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Coldiron Cemetery Lincoln Co, Ky

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Coldiron Cemetery 
Located at 22 Coldiron Cemetery Road
Crab Orchard, Ky  40419

From Crab Orchard 39 S to Turkeytown Road, then East (left) on Turkeytown Road 1.1 miles, 
cross bridge, immediate right and you can see Coldiron Cemetery Road.  Cemetery is just at top of hill on right.   

Please note that Crab Orchard Masonic Lodge # 636 keeps up this cemetery, erected the flag pole, had the concrete bridge put in, and road graveled, which is now kept up by The Lincoln County Fiscal Court.  Thanks to Johnny Blanton who secured this site for the Annual Outdoor Meeting of the Masonic Lodge.  Ford Brothers furnishes a large tent and the Lodge members have a cookout and it is a big event.  In turn, the Lodge keeps up the property and cemetery.  It was pretty neat to find this cemetery and to find out there is a story like this with it.  



All photos submitted by Ronnie and Bernice Bates, Ron 
Terry, Roger Adams and Eldred Williams unless otherwise stated

Dora Belcher
22 Mar 1911 - 16 Nov 1914
d/o David & Sarah Gross Belcher
Stone had different date - d. 11/10/1914
Death Certificate
Carole French DiSanto  
George Blanton
6/19/1912 - 9/2/1997
In Memory of "Uncle"
s/o Matt & Mary Alabam Coldiron Blanton
  Carole French DiSanto
Georgia Bernice Blanton
9/21/1926 - 1/22/1929
Mary Alabam Coldiron Blanton
12/23/1876 - 8/27/1970
wife of Mattison Blanton
  Carole French DiSanto
Mary E. Blanton
7/16/1912 - 1/1/2003
d/o Joseph & Martha Fletcher Saylor
wd/o William J. Blanton
Matilda Blanton
1/9/1903 - 6/28/1931
Mattison Blanton
11/9/1869 - 5/7/1948
husband of Mary Alabam Blanton
  Carole French DiSanto
Minta Blanton
Minta Coldiron Blanton
Stone - 8/6/1861- 8/26/19191
b. 06 Jan 1868 - d. 25 Aug 1919
d/o George & Pheba Howard Coldiron
Death Certificate
  Carole French DiSanto
William J. Blanton
6/10/1907 - 3/15/1987
husband of Mary E. Blanton
Daniel O. Coldiron
4/18/1934 - 
h/o Lorene S. Coldiron
F. Ernest Coldiron "Son"
4/10/1931 - 3/30/2002
s/o Jesse E. & Judy Neal Coldiron
Garfield Coldiron
11/05/1867 - 4/2/1909
George Coldiron
9/21/1845 - 1/3/1929
h/o Phebe Coldiron
Jesse E. Coldiron "Father"
1906 - 1991
h/o Judy Coldiron
Judy Neal Coldiron "Mother"
1908 - 2005
w/o Jesse E. Coldiron
do Henry & Leeanna Neal 
Carole French DiSanto  
Lorene Smith Coldiron
10/13/1938 - 11/20/2003
d/o Buster & Thelma McKinney Smith Married  Daniel Coldiron - 04 Apr 1957
Carole French DiSanto
Phebe Coldiron
8/16/1844 - 4/14/1923
w/o George Coldiron 
Ida M. Nunn Hall
12/30/1898 - 9/23/1988
Berna Howard
10/20/1914 - 11/9/1914
d/o Garfield & Virgie Howard
Carole French DiSanto
Dwight Howard
27 Aug 1915 - 02 Sep 1915
s/o Garfield b. Harlan Co.
& Virgie LeFevers Howard b. Bell Co.
Death Certificate
Ernest Howard
6/2/1910 - 6/20/1924
George R Howard
12/25/1891 - 1/10/1913
s/o John & Mintie Coldiron Howard
Death Certificate
Carole French DiSanto
Rosa B. Howard
8/16/1890 - 6/18/1965
Vesta Howard
1845 - 1942
w/o William Howard
William Howard
1855 - 1918
h/o Vesta Howard
Mathew "Mat"  LeFevers
8/3/1896 Bell Co - 2/25/1916
s/o John (NC) & Verrel Coldiron LeFevers
Death Certificate
Carole French DiSanto
John LeFevers
8/7/1841 - 6/4/1919
Milty LeFevers
7/16/1900 - 6/13/1955
h/o Mintie LeFevers
Mintie LeFevers
3/15/1904 - 9/16/1993
w/o Mintie LeFevers
Alice V. Nunn
4/22/1879 - 11/13/1978
w/o William Nunn
William Nunn
1/22/1874 - 1/8/1951
h/o Alice V. Nunn
Emily Ann Preston
5/1/1996 - 8/22/2006
d/o Donnie & Rhonda J. Coldiron Preston
Isaac Saylor
1893 - 1994
h/o Julia Saylor
Julia Saylor
1893 - 1962
w/o Isaac Saylor
Unknown Stone  
Unknown Stone  
Unknown Stone  
Unknown Stone  
Unknown Stone  
Unknown Stones  

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