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Country Comfort

Some of our fondest memories are centered in the kitchen. The smell of biscuits in the morning or cornbread at night. The pie fresh out of the oven or Mom setting the dinner table. In the corners of our mind we all have a favorite memory or recipe.

Please share with us your favorite recipe from home. Include with it the surnames you are researching and what makes this recipe so special.

Mail your recipe in today. Mary Ann and Mary K

IN OUR GENES  Cornbread  Red Velvet Cake  Paw Paw Bread 
Paw Paw Pie   Chocolate Gravy Strawberry Butter Chocolate Éclair Cake
Potato Candy Stack Cake Dutch Apple Cake     sugar free Pecan Pie sugar free
Pumpkin Bread Berry Cobbler Vinegar Pie Pumpkin Pie Crunch

Heavenly Peanut Butter Pie



Sausage Gravy Recipe Indian Recipes    

Be sure to check out the original recipes from the Herald in 1939. Everything from biscuits to Lima bean casserole to banana cake!

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