Early Education in Johnson Co

Early Education in Johnson Co.

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In early Johnson County it took very little to become a teacher. Schools were few and far apart. The only requirements of the earliest teachers were that they could read, write and do a little math. Often the pupils had to come nearly six miles to attend a school. Schools like everything else in this area were made from logs with one door and a small hole that would be the window. Heating would usually come by way of the wood that was gathered by the older boys and burned in the fireplaces. School term lasted about 3 months on average. The weather would have played a large part in winter terms for attendance. Many times though some school was held during the winter months in private homes. Conditions were never the greatest but a mind that wants to learn will not be stifled by the inconvenience that mountain life prevailed upon many of its inhabitants.

Some of the greatest teachers of that time in Johnson County are noted to be, Professor Wm. N. Randolph, Charles Grim, Lewis Mayo, Prof. John B. Wheatley, Prof. Tom Mayo,

Rev. Wm. Jayne, Prof. W. C. Brandenburg, Prof. George W. Butcher, Milt McDowell, Calloway Hall, J. Melvin Hall, John C.C. Mayo, Ben Conley, Fred Meade, M. L. Robinson, Don C. VanHoose, W. B. Ward, John C. Ward, Willie Webb and George M. Johnson

All in all it is very evident that the teachers and the students had a very definite impact on the life and future of Johnson County. The spirit of those that have been brought up in the fertile hills of Kentucky know the meaning of hard work, respect and love of family and heritage.

To all the educators in Johnson County a thank you goes out for forming the minds of the future to a better way of life.

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source: Vol. I History Of Johnson County by Mitchell Hall Book out of copyright and reprinted by Higginson. Books can be purchased at Words and Stuff in Van Lear.