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Lincoln County Kentucky Biographies

                Lincoln County Kentucky Biographies

Name Residence/Birthplace Other Locations Mentioned Found in Bio for:
 ALCORN, Edward  Lincoln  VA  Self
 ALLIN, Benjamin C.  Mercer  Lincoln-KY, Hopkins-KY, Woodford-KY, Hanover-VA, Albemarle-VA, SC, IN, MO, TX  Self
 ARMSTRONG, Charles Thomas  Boyle  Mercer-KY, Lincoln-KY, Fayette-KY, Washington-KY, Westmoreland-PA, Brown-OH, Ireland  Self
 BADGETT, Joseph Chester  Daviess  Casey-KY, Louisville-Jefferson-KY, Stanford-Lincoln-KY, Woodford-KY, Spencer-KY, Shelby-KY  Self
 BAILEY, Harrison  Shelby  Lincoln-KY, Louisville-Jefferson-KY, VA  Self
 BAINBRIDGE, Peter  Lincoln  Frederick-MD, SC, NY, VA, Garrard-KY, Glasgow-Barren-KY, Franklin-MS  Self
 BALL, Christopher Crittenden  Madison  VA, Lincoln-KY, Jasper-MO  Self
 BARLOW, Milton  Madison  Flemingburg-Fleming-KY, Nicholas-KY, Lincoln-KY, OH, VA, France, England  Self
 BAUGHMAN, Joel T.  Garrard  Lincoln-KY, Boyle-KY, VA  Self
 BEARD, James W.  Adair  Green-KY, Lincoln-KY, Taylor-KY, Casey-KY, Marion-KY, Greenbrier-VA, Culpeper-VA, TN, TX  Self
 BEDFORD, Hillery  Franklin  Bourbon-KY, Lincoln-KY, King_George-VA,  Self
 BEDINGER, George  Nicholas  MA, Berkley-VA, SC, Bourbon-KY, IL, Mecklenburg-VA, Lincoln-KY, MO  Self
 BELL, James Franklin  Fayette  Scott-KY, Franklin-KY, Woodford-KY, Shelbyville-Shelby-KY, Lincoln-KY, Mercer-KY, Botetourt-VA, Fincastle-VA, Agusta-VA, Rock_Island-Rock_Island-IL, PA, Ireland  Self
 BLAINE, A.D.  Grant  Lincoln-KY  Self
 BLAINE, R.C.  Grant  Lincoln-KY, TN, Ireland  Self
 BOARMAN, Edward H.  Marion  Lincoln-KY, MD  Self
 BOHON, George  Mercer  Wayne-KY, Lincoln-KY, Garrard-KY, Jessamine-KY, TX, IL  Self
 BOSLEY, Henry P.  Boyle  Lincoln-KY, Hart-KY, Garrard-KY, Germany  Self
 BRECKINRIDGE, Robert J.  Boyle  Lincoln-KY, Fayette-VA, Washington-VA, MD  Self
 BREEDING, James  Adair  Lincoln-KY, Madison-KY, VA, MS, SC, TX, MO  Self
 BRIGHT, Harry  Lincoln  Lawrence-IN  Self
 BROADUS, George W.  Madison  Estill-KY, Lincoln-KY, Rockcastle-KY  Self
 BURNETT, Theodore L.  Jefferson  Spencer-KY, Lexington-Fayette-KY, Lincoln-KY, NH, MA, VA, NY, England, Scotland  Self
 BURROWS, Lansing  Fayette  GA, MO, NC, NJ, PA, Stanford-Lincoln-KY, VA  Self
 CALDWELL, Robert Henderson  Boyle  Scott-KY, Lincoln-KY, Anderson-KY  Self
 CLARK, George W.  Fayette  Jefferson-KY, Lincoln-KY, VA  Self
 CLAY, Henry  Bourbon  Lincoln-KY, Nicholas-KY, Jessamine-KY, PA, VA  Self
 CLAY, Henry  Bourbon  Lincoln-KY, VA  Self
 COLEMAN, Robert E.  Mercer  Lincoln-KY, Bardstown-Nelson-KY, Georgetown-Scott-KY, Spotsylvania-VA, Kiowa-KS  Self
 COOK, Lyttleton B.  Pulaski  Lincoln-KY, Russell-KY, Woodford-KY, Orange-NC, NC, Germany  Self
 COOPER, George B.  Lincoln  TX  Self
 COOPER, John C.  Shelby  Lincoln-KY, Pulaski-KY, Madison-KY, Carrollton-Carroll-KY  Self
 CROW, James E.  Garrard  Lincoln-KY, Boyle-KY  Self
 CROW, T.L.  Jessamine  Standford-Lincoln-KY, Danville-Boyle-KY, Columbia-Adair-KY, Genesee-NY, MI, AL, VA  Self
 DAILEY, David Arthur  Ohio  Bloomdale-Wood-OH, Scott-KY, Eubank-Pulaski-KY, Lincoln-KY, Anderson-KY, Shelby-KY, Pike-KY, Daviess, Mt._Liberty-McLean-KY  Self
 DANIEL, Walker  Boyle  VA, Lincoln-KY, Mercer-KY  Self
 DARNABY, John H.  Fayette  Spotsylvania-VA, Lincoln-KY  Self
 DAVIS, William Flemming  Boyle  Lincoln-KY, Garrard-KY, Rockbridge-VA  Self
 DOORES, William M.  Lincoln  Boyle-KY, Culpeper-VA, Case-MO, Wales  Self
 DRYE, Leven M.  Marion  Lincoln-KY, Casey-Ky, Nelson-KY, Jefferson-KY, TX, MD, AR, Germany  Self
 DUDDERAR, James  Lincoln  PA, MD  Self
 DUNLAP, Fayette  Boyle  Fayette-KY, Lincoln-KY, Augusta-VA, Rockingham-VA, LA, PA, CO, Scotland  Self
 EDELEN, James H.  Marion  Mercer-KY, Lincoln-KY, MD  Self
 EVANS, James Owsley  Boyle  Lincoln-KY, Pulaski-KY, Wayne-KY, VA  Self
 EVANS, William F.  Boyle  Pulaski-KY, Lincoln-KY, Culpeper-VA, NC, MO, Wales  Self
 FARIS, Charles B.  Laurel  Wales, VA, Lincoln-KY, Rockcastle-KY,  Self
 FARRIS, Joseph E.  Lincoln  Pulaski-KY  Self
 FELAND, Armstead M.  Lincoln  Anderson-KY, Bath-KY, CO, VA  Self
 FISH, Albert T.  Madison  Rockcastle-KY, Garrard-KY, Lincoln-KY, VA  Self


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