Goocey Cemetery

Goocey Cemetery - Old Orchard


Transcribed by Ron G. Rader in 1980

Located on Hale Ridge Road one mile from State Rd. 1209

Elijah Addison 04 Jun 1896 08 Jun 1960
Oda Addison     no dates
Alva E. Goocey 05 Apr 1898 07 Nov 1918
Chester Goocey 20 Jun 1892 17 Jun 1973
Farretta Goocey 27 Dec 1857 09 Dec 1943
James Madison Goocey 14 Feb 1861 07 Nov 1947  
Ray Goocey 30 May 1896 21 Jun 1962
Robert B. Goocey 22 Mar 1915 04 Nov 1973
Joyce Wilson 19 May 1938 31 Oct 1975
3 unmarked graves

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