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bulletMead Memorial School ~ A pictorial history of the Meade Memorial from its first graduation class in 1933 to the last  on in 1968. A great walk down memory lane.
bulletClass of 1950 donated by Libby Preston
bulletPaintsville Elementary School ~ Donated by Kym Hitchcock. Taken in the 60's
bulletPaintsville Ball Team ~ Donated by Delmaine Skaggs. Please look to see if you can identify this team and location.
bullet Flat Gap Ball Team 1940's~ Donated by Bill Crislip. We need to identify one more team member. Please take a look and see if you know!
bullet Joe's Creek School ~ Donated by Greg Cantrell. He is not sure if this is Joe Creek School. Take a gander and let us know.
bulletUnknown School Taken in 1899-1901. It was in the vicinity of Barnett's Creek. Donated by Don Caudill. Here you will also find a great picture of Eugene Vanhoose. Don is looking to see how he may related to his family.

bullet Reunion 2002 Album ~ Pictures from our first annual reunion in Paintsville, Johnson Co. Ky

Johnson County Related Albums

bulletJohnson County War Memorials ~ generously donated by Jean Peppers
bulletMarriage  licenses  and Bonds
bulletDeath Certificates Salyers, Blanton, McClellan, Stanley, Robbins, May, William, Ward, 
bulletHeadstone Pictures
bulletBig Sandy Valley Association 1929 ~ The minutes from the BSVA of the Regular Primitive Baptists that was established in 1926. These include obits of Lyda Plummer, John and Martha Lewis
bulletBig Sandy Valley Association 1939  1941 1947 1948 1949 ~ The minutes of the BSVA of the Regular Primitive Baptists.
bulletOld Regular Baptist Minutes - The Obits donated by Suzi with a list of all names mentioned.
bulletThe Trophy Room ~ A collection of old and new pictures that honor the tradition of putting food on the table and passing the love of the outdoors to the next generation
bulletToils of the Land A view of our ancestors at work.
bulletUp the Big Sandy ~An awesome view of very early Johnson County along the big Sandy
bulletJohnson County  Album ~ A collection of donated pictures that include the families of VanHoose, Preston, Davis, Welch, Nickel, Burton, Pack, Wheeler Chandler, Slone, Sparks, Ramey, Green, Picklesimer, Estep, Arrowood, Lemaster and more.
bulletJohnson County Post Offices ~ Take a trip to see the Post offices around Johnson County. These were graciously donated by Joan B. Williams and Darrell Music.
bulletJohnson County Lost and found ~by Walter Preston take a peek and see who you can see!
bulletJasper Ramey~ By Gloria Skeens Can you identify the others in this photo??
bullet Seeking Our Home ~ A collection of shoebox pictures trying to find there way home. names include Pelphrey, Boyd, Smith, Dunlap, Keister, Price, Rayl, Kelly, Williams and more.
bulletJohnson County Unknowns ~ More pictures from the past without a home!
bulletCounty Neighbors~ Since we have many pictures and articles donated from just over the county line that have a bearing on our JC family we have created a special place for these treasures.  The first addition is of  R D and Ethel Ward Hinkle. The others are from 1965 the Richardson School. The article mentions many surnames familiar with JC.
bullet Paintsville Homes   1927 - A collection of family homes from all over Paintsville and Johnson County. Come and see if your ancestor lived in one of these homes. These are from the 1927 March Edition of the Paintsville Herald.
bulletPaintsville Business 1927 - A collection of businesses from all over Johnson County. Includes ad copies, pictures of owners, and inside/outside views of the way our ancestors lived and shopped and conducted daily business.  These are from the 1927 March edition of the Paintsville Herald.
bulletPost Card Collection ~ Stop by and see a new collection. If you have old postcards to share we would love to see them.

bulletTammy Adams Album ~ Adams, Bayes, Hitchcock, Rice Conley and more! Great Pictures!!
bulletCharles Adams Family Album ~ A collection of Adams, Borders, Meek Cantrell, Bayes and more!

bullet Brooks and Branham ~ A great venue of pictures of the Brooks, Branham Family. If you research Castle or Hall you may want to take a peek just as well.
bulletBlanton, Pelphrey and Daniel Album ~ A group of pictures that were found at the auction in Johnson Co in 2002. If you know us and can identify us we would love to come home!!
bulletJohn L Barber Album ~ An album of the family and the descendants of the Barber Family.
bulletBoling Family Album ~ By Christina Hayes Finding family in pictures

bulletChuck Runyon Album ~ Collins and Runyon family by Chuck
bullet Cantrell Family Album ~ Donated by Greg Cantrell an album filled with Cantrell, Estep, Salyer, Rowland, Holbrook, Frasier, Stapleton and more.
bulletCulwell Family Album and History by Kevin & Schannon McCloud
bulletThe Caudill Family ~ A collection of Caudill family memories by Brenda
bulletCrislip Corners~ By Bill Crislip. Come and visit with his family. Surnames include Wallen, Sparks, Ross, Crislip,Tackett Davis,Smith, Jones, Daniel, Lyons, Sherman and  Williams
bulletConnie's Collections ~ By Connie Spurlock. Here you will find the Daniel, Sparks Dawson Connections.
bullet Collins/Hall Family ~ by Ron Hall
bulletChandler Family Album~ offsite album by Melissa Chandler Farleigh. Includes family names of Chandler, Scarberry, Caudill, Lemaster and Castle
bullet Collins and Wells Unknown Photo ~ Stop by and take a look and see if you know who we are and where we are at!

bulletDamron Family Album ~ Donated by Maurene Leggett. Descendants of the Samuel Damron and Mary Mollett

bulletFaded Memories ~ A Collection of photos that indeed would like to be claimed. Please take a peek and see if anyone knows who we are.
bulletThe Lost and Found ~   A collection of photographs from Walter Preston. A few have been identified but many still need names. These seem to be from the McKenzie family. Please take a peek to see who you may know!
bulletUnknown Faces of Cantrells and Patterson Creek Album ~ Donated by Greg Cantrell an album of unknown faces from Johnson County.

bullet The Givens Family Album ~ Don givens gives a look at the Givens, Click and Amburgey families

bullet Kym Hitchcock Album ~ Many Johnson County Families are covered here. Borders, Daniels, Dixons, Hitchcock, Fitch, Welch, Wallen, Whittaker, Brown, Meeks, Burgess and more
bulletHitchcock Memories~ A collection of photos donated by Kym from the Estate of Cecil Hitchcock. Please look and see if you can identify any of these.
bulletFitch Family~ The Fitch Family of Johnson county. Also includes Castle, Cooper, Davis surnames

bulletKay's Kin  ~ A Family Album  This wonderful album has been donated by Kay George. Within this album you will find family ties in the Penix, Stapleton, Ward, Welch, Arrowood, Travis, Johnson, Sammon, Boyd, Mollett, Music Brown and more! Please take time and look through this great album and if you have any connections please let Kay know.
bullet Kay's Kin II Family Album - This album takes over why the last one leaves off. Come and visit with the family again
bulletSammons. Gould George, and Grosnickle Family Album- Another great album from the archives of Kay George. Look today for a hint on your past.
bulletGearhard Headstones--From the family cemetery
bullet Hawk Clark and Drake Family- more family from the collection of Kay
bullet George Family Album and George Family Album II - more from Kay!
bullet Burga Family Album - Burga, Collins and more!
bullet Ward II Family Album - Ward Penix and more!

bulletLitteral Family Album ~ by Sharon Barker McClone
bullet Lemaster Dedication ~ Donated by John Lemaster of the dedication of the Lemaster Memorial Stone.
bullet Lemaster Album ~ donated by Roseann Anderson
bulletLisa's Unknown - A few pictures that need a few names filled in. Known names aere Webb, Burke and Plummer. One photo take at the Black Cat Drive In.

bulletMary's Memories ~ A collection of pictures that were found in the old scrapbook that belonged to my mother. Some are identified and some are not. These are in memory of my mother, Mary Louise Welch Hajduk, d/o James and Ethel Litton Welch
bulletAlma Wells Mollette ~ Only known picture. With unknown friend. Please help identify!

bulletRobbins Family ~ by Shirley Dunn

bulletErnest "Neville" Preston ~ The distinguished USMC photos of Neville donated by Walter Preston
bulletLeon Hoadley Preston ~ Photos from the Album of Leon H. Preston from his time in the U.S. Army. Donated by Walter Preston
bulletPreston Memories ~ William R. Preston precious memories

bulletDonna Sisco Album ~ Boyd, Walker and an Unknown photos
bulletSalyer Family Album ~ By Kris Clow. Meet Ed and Dixie Salyer
bullet Sammon and Fairchild Album ~ by Kay George
bulletStricklin Family Album~ Meet the family and generations of the Stricklin, Wilcox, Stanley,wheeler, Ramey, Bevil and more families.

bulletVore Family Album ~ by Louise Vanover Vore includes Baker, Blankenship and Powers   

bulletWilliams Family Album ~ Donated by Sherrie Williams

bulletWheeler Album ~ by Bryon D. Lyons

bulletWard Family Album~ by Anna Lyons Bower. Meet the Ward Family of Johnson County. James "Bigfoot" Ward, Elliott and Mary Harris Ward, Henry B. Ward, Ramson and Elizabeth Meade Ward, Joseph, Cora, Paris and Grace Ward. Margie Ward Lyons, Elizabeth Ward Dotson, Carl Ward, Bessie McCarty Ward, Wilda Machabee Ward and more!!
bulletWard Family Album~ by Christine Stanley Hayes A collection of pictures from the Elzie and Mary Jane Mullins Castle Ward Family.
bulletVivian's Family ~ A collection of pictures from the family albums of Vivian Compton Workman. Includes Ward. Pack, Welch, Compton and Ward Surnames.

bulletRoberts Family Album ~ Meet the Roberts Family as presented by John Barber. See all the great WWII photos plus read a bit of the family history.





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Faded Memories

Pictures in a shoebox

To whom do they belong

No names or dates or places

only faded memories

Could this be great Aunt Sally

And this our Uncle Gene

These pictures taken long ago

Wonder now, who can they be

Just pictures in a shoebox

I hope I'll never be