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Johnson County,

Ky Bible Records

Bible records are so important to genealogical research. In times past, before birth and death records were kept by local and or state governments, the family bible was legal proof of births and deaths and it could be presented and certified as a legal document. (Some of these certified copies still exist in Civil War Pension applications). Because bible records were kept by families and not in courthouses, they have not been microfilmed, and are lost everyday due to age, house fires, and lack of interest. Please, if you have a bible record, post it here, so the information can be saved for future generations.

The best bible records should contain the following, when possible. 

bullet.Name of original bible owner 
bullet. Copyright date of bible 
bullet. Condition of bible (torn, faded, unreadable portions, etc) 
bullet. Every name and date in order found on pages. 
bullet. Descriptions of drawings, astrological signs, found on pages. 
bullet. Description of items found in bible which might help date it. (Church minutes, obituaries, etc.) 
bullet. Current owner or location of bible

You can submit your records to the Johnson Co site for inclusion here  Mary Ann

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