Leslie County Kentucky Genealogy

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In this section you will find obituaries for Leslie County people, or people with Leslie County connections
= a picture of the individual is also included

Donald Adams
Eugene Begley
Guyanne Allen
Frances "Fran" Ellen Arioli
Eugene Carter Asher
George Asher
Robert Boyd Asher
Rose Washburn Asher
Mary Back
Crit Baily
Chester A. Baker
Erma Begley
Esther Begley
Robert Begley
Nancy Robin Boggs
Golda Browning Boggs
Dr. Gene Doyle Bowling
Hairm "Johnny" Bowling
Pierce Bowling
Paul Bray
Miriam Britton
Donald Chester Brock
Ora Mae Brown
Logan Campbell
Alphine Capps
Henry E. "Hank" Clemons
Everett F. Fought
Phronia Morgan Collett