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Abrahms Cemetery, Lincoln Co, Ky.

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Abrahmís / Abrahamís Cemetery
James Family Graveyard or Eph James Graveyard
Now called Elihu Saylor Cemetery
Located at 4925 KY Hwy 1770 Pine Grove, Lincoln Co. KY
On South side of Old Ottenheim N. Road located one mile past Pine Grove Road.
Surveyed by: Roy Standish 2003

Photos Submitted By:  Ronnie & Bernice Bates, Eldred Melton and Wanda Glover unless otherwise stated
Cemetery Listing submitted By:  Carole Disanto
(partial listing)



Abraham, Frances                                2/18/1777 - 10/12/??

Abraham, Julia/Juline                                7/20/1790 - 11/19/1865  

James, Elizabeth Kelly
ca 1797  in KY - d. unknown 
 D/o  unknown Kelly and Sally Kelly

James, David A
b. 19 Apr 1825  VA - d. 07 May 1874
believe to be the son of Thomas & 
Betsey Kelly James
h/o Elizabeth Adams James
taken 1993 - by Bernice Goode

James, Garland
1828 - 3/3/1906
Family members state he died in 1905 
S/o Thomas & Elizabeth Kelly James

James, George W.
29 May 1891 - 20 Nov 1911
s/o Ephriam & Mary Catherine Anderson James
No stone - Death certificate

James, Henry Monroe                         9/18/1898 - 9/10/1899
S/o Henry H. & Sarah Adams James


James, John Andrew       
Ca 1855 - 
S/o Garland & Lucinda Adams Dyehouse James


James, Julie Ann Oakes                             1855 - 6/3/1901
W/o John Andrew James

James, Louis
1900 - 1/30/1901
S/o James Garland & Frances Oaks James
photo taken 7/3/1993 by Bernice Goode

James, Lucinda Adams Dyehouse
3/31/1886 - 6/15/1920                                               Family members state she was born in 1836
w/o Garland
 D/o George W. & Margaret Adams Dyehouse

James, Thomas
ca 1795 in VA - d. unknown

James, William S.
1900 - 5/9/1901
S/o Henry H. & Sarah Adams James

Lynch, Annie   (Jinnie B)
1855 - 5/5/1899

Lynch, James F.                                      6/24/1852 - 4/26/1926   

Manuel, Flossie Mae
4/6/1930 - 

Middleton, Calvin/Golvin

age 76 - d. 16 Mar 1938
s/o Sim (Simeon) & Mary E. Porter Middleton
h/o Nancy
(his cemetery is listed as Saylor Cemetery  )
Carole French DiSanto

Middleton, Nancy Ann

13 Mar 1872 - 19 Jul 1952
d/o Jacob Crouse & Marth Engle
wd/o Calvin Middleton 
he is listed as Golvin Middleton on death certificates
Carole French DiSanto

Saylor, Clifford                                      5/23/1933 - 11/26/1985
Pvt. U.S.Army Korea

Saylor, Elihu 
1901 - 11/13/1956
Saylor, Hurble Ray
3/3/1932 - 

Saylor, Retha
1901 - 1/28/1957

Siler, Jasper Reed
3/11/1850 - 8/??/1890
Various Fieldstones  

~~ 50 stones unreadable Ėbroken stones marked with orange or red flags
The cemetery was mowed and had a fence surrounding.
Possibly other buried at Abrahamís/Abrahmís as reported by family members~~


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