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The Government of the Commonwealth of Kentucky kept no birth or death records prior to 1852. The first vital statistics law, passed by the Kentucky General Assembly in January, 1852, required the Auditor's Office assessors of the tax to record births, marriages, and deaths each year as they assessed property for the tax. The Auditor's Office never did the job well, and constantly complained about this additional task assigned it. This vital statistics law was repealed in 1862.

The original lists, returns, and certificates of births, marriages, and deaths which survive are in the State Archives. They are arranged by county and are for the years 1852-1859. Between 1862 and 1911, when the present Office of Vital Statistics was established, several attempts were made to again require the recording of births, marriages, and deaths at the state government level. Some records for 1874-1878 survive as a result of a second vital statistics law. A few scattered records exist for the years 1860-1873 and 1879-1911. These records, arranged by county and date, are also in the State Archives. For detailed information on vital statistics on sets of microfilm and compact disks see the Vital Statistics Brochure.

The Office of Vital Statistics, 275 East Main Street, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601, maintains birth and death certificates dating from 1911 and marriage certificates dating from 1958. For information about ordering copies of birth, marriage, and death certificates, for this period, see the Vital Statistics web page.