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1835 Marriage Application Book

 1852 Marriage Records

 1861 Marriage Records

Marriage List Oct. 1878 - Dec. 1881

Photocopies of Marriage Bonds/Licenses/Certificates

 Asher, George - Rosa Minton 1927-Image

 Asher, Jackson - Sarah Pendleton 1876-Image

 Asher, Jackson - Viola Delph 1887-Image

 Asher, James to Mary Chesnut 1905-Image

 Asher, Martin to Sally Ann Brown 1860-Image

 Burnett, William & Nancy Morris 1853

 Chesnut, George D. & Eliza Lovelace 1905

Chestnut, Jack & Samatha Jane Pearl 1854

Chestnut, John Jr. & Telitha C. Durham 1854

Denham?/Durham?, James & Almia? Mosely 1853

Forbis, John and Polly Hines 18 Feb 1820

George, William & Hannah Reams 1860

Girtman, Alfred & Ann Watkins 1860

Hazelwood, Harry & Elizabeth Seaborn 1853

Johnson, Reuben D. & Lizzie Stillings 1854

Lear, Lee & Sarah Spivey 1853

Lewis, Frank & Maggie Moore 1915

McCarrus ?, Stephen & Mary Ann Barnes 1853

McCormick, Henry to Hester May 1892-Image

McCormick, James to Lizzie Watkins 1897-Image

Metcalf, William to Susanna Wild 1854

 Moran, Mathew W. & Mary Ann Watkins 1853

Reams, Franklin and Rebecca Henson,

 Slusher, James - Bettie Asher 1891-Image

 Spivy, Moses to Martha Orlena Asher 1854

 Taylor, Charlie to Mary McCormick 1899-Image

 Watkins, Jiles R. to Sallie A. Chesnut 1905-Image

 Young, Josiah & Amanda Martin 1853

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