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Census Index
Raccoon Precinct

Note: This is a list of the Heads of Household for the first 27 pages of the 1900 Census for Raccoon Precinct.
          It also includes different last names living in the house.
There are several pages where the last 2 or 3 names are blacked out and unreadable.

Page 210 A
Thomas Lewis
Wiley Mullins
Elizabeth Bowling
William J. Brown
John W.? Black
William Harris
Isaac Brewer
Shade? Turner?

Page 210 B
Arthur McWhester
Jonathan Kelley
Harrison May

Page 211 A
Robert Aouse (could be House or Rouse)
Robert Powell
Alfred Panken?
Jane Bodkins
Green Bowling
John M. Felty
Fred Li*ado?

211 B
Nancy Buttrey
Pleasant? L. Young
Eliza Robbins
General Young
Joshua R. West
Sylvania Vaughn
Daniel Bowling
Bettie Young

212 A
Alexander Black
A*d*** Caudill
Daniel B. Young
George Bodkins
John Young
James L. Parsley? (or Paneley?)
Robert Combs
Fred Garland
Willey Chandler
Harrison Benge?
William Young
William P. Bowling
John H. Hibbard

212 B
William H. Godsey
Abram Godsey
William Brogan
Sarah Godsey
Abner Griffey
Thomas Dalton
Jesse Bowling
Thee? Bales
Lewis Durkin?
General Dalton
Jesse Evans
William Moberly
?       ?

213 A
Charley McCown
James H. Hibbard
Thomas Bowling
Nancy Moore
William Brown
Mary Willhite
Fred Bowling
Hugh W. Bowling
Henry Bowling
Sally A. Ivy
Joseph Bowling
William Willhite
Frank? Brown

213 B
Robert Caudill
Risdan? Charles
Elisha Harris
Patrick Mays
Rebecca Pennington
George W. Bradley
Gilbert Bundy
James Angel
Attison Bowling

214 A
Hiram Young
John Garland
John W. Mullins
John Creek? (or Couch?)
Sally Dees
Marshall Benge
Leslie Couch
Elisha S. Robbins
Easter Gill
George Mintz??

214 B
Jarvis Dees
John Bird
Frank? Turner
Lucy Mosley
Rosco Powell
James Bryans
Peter P. Ray
Elley Dees
Elisha Noe
Israel? Pouty? (or Fonty?)
?     A***** (female servant)
?    ?

215 A
Charline? Nantz? (or Nauty?)
Samuel? Black
Thomas Cloyd
Isaac Vaughn
Aggie Bowling
Henry Ivy
Jennie Bowling
William Patten
William Asher
Lucy Hubbard
Calvin? Powell
John Ford
?   ?
?   ?

215 B
Elijah Evans
Frank? (or Francis?) Samples
John Mullins
Grant Setster?
George Owen
John Harrison
Rewbin? Bailey
William Bailey
George Green

216 A
Banton? House
John House
Danzell?? Garland
James Bailey
Nancy Combs
Louisa Couch
Ambros Loyd
Sherman House
Lovens? Samples (male)
Florence Anderson
Robert Loyd
John Loyd
Harry? Loyd
Lendel?? Loyd
?  ?

William Wyatt
Hiram H. Bailey
Minerva Hibbard
Lou Provence
Samuel Whitaker
Lourany Hatcher
George Wyatt
George Young
Richard Johnson
George Hibbard

Josiah Young
L*** Bay
George Phillips
Patrick Casey
Lizzie Vaughn
Abram Johnson
Pleasant Johnson
James Hibbard

Cornelius? Hibbetts
James Sealy
Emery? Hibbetts
Ell* Hibbard
Henry Hickey
William A. Hickey
George Evans
Edmond Chestnut
Reubin Proffitt

Thomas Baldwin
Levy H. Vaughn
John H. Vaughn
John H. Bales
Henry Brown
Perry Reams
_____ Chandler
William H. Reams
Marquis Brown

Jesse M. Taylor
William J. Taylor
James Doan
Henry Doan
Catharine Hibbard
Joseph S. Doan
Mary Edwards
Mary J. Vaughn
Edmon Tilley
John R. Wyatt

George Wyatt
Pleasant Young
John Sealy
Elisha Bowling
Simon P. Browning
Jesse Carrier
Stewart Carrier
Elisha Patten
Amos Black
Edward Bullock
William Moberly
Cora B. Bullock
Sheperd? Moberly
William Dezann? or Dezarn?
Elley Brown
Susannah? (or General??)  _______?

Hiram Ely
Joseph Hunt?
William P. Parsley
Robert? M. Chestnut
Thomas Patten
A*****o Patten (female)
Jane A. McWharter
Sarah J. Scoville

Sheldon Scoville
George W. Swaner
Nancy Buckles
Martha Buckles
Bart*** Cathers
George L. Pigg
James Pigg
H***** Evans

Jesse Evans
Christopher Evans
James H. Reams? or Reaves?
John D. Taylor
Perry Evans
Fred McCarty
Daniel Reams
Hiram Reams
James R. George
Nancy J. Doughty

Martha _ Gill
Dora C. Moore
Robert M. George
John S. George
George W. Peters(?)
John M. Johnson
George W. Riggs
William Johnson
William Y. Johnson
Samuel Horise(? or House?)
James (? or Jarvis?) Garland
John _ Vaughn

Hannah Profitt
Martha Johnson
Reece Johnson
Jacob Tipton
John Johnson
Hiram Owens
Christopher Wyatt
William L. Hibbard
Mahala C. Lovens
Hiram _ Hibbard
James R. Wyatt
John McCarty

Jas.(?) B. McDaniel
Hiram Johnson
George Wyatt
Francis Johnson
Moses Judy
Daniel Vaughn
James Phillips
Pleas. Johnson
Nancy A. Rader(?)
Simeon Phillips
Edward Linde(?)
Nancy McDaniel
Martha Hibbard

Mary Edwards
James Elkins
Martha Ledford
Blevins Asher
John Daughty
Charley F. Metcalf
Martha Cochrum
Gran*? Moren

Henry Timekin?
Mattie Owens
James Cochrum
Charles Moren
John Gill
Granville Begley
Joseph H. Williams
John Phillips
Samuel _______?

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