Genealogy Email Lists

Genealogy Email Lists
And Chatrooms

There are mailing lists for
specific surnames, counties, regions,
even Appalachian chat'n places, so take your pick!
If you aren't familiar with email lists, let me explain.
A list is simply a list of email addresses on a
computer to which all the same mail is sent.
All members get the all the mail
sent to the list address. There is no cost to subscribe
and you can unsubscribe
as easily as you subscribed.

Email List

If you are hunting for information on the history
and genealogy of Johnson County Kentucky
and want to do it in a comfortable sharing atmosphere,
please join us!
After subscribing, please post and tell us
what families you are working on.

To subscribe to the KYJOHNSON-HISTORY list ,
send the word


[email protected]

Or for digest mode:
[email protected]


Working to break down all the brickwalls of Eastern Ky and bordering states.

Working on surname studies and reuniting those those branches of your trees. 

Our Second Annual Reunion is planned for July 2003


[email protected] 

The Lawrence County Kentucky
History and Genealogy List:

send subscribe to:
[email protected]

 NEW Lawrence County Chat  Mondays 8pm to 10pm EST NEW

The East Kentucky Origins Email List;
send subscribe to:
[email protected]

The Eastern Kentucky Email List:
send subscribe to:
[email protected]

Eastern Ky Chatroom open Tues and Thurs every week!

8PM to 10Pm

The KyMagoffin-History and Genealogy Email List:
send subscribe to:
[email protected]

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