by David May,

BAZEAL HAYES 1806-1889


Bazeal Hayes is considered the progenitor of the Hayes family of Lawrence County, Kentucky although Dr. Leslie Scott Hayes and Irene Barrett in compiling "a genealogy on the Hayes family stated:

"Bazil Hayes was a son, or an adopted son, of Isaac  Hayes.  It has been handed down by word of mouth, that Bazil was born Bazil Hohimer, his father dying when he and his sister were small. His mother later married Isaac Hayes and the children took his name"


Lack of good record keeping, loss and destruction of family Bibles, and the failure of pioneers to teach and pass unto their descendants a good family record has contributed to the loss of the origin of Bazeal Hayes.  Family tradition does teach us that Bazeal was from Wise, Virginia, the son, adopted son, or step son of Isaac Hayes.  Reportedly, Bazeal was born Bazeal Hoheimer (various deviations in spelling are handed down by descendants, i.e. Hohimer and Holhemer), his father died when he and a sister were children, and they went by the name of Hayes after their mother married Isaac Hayes.  Dr. Hayes and Miss Barrett in compiling Hayes Family Record recorded that Isaac Hayes was the first of the family to settle in the Commonwealth of Kentucky on or near the mouth of Seed Tick Creek, a tributary of East Fork of the Little Sandy River in Lawrence County. Isaac Hayes married a Thompson.


If the story of Bazeal Hayes being Hoheimer is correct, then the maiden name of Bazeal's mother was Thompson, or she was married to a Thompson after the death of Bazeal's biological father.  Conjecture and speculation is cheap and worthless without facts.  Therefore the authors care not to speculate either way.


In 1828, four years after Lawrence County was formed, Bazeal at the age of 22 years recorded his first deed with the County Court Clerk of Lawrence County, Kentucky.  This deed was for 50 acreas of land he had purchased on the waters of the right hand fork of Georges Creek, a tributary of the Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River.  This is the first of many land recordings of Bazeal Hayes in the Lawrence County Court Clerk's Office.  He actively traded in real estate the rest of his life.  There on the waters of Georges Creek Bazeal fathered 31 children by two wives.  (Note Some family members say there were only 29 children, 14 by the first wife and 15 by the second wife, but Dr. Scott Hayes and Miss Barrett list a set of twins that were born and died in infancy which does not appear in some family records).  Twenty-one of his children reached adulthood and married.  His first child William was born in 1826 and the last surviving child, Matthew, died in 1957 spanning 131 years.  His children became prominent farmers on Little Blaine Creek, Georges Creek, Brushy Creek in Lawrence County, Kentucky. Three of his children lived in Johnson County on Tom's Creek and at Mingo (now Tutor Key), Johnson County, Kentucky. One of his children moved to Ohio to live.


Bazeal Hayes was no doubt proud of his children and was eager to see them succeed in life for in reviewing the land transactions, as recorded in the deed books of Lawrence County, we find that Bazeal was not only an active trader in real estate, but that he conveyed many acres of land to his children.  Family tradition teaches us that he not only gave his children a farm, but would also give his newly married children household items, a cow and horse to help them get started in life.


Today in reviewing the achievements of the descendants of Bazeal we find that many were farmers, city and county officials, doctors, lawyers, merchants, civic leaders, religious leaders, soldiers and sailors in time of defense of their country.


Bazeal Hayes, born March 28, 1806, (probably Wise County, Virginia), died January 15, 1889, at Charley, in Lawrence County, Kentucky.  He Married September 22, 1825, Sarah "Sally" Ann Pack, born March 22, 1806, Died April 16, 1849, at Charley, in Lawrence County, Kentucky, daughter of John and Elizabeth Pack.  He married second April 15, 1850, Ardelia Bowling, born June 22, 1833, died February 19, 1911, the daughter of Rhoda Bowling.  Rhoda later married Samuel Thompson.  Bazeal was a well known farmer and land owner in  the Charley community of Lawrence County, Kentucky. He is buried on the side of the hill opposite of Mary United Baptist Church at Charley, Kentucky.  His wives were buried next to him.  She was a sister to Isaac Pack who was well known in Lawrence County, Kentucky.





2    William "Bill" Hayes married first Elizabeth Murray.  He married second Margaret Carter.

     3    Elizabeth "Betty" Hayes married James "Jim" Vanhoose.

     4    Isaac Hayes married Catherine "Kate" Vanhoose.

     5    Julia Ann Hayes married John Rob Spencer.

     6    John Hayes married Elizabeth "Betsy" Thompson.

     7    Delilah Hayes married Greenville Travis.

     8    Fanny Hayes married Hiram "Hi" Jordan.

     9    Mary Ann Hayes married Moses Vanhoose.

    10    Val Hayes, died young.

    11    Bazeal Hayes never married.

    12    Sarah Ann Hayes married Martin Van Buren Dixon.

    13    Allen "Al" Hayes born August 9, 1845 at Charley, in Lawrence County, Kentucky, died September 22, 1930 at Fort Gay, in Wayne County, West Virginia.  He married Julia Carter, born July 2, 1845, at Irad, in Lawrence County, Kentucky, died June 22, 1895, the daughter of Thomas Carter and Catherine Burton.  Allen Hayes was elected jailer of Lawrence County, Kentucky on the Democratic ticket in 1906. He won reelection in 1910. He served until 1914 when he was defeated for renomination. Mr. and Mrs. Hayes were buried in the family cemetery, back of their home place at Mattie, Kentucky.

    14    Andrew "Andy" Hayes married Louise Moore.

    15    (Unknown) Hayes, twin, died in infancy.

    16    (Unknown) Hayes, twin, died in infancy.



Bazeal Hayes and Ardelia Bowling




    17    (Unknown) Hayes, (died in infancy). 

    18    (Unknown) Hayes, (died in infancy).

    19    Marion Hayes

    20    Joseph Gordan Hayes

    21    Angeline Hayes

    22    Archibald "Arch" Hayes married Melinda Louisa Elizabeth Preston.

    23    Milton "Milt" Hayes married Jane Cordle.

    24    Calista Hayes married Daniel J Thompson.

    25    Martha Alice Hayes

    26    James Martin "Mart" Hayes married Mary McKinster.

    27    Walter Hayes, (twin to Matthew) married Sarah Frances Daniel.

    28    Matthew Hayes, (twin to Walter) married first Julia McKinster.  He married second Lizzie Moore.

29    Dixie Trinvilla Hayes married first John W Perry.  She married second George Linzie Wellman.

    30    Elijah "Lige" Hayes married Dora Murray.

    31    Hardin Hayes married Della Miller.





32   Alamander Hayes married Mary Elizabeth Thompson.

33   Elizabeth Hayes married George Washington Cordial.

34   Bazeal "Zeal" Hayes married first Nancy J Moore.  He married second Dicy (Estep) Francis.

35   William "Bill" Hayes married Priscilla Moore.

36   John Hayes married Genoah Berry.

37   Sarah Hayes born at Charley, in Lawrence County, Kentucky.  She married Joseph Morgan Cyrus.

38   Thomas "Tom" Hayes married Mary Jane Short.

39   Harmon Hayes never married.

40   Mary Lou Hayes married Richard "Dick" Vinson.

41   Lindsey Boone Hayes married Sue Pigg.

42   Catherine "Kate" Hayes and Dolly Hinkle.




43   Mary Matilda Cyrus

44   Jeff Cyrus

45   Raymond Cyrus

46   Sheridan Cyrus

47   Frank Cyrus, twin.

48   Irene Cyrus,  twin.

49   Lucy Cyrus

50   Roberta Cyrus

51   Dorothy Cyrus

52   Ethel Cyrus

53   Roy Cyrus, died at age 7 years

54   (Unknown) Cyrus,  died in infancy.

55   Eldon Lindsey Cyrus born. March 6, 1895, at Louisa, Lawrence County, Kentucky, died November 25, 1975.  He married March 8, 1916, Adeline Hay born November 10, 1894 in Lawrence County, Kentucky, Martin Alexander Hay and Mary Jane Hay.  Rev. Cyrus was a well known Pentecostal Minister in the Big Sandy area for 48 years.  During the last 35 years of his life he was the General Overseer of the Pentecostal Churches of the area.





56   Olva Cyrus married Russell Haston Ferguson.

57   Mary Cyrus married first Lloyd Valence, she married second Oather Rose, and third William Laurant.

58   Mollie Sue Cyrus married Clifford Hatfield.

59   Sarah Elizabeth Cyrus married Cosmo Wilson.

60   Nancy Blanche Cyrus married Theodore McKenzie.

61   Lindsey Landon Cyrus married Barbara Grace Kirkpatrick.

62   Charles Cecil Cyrus married Carole Estep.

63   Ronald Ray Cyrus born July 10, 1935, in Greenup County, Kentucky.  He married first Ruth Casko.  He married second July 17, 1970, Joan Marie (Douthat) Ward, born December 30, 1931 at Huntington, in Cabell County, West Virginia.






64   Kevin Lynn Cyrus born November 16, 1959

65   Billy Ray Cyrus born August 25, 1961




66   Angela Leigh Cyrus born January 19, 1972