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The following is from Dan Dunham.  

Based on correspondence with Dr. Talley in July of 2002, he writes the following regarding the Bagby Graveyard:



    Beside a shed across the road from the old Ort farm between Quincy and St. Paul, Lewis County. All stones have fallen down and some are broken. There are probably many more stones here buried in the soil. Copied June 28, 1955 by William M. Talley and Howard Moore.


Bagby, Willis, died May 7, 1849, in his 47th year.

Bagby, Mary, wife of Willis Bagby, died July 10, 1849, aged 47 years, 16 days

Bagby, J. L., died Sept. 13, 1850, aged 25 years and 8 mos.

Bagby, Meca Jane, consort of Robert Bagby, died Apr. 17, 1837 in hir 21 year. Also Lewis Marshel [stone broken and pieces missing].

Bagby, Robert, died 1827, in his 45th year.

McAlister, Matthew, son of John and C. S. McAlister, died June 19, 1849, aged 18 days

Stow-- (Scott?), Daniel B., died Aug. 8, 1841, aged [very badly broken]

In another graveyard on the Bagby farm: Bagby, Adda M., dau. of J. T. and M. F. Bagby, born Sept. 3, 1864, died Jan. 21, 1866   


[Note: The stone of Robert Bagby Sr. was found by James Vance in the summer of 1971 lying on the bank of the Ohio River opposite this farm.]

All of these individuals were part of the Robert Bagby, Sr. family of Lewis County, Kentucky who owned the farm. 

Willis Bagby was the eldest son of eight children of Robert, Sr. and his wife Fanny.
Mary Bagby, his wife was Mary Thompson Bagby, daughter of John Thompson.
J.L. Bagby, was Jessie L. Bagby, eldest son of Willis and Mary Thompson Bagby.  He married Lucy Frances Leach, February 15, 1847 and had one child, Mary Ellen Bagby.
Meca Jane, appears to have been the wife of Robert Bagby, Jr. (brother of Willis and fourth child of Robert, Sr. and Fanny) and to have had two (2) children with him prior to her death John H. Bagby and Frances J. Bagby.  Robert, Jr. 2nd married Rebecca Jane Campbell.
Lewis Marshel, believed to be son of William Marshall and Fanny (unknown) Bagby Marshall (remarried widow of Robert Bagby, Sr.)
Robert Bagby, Sr. will written Oct 21, 1827, proved Apr 21 1828.
Matthew McAlister, son of John and Catherine S. Bagby McAlister.  Catherine S. Bagby McAlister was the second child of Willis and Mary Thompson Bagby sister to Jessie L. Bagby.
Stow (Scott?), Daniel B. perhaps the son of John T. Scott and Mary E. Bagby Scott.  Mary Bagby Scott was the youngest child of Robert, Sr. and his wife Fanny.
Adda M. Bagby, dau. Of J. T. and M. F. Bagby was the first child of James Thompson Bagby and his wife Mary Elizabeth Spragg.  James Thompson Bagby was the fifth child of Willis and Mary Thompson Bagby. 

James Thompson and Mary Elizabeth Spragg had six more children, one of whom, R.M. Bagby (Robert Middleton Bagby) was elected Senator from the 32nd District in Carter County, November 4, 1941.   


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