Outlines of Eastern Kentucky Families

Family Outlines

The Richard Thompson Family. This family settled in Lawrence Co Ky early in Eastern Kentucky history, and I have posted some of my information here from my files. This is a miniature, I have further descendants. If you wish further information or have other information to add, contact me. Mary K. Goodyear

The Emanuel Nelson Family. I have been working on this line, for only a short time, and would enjoy hearing from others researchers on it. Mary K. Goodyear

The Remy/Ramey page Most of us in Eastern Kentucky who have a Remy/Ramey ancestor, who desc. stayed in Eastern Kentucky, descend from one of two William Remy/Rameys who settled here before 1820. So I have included information on both of these William Rameys to help those confused by previously published material. I have included will abstracts and compiled material on both lines. Don't be shocked if you have more than one Ramey line............I have four. I would love hear from all Ramey cousins: Mary K. Goodyear

The Jones Family of Floyd, Johnson and Pike Counties KY Nathaniel Teller Jones and wife Nancy Ray came to Floyd Co KY about 1828, and along with son John Ray Jones, later settled on Mud Creek, in Floyd Co KY. John Ray Jones and some of his children, left Mud Creek and settled in Johnson Co Ky about 1857. While some of John Ray Jones children settled in Floyd and Pike Co KY. Family tradition states that John Ray Jones was pure blooded Cherokee Indian, and this along with no records telling me where in Virginia John Ray Jones was born, has made this family a real challenge. If anyone has any information on any of these families, please contact me. Mary K. Goodyear

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