 - 5/18/1991
h/o Mary Alice Brock
Shelby Hopkins
George L Brock
1/22/1910 - 6/17/1998
Shelby Hopkins
Ida Brock
4/5/1884 - 4/18/1966
Shelby Hopkins
James Floyd Brock
6/26/1875 - 5/9/1955
h/o Nancy Jane Brock
s/o William Worth & Viney Osborne Brock
Shelby Hopkins
John H Brock
8/13/1890 - 12/24/1941
h/o Josie Brock
s/o William Worth & Viney Osborne Brock
Shelby Hopkins
Josie Brock
5/28/1897 - 9/14/1968
w/o John H Brock
Shelby Hopkins
Lillie Mae Brock
4/6/1893 - 6/14/1980
born Forrester's Creek--Harlan Co., KY 
d/o Wm. Worth and Lavina Brock
 Melissa Hohler  
Lavina Osborn Brock
b. 1859  Harlan Co.
wife of William Worth Brock
 Melissa Hohler  
Margaret C Brock
8/12/1936 - 
widow of Carl Brock 
Shelby Hopkins
Martha Brock
b.  Forrester's Creek--Harlan Co., KY
d/o Wm. Worth and Lavina Brock
Melissa Hohler  
Mary Brock
b.  Forrester's Creek--Harlan Co., KY
twin sister of Martha Brock
Melissa Hohler  
Mary Alice Brock
7/12/1922 - 7/6/1984
w/o Daniel Brock
Shelby Hopkins
Mary V Brock
10/8/1903 - 1/18/1983
w/o Worth W Brock
Shelby Hopkins
Nancy Jane Stepp Brock
1/4/1871 - 4/7/1941
w/o James Floyd Brock
Shelby Hopkins
Vina Brock
2/22/1858 - 7/9/1925
w/o Rev. William Worth Brock
d/o Hiram & Nancy Brummett Osborne
Shelby Hopkins
William Worth Brock Rev.
2/22/1853 - 11/25/1928  Harlan Co.
--minister who started the Holiness Church and Negro Creek Cemetary
h/o Vina Osborne Brock
s/o John Harlan & Mary Saylor Brock
Melissa Hohler
Shelby Hopkins
Worth W Brock
10/25/1898 - 4/13/1981
h/o Mary V Brock
s/o James Floyd & Nancy Jane Stepp Brock
Shelby Hopkins
Denver Brummett
10/20/1919 - 12/4/1997
h/o Grace Brummett married 8/14/1941
Shelby Hopkins
Grace Brummett
1/18/1923 - 9/4/2006

w/o Denver Brummett
Shelby Hopkins
Francis Brummett
3/12/1926 - 
married to Rovena Brummett
Shelby Hopkins
Rovena  Brummett
4/24/1932 - 12/12/2009
married to Francis Brummett
Shelby Hopkins
Ginger Jeanetta Brummett
9/3/1952 - 10/11/1955
Shelby Hopkins
Pansy Carol Brummett
2/6/1954 - 10/11/1955 
Shelby Hopkins
Sandra Sue Brummett
2/28/1950 - 10/11/1955
Shelby Hopkins
Allen Helton
husband of Martha
 Melissa Hohler  
Elijah Helton
hus. of Mary, brother of Allen Helton
Melissa Hohler  
Clarence A Hopkins
6/17/1949 - 5/28/1969
s/o Zack & Margaret Spinwebber Hopkins
Shelby Hopkins
Ernest Hopkins
6/15/1952 - 10/28/1994
s/o Zack & Margaret Spinwebber Hopkins
Shelby Hopkins
James Alfred "Jimmy" Hopkins
7/31/1948 - 12/19/1993
s/o Zack & Margaret Spinwebber Hopkins
Shelby Hopkins
Margaret Mary "Margie" Spinwebber Hopkins
7/2/1926 - 7/6/1998
w/o Zack Raymond Hopkins
Shelby Hopkins  
Michael Jay Hopkins
7/27/1954 - 6/22/1989
s/o Zack & Margaret Spinwebber Hopkins
Shelby Hopkins
Robert "June" Hopkins
3/9/1935 - 10/11/1971
s/o Bill & Rose Ellen Brock Hopkins
Shelby Hopkins
Rosie Ellen "Diddle" Brock  Hopkins
12/28/1895 - 5/??/1980
w/o William Mack “Bill” Hopkins
d/o Jonathan & Eliza Hopkins Brock
Shelby Hopkins
William Mack "Bill" Hopkins
10/14/1885 - 6/28/1981
h/o Rose Ellen “Diddle” Brock
s/o Mack Hopkins & Bell Saylor
Shelby Hopkins
William W  "Billy" Hopkins
12/20/1956 - 6/16/1957
s/o  Zack & Margaret Spinwebber Hopkins
Shelby Hopkins
Zack Raymond Hopkins
6/17/1921 - 2/12/2004
h/o Margaret “Margie” Spinwebber Hopkins
s/o William Mack “Bill” & Rose Ellen Brock Hopkins
Shelby Hopkins
Eva Howard
8/24/1911 - 1980
dau of Lillie Mae Brock and William Montgomery Howard
Melissa Hohler  
William Montgomery Howard
10/18/1876 - 3/3/1939
fought in Sp. Am. War in Phillippines
hus. of Lillie Mae Brock
Melissa Hohler  
Jim Lee Rash
3/30/1872 - 12/16/1956
Shelby Hopkins
Virgie Rash
9/10/1916 -9/1/2007
Shelby Hopkins
Starla Jean Rose
9/24/1960 - 2/22/1979
Shelby Hopkins


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