Johnson Co Death KY1852

Johnson County Deaths 1852 - 1904


BURK, Charles 22 s/o John and Mary Burk d. 26 Apr 1852 of Small Pox

BURK, Mary 17 d/o John and Mary Burk d. 25 Nov 1852 of Flux

CONLEY, Elizabeth 15 d/o William and Anna Conley d. on16 Sept. 1852 of fever

CONLEY, John H 7 s/o Thomas and Jemima Conley d. 25 Oct. 1852 of fever

CONLEY, Josiah 7  s/o William and Anna Conley d. on 5 Aug 1852 of fever

DANIEL, Margaret 28   d/o unk., d. 10 Sept 1852 of fever

DUTTON, Sarah 14   d/o James Dutton d. 13 Oct 1852 of Typhoid fever

HAGER, Letitia 1   d/o Henry G and Nancy Hager

PRESTON, Elizabeth 2   d/o Nathan and Angeline Preston d.10 Jan 1852 of Croup    

REED, Benjamin 2 s/o Mason and Sarah Reed d.27 Oct. 1852 of Croup

SPARKS, Dorcus 2 d/o Nicholas and Dorcus Spars. d. 17 Oct 1852 of Croup

STURGILL, John W. 41 M b. NC son of unk. d, 13 June 1852 of Congestive Fever

TODD, Sarah 15, d/o Lewis and Nancy Todd d. 30 Dec 1852 of Bilious Cholich

WITTEN, Caroline M. 2 d/o George H. and Martha Witten d. 25 Nov 1852 of unknown cause


BORDERS Elenor 3mos F d/o Hezekiah and Jamina Lemaster Borders d. 15 Feb 1853 of croup

CAUDILL Sally Ann 1mos d/o Mathew and Temperance Fitzpatrick Caudill d. 9 Oct 1853 unknown cause

CAUDILL Temperance 31 d/o John and Martha Hitchcock d. 9 Oct 1853 child bed fever

CONLEY, Artisma 10days F d/o Andrew J and Lucretia Conley d. 20 March 1853 of measles

DANIEL, Elizabeth 2 F d/o James and Elizabeth Wheeler Daniel d. 15 Mar 1853 of scarlet Fever

EVANS Louisa 1 F d/o Thomas and Nancy Evans Evans d. 22 May 1853 scarlet fever

GREEN, Angaline 1yr 5 days d/o David and Lucinda Barnhart Green d. 1 June 1853 of croup

HERALD, Lucinda 61 F d/o John and Rachel Luman July 1853 of Bloody Flux

HOWES, Charles W. 1 M s/o Elijah and Easter O'Bryan Howes d. 15 July 1853 of bloody Flux

LITTERAL Louisa 15 d/o H. and Katherine Ramey Litteral 1853 of Bloody Flux

MCKENZIE Sarah M. 30days d/o John and Nancy Mckenzie d. 17 Nov 1853 of Cancer

MCKENZIE Spencer 8mos M s/o Oliver and Matilda McKenzie d. 22 Jan 1853 unknown cause

MELVIN Delila 6 d/o George and Mary Melvin d. 25 Dec 1853 of croup

OSBORN Wiley 1 M s/o Andrew and Susan Osborn d. Jan 1853 of scarlet fever

PELPHREY Martha 12 days d/o William and Mary Pelphrey d. 31 Oct 1853 unknown cause

PELPHREY Mary Ann 1 F d/o Stephen and Mary Pelphrey d. 1 Nove 1853 of scarlet fever

RAMEY Asa 9mos s/o Daniel and Francis Ramey d. 4 Aug 1853 of croup

RICE Sarah An 1 R d/o Ezekell and Margaret Rice d. 27 May 1853 Scarlet fever

SALYER Rebecca 2 F d/o Henderson and Nancy Sayler d. 12 May 1853 of Scarlet Fever

SAYLER Sarah 9mos 24 days d/o Henderson and Nancy Sayler d. 12 May 1853 of scarlet Fever

SPENCER James M. 11mos s/o Jordan and Malinda Spencer d. 15 Dec 1853 of Scarlet Fever

STAMBAUGH Elizabeth 23days F d/o Fredrick and Martha Stambaugh d. Oct 1853 of bloody flux

STAMBAUGH James 3days M s/o Benjamin and Sarah Stambaugh d. 7 May 1853 of Croup

TACKETT John 7 M s/o Levi and Susan Tackett d. 1 Aug 1853 of Bloody Flux

WEBB Martha 1 d/o ? d. 29 March 1853 scarlet fever

WHEELER, Elizabeth 59 F d/o John and Charity Punae d. 15 Aug 1853 of Bloody Flux

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth 3 F d/o Joseph and Elizabeth Williams d. 3 Aug 1853 of Lung fever

WILLIAMS George 2mos M s/o Robert and Nancy McKenzie d. 7 Sept 1853 of scarlet fever

YOUNG, Sarah, 1 F d/o Charles and Lavina Young d. 1 June 1853 unknown cause


AUXIER, Angaline 33 d/o Lewis and Mariah Mayo d. 15 Sept 1854 of Bloody Flux

BALDWIN, Anthony 31 d/o Anthony and Elizabeth Baldwin d. 1 Sept 54 of Bloody Flux

BLAIR, James R 15 d/o John and Susan Conley Blair d. Aug 54 of Bloody Flux

BLAIR, Louisa 6 d/o John and Susan (Conley) Blair Aug 54 of Bloody Flux

BLAIR, Sarah 11m d/o John and Susan (Conley) Blair Aug 54 Bloody Flux

BLAIR, Tabitha 22 d/o John and Mary Burk Feb 54 Rheumatism

BLAIR, William H 4 s/o William and Sarah (Spradlin) Blair 10 July 54 Bloody Flux

BORDERS, Eleanor M 21d/o David and Eleanor (Harmon) Perry 1854

BORDERS, James 10 s/o Lewis and Eleanor (Wheeler) Borders Aug 54 Measles

BROWN, Sarah F 1 d/o Daniel G and Elizabeth (Borders) Brown 13 Aug 54 Bloody Flux

BURK, Martha J 3m d/oJohn and Angeline Blanton Burk 10 Aug 54

CASTLE, Henry 35 s/o Nathan and Sarah Castle 25 Nov 54 Fever

COLLINS, Amanda 17 d/o Otary and Frances Collins 5 Apr 54 Typhoid

COLLINS, Elisha 22 s/o Joshua and Elizabeth Collins 20 Apr 54 Bloody Flux

COLLINS, Joshua 48 s/o Valentine and Pricy Collins 1 Feb 54

DANIEL, James B 15 s/o William and Catherine Stapleton Daniel 3 Jne 54 Croup

DAVIS, Hezekiah 13y s/o Thomas and Elizabeth Davis 29 Sept54 Bloody Flux

DELONG Daniel 5y s/o Samuel and Jemima Delong 1 Sept 54 BloodyFlux

DIXON, Henry 80y 1854 Typhoid

FAIRCHILD, George W 1y s/o Daniel and Mary Fairchild 12 Nov 54 Bloody Flux

FAIRCHILD, Sarah Miram Jane 18m d/o Isaiah and Susannah Miller Fairchild 4 Aug 54

FAIRCHILD, Queen Elizabeth 24d d/oJohn and Sarah Ann Fairchild Williams 26 Nov 54

FAIRCHILD, Sarah Ann 21y d/o Robert and Elizabeth Williams 27 Nov 54

FANNIN, Corilda 9m d/o Henry and Mary Davis Fannin 11 Sept 54 Croup

FITZPATRICK, Elizabeth 6y d/o Jeremiah and Lucinda Fitzpatrick 14 Aug 54 Bloody Flux

FITZPATRICK, John 51 s/o Daniel and Mary Fitzpatrick 12 Nov 54 Juandice Gravel

GULLETT, Mary 2y d/o Ira and Lydia Pelphrey Gullett 11 May 54

HAGER, Violet V 6y d/o John H and Rhoda Godsey Hager 25 Jne 54 Bloody Flux

HANEY, Elizabeth Jane 4y d/o James and Mary Haney 11 Feb 54 Bloody Flux

HANNAH, William W 10m s/o Andrew J and Rachel Spradlin Hannah 6 Aug 54 Bloody Flux

HOWES, Louisa 10m d/o John and Sarah Dixon Howes 25 Aug 54 Bloody Flux

HOWES, Mary Susan 27y d/o William and Lockey Hackworth Witten 14 Aug 54 Cholera

HYLTON, Sarah 50y d/o Giles and Katie Chandler Green 15 Oct 54 Bloody Flux

LEMASTER, Abraham 11m s/o John and Rebecca Lemaster Aug 54

LEMASTER, Rachel 1y d/o Eleazor and Eleanor Ramy Lemaster 20 Mar 54 Consumption

LEMASTER, William 11y s/o William and Sarah Gent Lemaster Jan 54 Bloody Flux

McKenzie, Rebecca 1y d/o David and Anna Sanders McKenzie 1854 Bloody Flux

Meek, Sarah 4y d/o William and Elizabeth Mollett Meek 2 Jan 54 Croup

Picklesimer, William s/o John and Katherine Bays Picklesimer Sept 54 Fever

Porter, John 1y s/o Cornelius and Sarah Hanna Porter 3 Sept 54 Bloody Flux

Preston, Garland 2y s/o James and Rhoda Spears Preston 20 July 54 Bloody Flux

Rice, William H 6y s/o William and Mary Ann Auxier Rice 10 July 54 Bloody Flux

Roberson, William W 15y s/o James and Sarah Lawson Roberson 25 Jne 54 Bloody Flux

Roberson, William W 8y s/o William and Evalena Auxier Robinson 16 May 54 Accident

Roberts, Saralda 8m d/o Horace and Katherine Roberts Sept 54 Bloody Flux

Sadler, Mary 1y d/o John F and Jemima Henson Sadler 18 Aug 54 Bloody Flux

Spears, Jane 25y d/o James and Ebby Collins Welch 30 July 54 Bloody Flux

Spears, Jane 40y/ d/o Patrick and Elizabeth Porter 1 Feb 54 Bloody Flux

Spencer, James M 9m s/o Jordan and Malinda Senters Spencer Sept 54 Scarlet Fever

Spradlin, Amanda 19y d/o John and Mary Stafford 11 July 54 Bloody Flux

Stapleton, Nancy 42y d/o Jonathan and Lydia Salyer 5 Sept 54 Bloody Flux

Tackett, Sarah Frances 2y d/o Levi and Susan Tackett Tackett Apr 54

Vanhoose, Cynthia 3y d/o Levi and Nancy Dixon Vanhoose Oct 54 Bloody Flux

Waller, Catherine 47y d/o John and Patsy Proctor 11 Aug 54 Bloody Flux

Ward, Malissa P 1y d/o James A and Jane Wheeler Ward 22 Jan 54 Bloody Flux

Ward, Nathaniel 2m s/o Shadrach and Abigail Mollet Ward 25 Nov 54 Fever

Webb, Julian 1m Thomas and Nancy Barker Webb 1854 Bloody Flux

Webb, Soloman 1y s/o Thomas and Nancy Barker Webb 1854 Bloody Flux

Wells, William C 8y s/o John and Nancy Ann Webb Wells 30 Oct 54 Bloody Flux

Wells, William N 4m s/o John W and Sarah Flannery Wells 8 Oct 54 Croup

Wheeler, John 40y s/o Stephen and Catherine Ramy Wheeler 28 Aug 54 Typhoid Fever

Wheeler, Rebecca d/o 9m William and Elizabeth Borders Wheeler Dec 54 Fever

Williams, William 1y s/o Joseph and Elizabeth Jaynes Williams 1854

Wright, John 1m s/o John and Isabel Gent Wright 10 Aug 54 Bloody Flux


Auxier, William J 11m s/o Enoch and Mary VanHoose Auxier Dec 55

Baldridge, William 6m s/o Thomas and Martha Williams Baldridge 12 Sept 55 Typhoid

Blair, Andrew B 14y s/o Noble and Tabitha Stambough Blair 20 June 55

Blanton, Pleasant 21y s/o James H and Dicy Ely Blanton 10 Nov 55 Typhoid

Blanton, Rebecca 19y d/o James H and Dicy Ely Blanton 16 Dec 55 Typhoid

Blevins, Lucinda 14d d/o William and Catherine Salyer Blevins 24 Dec 55

Blevins, Sarah Emily 2m d/o Eli and Nancy Brown Blevins 4 July 55 Whooping Cough

Bowen, Rhoda 68y d/o Silas P and Phoebe Wooten Aug 55

Butler, Lucinda Jane 23d d/o Robert and Mary Jane Daniel Butler 23 May 55

Castle, Foster 8d s/o Marcum and Catherine Penix Castle 25 Aug 55

Cecil, Kinzie B 83y Joshua Sr and Mary Cecil 16 May 55 Old Age

Davis, John 27y s/o Thomas and Elizabeth Sellards Davis 27 Oct 55

Estep, (Not Named) 1d s/o Samuel and Albertine Bowen Estep 8 Dec 55

Fairchild, Asa J 54 s/o Abiud and Rebecca Johnson Fairchild 25 Nov 55 Dropsey

Goble, Samuel 6m s/o Abraham and Jane Goble 30 Dec 55

Grim, (Unknown) s/o Charles Jefferson and Elizabeth Hilton Grimm 1855 Consumption

Grim, Julia 8m d/o John Frank and Frances Brown Grim 26 July 55 Encephalitis

Gullett, Tempy 60y d/o Anna Hopper 2 Sept 55 Typhoid

Johnson, Mahala Jane 7m d/o John and Maryann Noe Johnson Oct 55

Kelly, Mathias 84y Patrick and Nancy Kelly 2 Apr 55 Rheumatism

McDowell, Tabitha 7y d/o William and Mary Bailey McDowell 21 Mar 55 Dropsy

McKenzie, Hannah 1y Oliver J and Matilda M Stone McKenzie 20 Feb 55 Croup

Mead, James s/o 17y Jesse and Rachel Mead 21 Dec 55 Dropsey

Meadows, William L 10m s/o Mary Ann Meadows 18 Oct 55

Reed, Asa J 42y s/o William and Hannah Reed 10 Oct 55 Typhoid

Reed, Catherine 6y Asa J and Dorcas Ramy Reed 15 Oct 55 Typhoid

Reed, Hannah 18y d/o Asa J and Dorcas Ramy Reed 3 Oct 55 Typhoid

Reed, John A 16y s/o Asa J and Dorcas Ramy Reed 6 Oct 55 Typhoid

Reed, Mason 29y s/o William and Hannah Reed 30 Dec 55 Typhoid

Sparks, (Not Named) 1d Elisha and Susan Pridemore Sparks 16 Feb 55

Spradlin, Rachel 70y d/o Henry and Ann McGregor Conley 7 June 55

Step, George W 9y s/o Margaret Step 2 Mar 55

Step, Joseph 19y s/o Joseph and Nancy Cox Step 4 Aug 55 Encephalitis

Step, Mary Lucinda 23y d/o Skidmore and Elizabeth Pauley Pauley 20 Apr 55 Brain Inflammation

Step, Nancy 11y d/o James and Lehanna Maynard Step 18 Aug 55

Step, Sarah 4y d/o James and Lehanna Maynard Step 1855

Ward, Jesse 35y s/o Shadrack and Lavina Ward Ward 26 Dec 55 Gravel

Wheeler, John 45y s/o Mary Wheeler 1 May 55 Dropsy

Williams, Isaac N 5y s/o Abraham and Mary Mead Williams 3 Dec 55 Encephalitis

Wood, Henry 63y Nov 1855 Consumption


Auxier, Jack A (Negro) 45y Slave Samuel Auxier (Owner) 10 Dec 56

Blanton, James 7y James H and Dicy Ely Blanton 16 Jan 56 Typhoid

Borders, Catherine 1y Hezekiah and Jemima Lemaster Borders 28 Dec 56 Croup

Castle, Christopher 5y Jemru amd Susan Daniel Castle 11 Jan 56

Castle, Hamilton 2d Patterson and Letty West Castle 15 Jan 56

Conley, Elizabeth 1m John and Margaret Blair Conley 18 Sept 56 Croup

Dixon, Joyce 84y William Fannin 1 Apr 56 Cancer

Elliott, Araminta 7m James P and Elizabeth Cunningham Elliott 11 Sept 56 Typhoid

Estep, Mary F 1y William W and Eda Davis Estep 16 Dec 56 Diarrhea

Fairchild, Isaiah S 4m Hezekiah and Mahala Miller Fairchild 1856

Fitzpatrick, Martha 85y Robert and Minerva Hall 15 Oct 56 Diarrhea

Friend, Samuel H 56Y Charles and Nancy Friend 28 June 56 Palsy

Hager, Nancy Jane 31y John and Permilia Franklin 30 June 56 Typhoid

Hitchcock, (Not Named) 2d Nimrod and Mary Frances (Bays) Hitchcock 10 July 56 Croup

Howes, Daniel M 6m Lewis and Jane McKenzie Howes May 56 Fever

Howes, Elexious F 2y Henry J and Senepta Patrick Howes 15 Sept 56 Croup

Hylton, Benjamin 61y Jesse and Juda Wright Hylton 28 July 56 Dropsey

Hylton, Nancy 1y Nathaniel and Frances Pack Hylton Oct 56

Johnson, Eleanor 21d John and Maryan Noe Johnson 1856

Litteral, Mary Emily 15d James W and Elizabeth Price Litteral 12 Dec 56 Croup

Lowe, Andrew 8m William and Marinda Lowe 30 May 56 Encephalitis

Lowe, Stephen G 13y William and Marinda Lowe 14 Sept 56 Encephalitis

Lunsford, Lucinda Jane 1m John and Matilda Howes Lunsford 5 Dec 56 Whooping Cough

McKenzie, Frances 21y Joseph and ellen Wheeler Lemaster 12 Sept 56

McKenzie, Madeline 1m John and Nancy Willwright McKenzie 17 Dec 56 Whooping Cough

Mollett, Cloie 11y Elias and Susanna Mollett 11 Sept 56 Bloody Flux

Nickell, Daniel B 14d Alex and Catherine Salyer Nickell 1856

Porter, (Not Named) 3d Samuel and Mary Akers Porter 28 Dec 56 Bleeding

Preston, Rhoda 38y Isaac and Mary Preston 2 May 56 Child Birth

Preston, Victoria E 1y Eliphus and Lucy Preston Preston 18 July 56 Inflammation of Lung

Price, George W 1y George W and Sarah Borders Price 19 Nov 56 Croup

Price, Thomas 2m Thomas J and Susan Ward Price 1856 Croup

Ramy, Malissa 21d John and Marion Daniel Ramy 5 Jan 56 Croup

Rice, James F 3m Ezekial and Margaret Rowland Rice 11 Apr 56

Stapleton, Mary 45y Adam and Rhoda Bowen 24 Jan 56

Stapleton, Mary Jane 2m Cynthia Jane Stapleton 4 July 56 Back Immature

Tackett, Mahala 22d Levi and Susannah Tackett Tackett 19 Dec 56

Williams, (Not Named) 1d Noah and Sally Eleanor Webb Williams 24 Feb 56 Diarrhea

Witten, Lydia Susan 1m George H and Martha Ann Butler Witten 15 Oct 56 Whooping Cough


Adams, Nancy Jane 1y Thomas and Sarah Moore Adams 7 Oct 57

Alley, Sarah 22y William and Mahala Evans Dixon 24 Sept 57 Flux

Blair, Not Named 13d John and Susan Conley Blair 13 Sept 57

Blair, Mary M 1m John T and Jane Caudill Blair 10 June 57 Whooping Cough

Blanton, Sarah 35y Samuel and Catherine Simpson 29 Dec 57

Bradfield, Minerva 9y John and Gratia Mead Bradford 18 Aug 57 Flux

Caudill, William R 2m John and Phoebe Fitzpatrick Caudill 23 Sept 57 Disease of Liver

Collins, Jefferson 25y Hiram and Martha Collins 5 Sept 57

Conley, Mary 51y Rachel Conley 13 Oct 57 Cancer

Conley, William 45y Edmund and Rachel Conley 29 Oct 57 Disease of Liver

Craft, Surviller R 1y Tilman and Sarah Sparks Craft 3 Aug 57 Flux

Crum, Alvin 4m Pleasant and Mary Hardin Crum 3 Aug 57

Cunningham, Angerilo 15d Robert and Martha Jane Bowen Cunningham 5 Mar 57 Fits

Delong, Henry C 3y George and Mary Moore Delong 20 Dec 57 Typhoid

Delong, John J 3y Hiram and Nancy Ann Brown Delong 25 Oct 57 Croup

Dials, Lucy E 8d William and Rachel Conley Dials 29 Sept 57 Diarrhea

Dixon, Isaac 15y William and Mahala Evans Dixon 1857 Flux

Davis, (Not Named) 1m William and Catherine Borders Davis 23 Sept 57 Croup

Dixon, Isaac 15y William and Mahala Evans Dixon 1857 Flux

Estep, (Not Named) 2d Samuel and Alvalina Bowen Estep 16 Dec 57

Evans, Sarah Jane 11d John W and Juda Castle Evans 21 Oct 57 Croup

Fairchild, David 15y Isaiah and Susan Miller Fairchild 28 Sept 57 Flux

Gibson, James F 3y Spencer and Azzy Cole Gibson Oct 57 Worms

Hitchcock, (Not Named) 2d Nimrod and Mary Frances Bays Hitchcock Sept 57 Croup

Justice, Maranda J 9y Samuel and Mary Craft Justice 20 Sept 57 Flux

Kimbler, Mary M 3y William and Nancy Picklesimer Kimbler 10 Apr 57 Whooping Cough

Lemaster, (Not Named) 2d William and Newcarius Salyer Lemaster 8 Apr 57

Lemaster, Greenville 7m Francis and Rebecca Fairchild Lemaster 31 Oct 57 Flux

Lemaster, Sylvester 22y James and Sarah Elizabeth Lemaster 5 Aug 57

Litteral, Sarah E 2m Wiley and Rebecca Ann Pack Litteral 8 Nov 57 Croup

McKenzie, Cynthiann 3y Martin and Margaret Picklesimer McKenzie 19 Oct 57 Flux

McKenzie, Elijah 10m Henry and Sarah J Bays McKenzie 18 Feb 57 Whooping Cough

McKenzie, Sarah Jane 23y Elijah and Margaret Rice Bays 4 Dec 57 Fits

Mankins, George W 1y John and Nancy Jane Witten Mankins 1 July 57 Fever

Meek, Lavinia 10y Isaac and Sarah Ward Meek 10 Sept 57 Flux

Osbourn, (Not Named) 7d Andrew and Susan Blevins Osbourn 5 Dec 57

Osbourn, Lafayette 1m Alford and Cynthia Ward Osbourn 17 Oct 57 Flux

Picklesimer, Lydian M 1y Francis H and Minerva Bays Picklesimer 18 June 57 Encephalitis

Rice, Catherine 15y Martin M and Sarah Minix Rice 18 Sept 57 Accident

Rice, Elizabeth 20y Bazeal and Mary Castle 30 Dec 57 Accident

Robertson, Nancy Ann 1m Samuel and Mary Susan Daniel Robertson 1857 Croup

Robinson, Winfield S 1y John and Susan Spears Robinson 24 Aug 57 Croup

Salyer, Sylvania 1d Samuel and Gusby Evans Salyer 20 May 57

Seagraves, Isaiah 1m Joseph and Nancy McDowell Seagraves 25 Oct 57 Croup

Sparks, Bethany 16y Nicholas and Dorcus Rose Sparks 29 June 57

Spriggs, Andrew J 13y Hiram and Marinds Spriggs Spriggs 19 Oct 57 Flux

Vanhoose, Jemima 4m John and Elizabeth Pack Vanhoose 1857 Fever

Vanhoose, Joseph 2m Serenia Vanhoose 1857 Worms

Vanhoose, William R 10y Bracken R and Mary Pelphrey Vanhoose 8 Oct 57 Flux

Wheeler, Henry J 19y William R and Elizabeth Borders Wheeler 19 Oct 57 Flux

Wheeler, William C 1y Stephen and Elizabeth Jane Chandler Wheeler 19 Oct 57 Flux

Wiley, Adam P 4m John and Sarah Stapleton Wiley 1857 Croup

Young, James S 10m Charles and Lovina Helton Young 12 Oct 57 Flux

Young, John 10y Charles and Lovina Helton Young 4 Oct 57 Flux


Baldwin, Mary 2m Thomas and Charity Bayes Baldwin Dec 58

Blair, Nancy Ann 6m George W and Matilda Spradlin Blair 28 July 58 Diarrhea

Blevins, Louisa 1y Daniel and Nancy Osbourn Blevins 11 Aug 58 Colic

Borders, (Not Named) 8d George and Eliza Borders 14 May 58

Castle, (Not Named) 1d William and Jane Davis Castle 3 Feb 58

Castle, Bazel 37y John and Eliza Castle 15 Oct 58 Typhoid

Castle, Mary 45y John and Elizabeth Spradlin Stambaugh 7 Aug 58

Castle, Mary Jane 33y James and Levina Davis 7 Feb 58

Damron, Susannah 88y Samuel and Mary Mollett Damron Nov 58 Whooping Cough

Daniel, Lafayette ? James and Elizabeth Daniel Daniel 1858

Daniel, William N 10m William and Catherine Stapleton Daniel 30 Jne 58 Croup

Davis, Manford 9m Bracken and Nancy Conley Davis 16 July 58 Diarrhea

Dean, (Not Named) 6d George and Mary Jane Preston Dean Nov 58

Delong, James W 11m Harvey and Nancy Brown Delong 2 Nov 58 Croup

Dials, Reuben J 8m Alexander and Sarah McKenzie Dials 23 May 58 Typhoid

Estep, Henry 1m Samuel E and Albertine Bowen Estep 4 June 58

Evans, Thomas 6y Thomas and Nancy Evans Evans 4 July 58 Diarrhea

Gibson, Sarah 16y Abraham and Mary Gibson 13 Dec 58 Whooping Cough

Grim, Elizabeth 6m D Frederick and Evaline Castle Grim 30 Sept 58

Grim, Evaline 24y Benjamin and Elizabeth (Salyer) Castle 14 Jan 58 Diarrhea

Grim, Pricilla 56y John and Elizabeth Shields July 58 Drowned

Harper, Henry T 1y Leonard and Lovina Harper 5 Oct 58 Typhoid

Howes, Thomas J 2y John and Nancy Howes 22 Dec 58 Encephalitis

Johnson, Lafayette 1y Francis and Julia Castle Johnson Oct 58 Fever

Johnson, William ? John and Mary Ann Noe Johnson 1858 Whooping Cough

Lemaster, Francis 65y Eleazor and Rachel Ramy Lemaster 29 Sept 58 Lung Fever

Lemaster, Jemima 12d Daniel and Nancy Chandler Lemaster 18 Feb 58 Encephalitis

McCloud, Mary E 5y Jonah and Nancy McCloud 22 Feb 58 Typhoid

Maynard, Jarred 2m Lewis and Lucretia Pauley Maynard 4 May 58 Croup

Miller, Phillip 54y Phillip and Mary Miller 19 Feb 58 Scrofula

Mollett, James 4m David and Susannah Johnson Mollett 28 Sept 58 Whooping Cough

Mollett, Sarah Jane 8m John and Elizabeth Damron Mollett 8 Oct 58 Croup

Mollett, Susannah 43y Andrew and Martha Johnson 1858 Consumption

Music, Ephriam 59y F James and Jane Music 15 Sept 58 Rheumatic Fever

Nisbet, George W ? James and Arminta Auxier Nisbet 1858

Nisbet, Thomas J ? James and Arminta Auxier Nisbet 1858

Pelphrey, William A 3m William and Mary Lemaster Pelphrey 16 May 58 Diarrhea

Porter, (Not Named) 1m John and Martha Porter 23 Feb 58 Porter, Jane 3y

Benjamin and Nancy Cassady Porter 11 Dec 58 Whooping Cough

Porter, Lucretia 6y Benjamin and Nancy Cassady Porter 20 Nov 58 Whooping Cough

Preston, Angaline 25y Moses and Elizabeth Haney Preston 2 Apr 58 Consumption

Preston, Winfield 10y Moses and Nancy Perry Preston 3 May 58

Price, Harrison 27y Jesse and Cyncha Preston Price 6 Dec 58

Ramy, Nancy 71y William and Nancy Pelphrey 4 Oct 58 Fever

Randolph, Lucretia 1y William N and Mary Preston Randolph 22 June 58 Diarrhea

Rice, Nancy Jane 68y (Unknown) Davis 1858

Rice, Thomas G 5d John and Nancy Jane Mollett Rice 23 Jan 58

Robertson, (Not Named) 22d John and Susan Robertson 12 Aug 58

Spencer, Hail 4d Andrew and Alifari Bannister Spencer 28 Feb 58 Croup

Spradlin, Emily 1m William and Mahala Conley Spradlin 12 Dec 58 Croup

Stafford, Sarah 7m Ralph and Amanda Hager Stafford 8 Aug 58 Typhoid

Stapleton, Matilda 1y Isaac and Susan Ward Stapleton 1858 Consumption

Trimble, James R 14d William and Clarinda Picklesimer Trimble 22 Sept 58 Croup

Vanover, Leonard 1y Louana Vanover 4 July 58 Typhoid

Ward, John 14d James and Nancy Sturgill Ward 18 Apr 58

Ward, Katherine 4y Jesse and Mary Wheeler Ward Dec 58 Whooping Cough

Ward, Sarah Ann 1y Solomon and Mary Jane Mollett Ward Aug 58 Whooping Cough

Ward, Sarilda 2m Andrew and Mary Sturgill Ward 16 Oct 58 Whooping Cough

Ward, Squire 8m Thompson and Phoebe Blevins Ward July 58

Wheeler, Perlina 3m Stephen and Elizabeth Chandler Wheeler 29 Oct 58 Encephalitis

Williams, Nancy A 8m Abraham and Mary Mead Williams 29 Dec 58 Whooping Cough


Auxier, (Not Named) 1m Henry and Harriett Music Auxier 1859

Baldwin, Anthony 70y William and Martha Baldwin Aug 59 Palsey

Borders, (Not Named) 1d George and Elizabeth Borders 14 July 1959

Boyd, Elizabeth 16y David and Elizabeth Pack Boyd 1859 Typhoid

Boyd, Mary Ann 20y David and Elizabeth Pack Boyd 1859 Typhoid

Brown, Emaline 38/y Moses and Mary Damron 29 July 59 Diarrhea

Butcher, Louisa 4y William and Mary Wells Butcher 1 Oct 59

Butcher, Margaret 8y William and Mary Wells Butcher 10 Oct 59 Disease of Throat

Castle, (Not Named) 5d Marcum and Catherine Penix Castle 23 Oct 59

Castle, Martha 17y John and Martha Branham Castle 4 Oct 59 Croup

Clay, Malissa 13y Marling and Temperance Clay 12 Apr 59 Typhoid

Clay, Peter 51y Jordan and Mary Clay 26 Aug 59 Fever

Estep, (Not Named) 1d Samuel and Abeline Bowen Estep 9 Jan 59

Fairchild, Joseph 50y Hezekiah and Jemima Fairchild 17 Dec 59

Franklin, Dick (Negro) 3y Slave Permilia Franklin 24 Dec 59 Quinsy

Franklin, Mary Ann 12y William and Elizabeth Howard Franklin 23 Oct 59 Bronchitis

Griffith, John M 2y Richard and Mary Griffith 6 Mar 59 Encephalitis

Gullett, (Not Named) 6d Ira and Lydia Pelphrey Gullett 30 Jan 59

Isabell, Andrew 30y Martha Isabell 18 Oct 59 Lung Fever

Jayne, Lydia 27y/F Joseph and Elizabeth Evans Williams 8 Mar 59

Johnson, George W 1m John and Mary Ann Noe Johnson 8 July 59

Johnson, Mary 78y Phillip and Anne Williams 21 Dec 59 Rheumatic Fever

Johnson, Mary Ann 21y Carl and Sarah Noe N 15 Jne 59 Lung Fever

Kestner, Hannah 2y Jacob and Rebecca Kestner Dec 59

Litteral, George 44y John Elizabeth Litteral 22 Nov 59 Disease of Lung

Litteral, Matilda 20y Jerman and Dicy Prater Huff 2 Dec 59 Consumption

Lyon, (Not Named) 17d John and Margaret Luster Lyon N 15 Feb 59

McDowell, William 73y John and Sarah McDowell 6 Apr 59 Dropsy

McGinnis, Hiram 50y John and Rebecca McGinnis 15 Dec 59 Fever

McKinzie, (Not Named) 6d Lafayette and Mary Ann Sparks McKenzie 30 July 59

Mollett, Nathan R 73y Noah and Mary Mollett 16 Nov 59 Typhoid

Music, Emaline 7y James and Mariah Shell Music 18 Oct 59

Music, James B 2y James and Mariah Shell Music 24 Oct ber 59

Music, Louisa 14y James and Mariah Shell Music 12 Oct 59

Pelphrey, Sanford 6y John W and Margaret Day Pelphrey 22 Mar 59 Whooping Cough

Picklesimer, Sylvester Harmon 8y Frances M and Manervia Bays Picklesimer 9 July 59 Pneumonia

Porter, Adam 23d Samuel and Pricilla Mutter Porter 23 Dec 59 Croup

Porter, Percilla 21y Adam and Elizabeth Mutter 7 Dec 59

Porter, Sophia 19y Samuel and Percilla Mutter

Porter 11 July 59 Black Tongue Fever

Price, Anderson B 19y George W and Sarah Borders Price 9 Sept 59 Fever

Ramy, Amanda S 2m John and Phoebe James Ramy 1859

Ramy, Merida M 1y John and Phoebe James Ramy Feb 59 Jaundice

Ratliff, (Not Named) 2d John and Temperance Blanton Ratliff 24 Sept 59

Salyer, Samuel 12d Marshall and Mary Ann Hamilton Salyer 1 Feb 59

Seagraves, Jemima 18m Walter and Charity M Conley Seagraves 19 July 59 Croup

Seagraves, Charity Jane 5y William and Charlotte Mitchell Seagraves 10 Nov 59 Croup

Short, William A 1m Addison and Nancy A Vaughn Short 17 Sept 59 Flux

Sparks, Angeline 1d Martin and Hannah Adkins Sparks 20 Jne 59

Spears, Samuel S 3y Wiley and Elizabeth Butcher Spears Dec 59 Disease of Throat

Spears, Wiley 55y Thomas and Ruth Spears Mar 59 Consumption

Spradlin, (Not Named) 1m James and Eliza Jane Horn Spradlin 6 July 59

Step, Eleanor 34y James and Rebecca Maynard 11 Nov 59

Tackett, Cynthia C 6m Mahala Tackett 10 Apr 59 Croup

Tate, Charlotte 30y John and Catherine Vaughan 10 July 59

Vanhoose, (Not Named) 7d Moses and Mary Ann Hays Vahoose 21 Jan 58

Vanhoose, Mary 38y William and Mary Pelphrey 1 May 59

Ward, Mary Jane 18y James and Margaret Blevins Mollett 15 July 59

Webb, Robert 2y Thomas and Nancy Baker Webb N 8 May 59

Williams, (Not Named) 1d John M and Christina Salyer Williams 8 Oct 59

Williams, Franklin G 1m5d Thomas and Malissa Stafford Williams 24 Dec 59


Adams, Abeline 1day Thomas and Sarah Morris Adams 3 Apr 61

Auxier, Henry J 1mon Henry J and Harriet Music Auxier Nov 61

Brown, (Not Named Boy)1mon John J and Frances Spencer Brown 1861

Brown, Anjaline 1y John and Frances Spencer Brown 23 Jne 61 Diphtheria

Burk, Charles J 9y John W and Angaline Blanton Burk 19 Nov 61

Carter, Malinda 6y Joseph and Sarah Carter Dec 61 Scarlet Fever

Collins, (Unknown Twin)1day Amos and Nancy Collins Collins 16 July 61

Collins, (Unknown Twin)1mo Amos and Nancy Collins Collins 25 Aug61

Conley, Mary E 2y Thomas and Nancy Skaggs Conley 18 Oct 61 Sore Throat

Crum, John 3y James and Lydia Chapman Crum 2 Oct 61 Croup

Daniel, James 23y John Oliver and Margaret Ann Castle Daniel Oct 61 Typhoid

Daniel, Jasper 1day John Oliver and Margaret Ann Castle Daniel 5 Sept 61

Davis, Samuel 52y William and Sarah Davis 2 May 61

Dixon, Sarah 46y David and Mary Conley 3 Apr 61

Estep, Alamander 11m Henry and Fillatte Estep 26 Dec 61 Jaundice

Estep, Benjamin F 9m Samuel and Elbertine Bowen Estep 19 Sept 61 Killed by a Horse

Evans, James 6y Thomas and Nancy Evans Evans 24 Oct 61 Sore Throat

Fairchild, Miram Jane 8y Isaiah and Susannah Miller Fairchild 23 May 61 Diphtheria

Fitzpatrick, Abraham 14y James and Sarah Caudill Fitzpatrick 24 Apr 61 Typhoid

Fitzpatrick, Sarah 8y James and Sarah Caudill Fitzpatrick 3 May 61 Typhoid

Fitzpatrick, Sarah 46y Thomas and Jane Caudill Caudill 24 Apr 61 Typhoid

Green, (Not Known) George W and Mary Jane Webb Green 1861

Hall, Caroline 4m Nimrod and Sarah Ann Mollett Hall Dec 61

Howes, Sarah 42y Henry and Joyce Dixon 26 Aug 61 Typhoid

Jenkins, Rebecca 37y William and Nancy Hill 28 Feb 61 Consumption

Kilgore, George P 14days David and Rutha Howes Kilgore 23 Sept 61 Fever

Kimbler, Solomon 35y Ebenezer and Nancy Kimbler 3 Dec 61 Measles

Litteral, Mahala 49y Isaac and Sarah Preston Aug 61 Lung Fever

Meadows, Amanda 6m Ephriam and Rebecca McGlothlin Meadows Aug 61

Murray, Henry G 3y Samuel and Jane Stambaugh Murray 1861

O'Bryan, Wiley H 3y James and Agnus Craft O'Bryan 6 July 61 Worms

Osbourn, Andrew L 2y Alford and Cynthia Ward Osbourn 16 Nov 61 Croup

Pelphrey, (Not Named) 10d John W and Margaret Day Pelphrey 27 Feb 61 Disease of Liver

Porter, Benjamin 38y Joseph and Mary Porter 25 Dec 61 Lung Fever

Preston, Eliphus 66y Nathan and Elizabeth Vaughan Preston 2 Mar 61 Hurt

Preston, Malinda 28y William and Charlotte "Lockey" Witten 11 Aug 61 Lung Fever

Rice, (Not Named Son) 1day Daniel J and MaryJ Fairchild Rice Apr 61 Croup

Rice, Diannah 4m William and Elizabeth Morris Rice 3 Apr 61 Croup

Rice, Martin 27y Martin M and Sarah Rice 10 Dec 61

Richmond, James 46y John and Isabell Richmond 8 Sept 61 Inflamation

Riggsby, Felix 30y Travis and Ary Riggsby Apr 61 Liver Disease

Salyer, Evaline 8y Samuel and Ursula Evans Salyer 11 Oct 61 Scarlet Fever

Salyer, Harlan 2y Samuel and Ursula Evans Salyer 17 Sept 61 Scarlet Fever

Salyer, Mary 2y Marshall Layne and Mary Ann Hamilton Salyer Aug 61 Intestinal Fever

Seagraves, Eunice 1y Walter and Charity M Conley Seagraves Oct 61

Sparks, Elizabeth 30y Richard and Lucy Dials 16 Jan 61 Typhoid

Sparks, Mary Jane 17y Elijah and Sarah Evans Sparks 10 Oct 61 Sore Throat

Sparks, Mary M 5y Nicholas and Dorcas Rose Sparks Oct 61

Spradlin, Algermon S 1day James H and Jane Wheeler Spardlin 4 Sept 61 Croup

Stafford, William C 11y James and Cynthia Ann Dixon Stafford 8 Jan 61 Measles

Stambough, Surilda 20y John and Surilda Jayne Daniel 1861 Nervous Fever

Taylor, Frances 61y Thomas and Susan Jayne Conley 19 Apr 61 Fever

Trimble, Mark 79y David and Lucy Trimble 2 Aug 61 Old Age

Turner, Susan Ann 2y Samuel and Cynthia E Rule Turner Feb 61 Pneumonia

Walter, Shadrack 4m John M and Sarah Litteral Walter Dec 61 Croup

Webb, Nathaniel J 7y George Jackson and Mary Ann Picklesimer Webb 15 Oct 61 Sore Throat

Wellman, Bennett A 9y Jeremiah L and Elizabeth A Ramy Wellman 19 Apr 61 Diphtheria

Wellman, Sarah A 2y Jeremiah L and Elizabeth A Ramy Wellman 4 Apr 61 Diphtheria

Wells, (Not Named Dau) 2m George and Phoebe Butcher Wells 1861 Sore Throat

Wells, Mary (?Minta?) 10m William G and Mary Ann M Cary Wells Mar 61 Flux

Wheeler, Anna 20y Daniel and Nancy Ramy Aug 61

Wheeler, Jesse 47y Stephen and Catherine Wheeler  7 Jne 61 Fever

Witten, Sarah H 4y John W and Lydia B Ramy Witten 27 May 61 Diphtheria

Witten, Thomas R 2y John W and Lydia B Ramy Witten 19 May 61 Diphtheria


Bailey, Daniel 50y 1874

Bailey, John D 75y Daniel and Rebecca Bailey 19 Jan 74

Bailey, Stephen 47y John D and Susan E Bailey 26 Apr 74 Fever

Bond, William J 2y Stephen P and Esther Ann Howes Bond 6 Dec 74 Croup

Branham, John 77y 2 Dec 74 Dropsey

Calahan, Ferby 24y Thomas and Thursy Collins 22 July 74 Consumption

Calahan, Sarah E 3m Wesley and Ferby Collins Calahan 29 Oct 74

Cantrill, Richard 4y James and Louisa Cantrill 28 Oct 74 Croup

Castle, Charity 6days Charles and Elizabeth Vanhoose Castle 13 Jan 74 Fits

Castle, N S 2y Amos and Lucinda Jane Castle Castle 3 Apr 74 LungFever

Castle, Eunis 17y Jonas and Percilla Castle Dec 74 Whooping Cough

Caudill, Cynthia 2y Stephen J and Jincy Fairchild Caudill 20 Dec 74 Croup

Chandler, Eliza 47y Giles and Nancy Green 9 Nov 74 Billious Fever

Chandler, Exer J 9m William and Mary Wheeler Chandler 20 Sept 74 Diphtheria

Clark, Jane 37y Absalom and Jamima McCarty 26 Mar 74 Consumption

Coleman, Clarinda 33y Squire and Ellen/Elizabeth Hall 5 July 74 Consumption

Collins, Laura 4days John H and Julia A Selvage Collins 25 Dec 74 Croup

Conley, Dicy M 14y Thomas B and Jamima Jayne Conley 13 July 74 Consumption

Daniel, James M 17y Lucinda Castle Daniel Robertson 29 Dec 74 Encephalitis

Daniel, Mary Jane 6m Moses and Eda George Daniel 16 Oct 74 Lung Fever

Daniel, Nancy 24y John and Sarah Stapleton Wiley 7 Dec 74 Consumption

Daniel, Sarah J 16days James J and Maranda Stapleton Daniel 22 Jan 74 Croup

Davis, Nancy 26y Morgan Davis 16 Feb 74 Sickness

Davis, Matilda 18yMorgan Davis 15 Jan 74 Sickness

Dixon, (Not Named Boy) 12hours Thomas J and Eliza J McFarland Dixon 24 July 74

Fyffe, Sabra C 72days John T and Martha Slusser Fyffe 24 July 74

Fyffe, Sarah 30y Elijah and Frances Estep 16 July 74 Consumption

Estep, Fanny (?Carrie) 15m Andrew and Nancy Jane Lemaster Estep 14 Oct 74 Croup

Fitzpatrick, Henry 44y John R and Frances "Fanny" Rice Fitzpatrick 17 Oct 74 Kidney and Liver

Hager, Mary 6y Daniel M and Elizabeth M May Hager 29 Oct 74 Encephalitis

Herald, Robert 86y 11 Dec 74 Dropsey

Holbrook, Newton N 20y William R and Paulina Holbrook 8 July 74 Typhoid

Johnson, Martha Jane 2y Joseph and Louisa "Liza" Mullins Johnson 29 Oct 74 Lung Fever

Kelly, Martha J 23days Peter and Nancy Seagraves Kelly 23 Jan 74

McCarty, Sarah 70y 25 July 74 Consumption McKenzie, Nari Franklin 7m

Stephen and Sarah Rose McKenzie 13 Oct 74

Mollett, Amanda E 26y Nimrod and Sarah Ann Mollett Hall 12 Feb 74

Heart Mollett, Elizabeth 2m James W and Amanda E Hall Mollett 9 May 74

Heart Mullins, Sidney 23y Moses and Louisa Sowards 14 July 74 Liver

Murray, Jane 53y Samuel and Charlotte Stambough 13 Aug 74 Ulcer

Nickell, Mary A 4y Winfield and Susanna Allen Nickell 1 Sept 74 Diphtheria

Nisbert, Arminta 42y Samuel Auxier 13 Oct 74 Lung Fever

Nisbert, Elizabeth 9y James and Arminta Auxier Nisbert 13 Oct 74 Lung Fever

Pack, Andrew 11y Bartley and Mary A Sellard) Pack 6 Jne 74 Sickness

Pack, Isaac 3w Charles and Louvina Chandler Pack 13 Apr 74 Croup

Perry, Sarah A UNK Washington and Tursy Perry 8 Dec 74 Spinal

Rice, (Not Named) 9days Wiley and Martha E Fairchild Rice 23 July 74

Rice, Alexander M 11m John R and Jane Adams Rice 15 Sept 74 Fever

Rule, Lemalsote 16m Ranklin F and Sarah M Dixon Rule 30 Dec 74 Consumption

Rule, Sarah M 26y Andrew and Abagail Kelly Dixon 11 Dec 74 Consumption

Spencer, (Not Named Boy) 1y Jordan and Malinda Senters Spencer 1874 Brain Fever

Spencer, Malinda J NR Andrew J and Martha Collins Spencer 2 Dec 74 Encephalitis

Stapleton, Alvin D 6m Edward and Elizabth Salyer Stapleton 6 Apr 74

Stapleton, Sarah 3days John and Elizabeth Wheatly Stapleton 3 Jne 74

Thompson, (Not Named) 1m Hugh and Delila Scarberry Thompson 6 Mar 74 Heart

Vanhoose, Louisa 1m Marion and Nancy J Preston Vanhoose 6 Oct 74 Lung Fever

Ward, Clarinda 35y Edward and Judah Butcher Webb 14 Apr 74 Heart

Ward, Mary 3y Stephen Ward 26 July 74 Sickness

Watkins, Isaac 6m Reese and Sarah Stambough Watkins 1874 Encephalitis

Wiley, Flemmon D 18days John M and Amanda Brown Wiley 5 July 74

Williams, Elizabeth C 7y Samuel and Sarah Brune Williams 5 Mar 74


Akers, (Not Named Boy) 4m John R and Trinvilla Price Akers 31 Sept 75

Arrowood, Robert 4days Benjamin and Judia Walter Arrowood 26 Jan 75

Auxier, Marvin B 5m James K and Emma Spradlin Auxier 26 Sept 75 Encephalitis

Bailey, Daniel 52y John and Sarah Bailey 1 Jan 75 Comsumption

Burchfield, John 1y Jacob and Sarah Frances Chandler Burchfield 1 Oct 75 Pneumonia

Branham, Noah 70y Christopher and Sarah Branham 24 Jan 75 Consumption

Carroll, Barbara Ellen 20y Edward and Elizabeth King 11 Feb 75 Consumption

Carroll, Mary 17m James and Barbara Ellen King Carroll 7 Jne 75 Scrofula

Castle, Ira 55y Benjamin and Elizabeth Salyer Castle 12 Sept 75

Castle, Nancy 13y Edward and Mary Wiley Castle 26 Nov 75 Encephalitis

Castle, Rebecca J 23y Ira and Nancy Bowlin Castle 15 Sept 75 Consumption

Caudill, Lucinda 24y James Calvin and Mary Fitzpatrick Caudill J Jan 75 Fever

Colvin, (Not Named Girl)1m William and Sarah Lemaster Colvin 7 Nov 75

Daniel, (Not Named Boy) 11days Wyatt and Malinda Lyons Daniel 26 Aug 75

Daniel, John Oliver 45y Thomas and Eunice Adams Daniel 20 May 75

Daniel, Mahala J 49y John and Mary Margaret Vanhoose Daniel Apr 75 Consumption

Davis, Jamima 60y Stephen and Catherine Wheeler 28 Sept 75 Consumption

Davis, Josephine 20y John and Rhoda Godsey Hager 1 May 75 Consumption

Fairchild, (Not Named Boy) 12hrs George and Mary S Davis Fairchild 20 Oct 75

Fitzpatrick, Malinda 4m Sampson and Dorcus Daniel Fitzpatrick 13 July 75 Encephalitis

Fitzpatrick, William 50y John and Fanny Rice Fitzpatrick 2 Aug 75 Drowned

Green, Nancy E 7weeks John and Jamima E Sparks Green 15 Jne 75 Croup

Grim, Elizabeth 65y Benjamin and Nancy Preston Hylton 7 Aug 75

Grim, Frances 1y Benjamin H and Lucinda Meek Grim Oct 75 Cholera

Hager, Paul 2y Samuel P and Angelina B Brown Hager 2 Nov 75 Diptheria

Hamilton, John 20y Elizabeth Hamilton 27 Dec 75 Encephalitis

Jones, Mary J 19y John and Phoebe Sturgeon Jones 10 Mar 75 Consumption

Justice, William M 23y Samuel and Mary Craft Justice 18 Nov 75 Typhoid

Lemaster, John Jacob 1y John R and Mary Jane Bishop Lemaster 9 Nov 75 Worms

Lemaster, Meredith 4m Ely W and Lydia McKenzie Lemaster 20 Dec 75 Diphtheria

Lemaster, William 19y Daniel and Nancy A Chandler Lemaster 24 Aug 75 Consumption

Litteral, Effie 13days Lindsey and Sarah Wililams Litteral 22 Oct 75 Croup

Litteral, Martha J 27y William and Susan Murray Preston 20 Nov 75 Consumption

Litteral, Matilda E 13days John F and Jincy J Blair Litteral 13 Apr 75

Love, Cynthia B 5y James H and Mary Cheek Love 16 Apr 75

Lyons, James 1y George W and Margaret King Lyons 19 Oct 75 Diptheria

McKenzie, (Not Named Girl) 5days Elias H and Rachel Cantrill McKenzie 9 July 75

May, John White 33y David and Nancy Powers May 9 Aug 75 Brain Tumor

May, Martha S 27y Andrew and Phoebe Fairchild Rice 12 Jan 75 Pneumonia

Pack, Malinda E 4days William and Pauline Wheeler Pack 29 Nov 75

Patrick, Meredith 2m Harold and Catherine Music Patrick 29 Apr 75 Pneumonia

Pelphrey, Serilda 36y John and Almira Kozee Vanhoose 7 Jan 75

Porter, Rebecca 80y Reubin and Rebecca Howard 20 Aug 75

Preston, Burgess 58y Jefferson and Jane Burgess Preston 5 Dec 75 Consumption

Preston, Clinton D or T 22y Atchison and Rebecca Witten Preston 4 Nov 75 Consumption

Preston, Lydia J 19y James A and Jane Wheeler Ward 16 Sept 75

Preston, Nancy E 1y John and Sarah Brow) Preston 10 Oct 75 Diptheria

Price, Franklin P 9m Hamilton and Evaline Collins Price 29 Aug75 Croup

Price, Hatta 2y Benjamin Franklin and Sarah Huff Price 18 Oct 75 Diptheria

Price, James 2m North J and Lydia Clark Price 10 Jan 75

Rice, Phoebe 52y Asa J and Nancy Conley Fairchild 7 Oct 75 Billious Fever

Riggsby, Mason J 8m John H and Nancy J Robinson Ribbsby Sept 75 Encephalitis

Roberts, Daniel 2m/Thomas and Lucy Spencer Daniel 18 Nov 75 Fits

Rowland, John 75y 1 May 75 Dropsey

Sailor, (Not Named Girl) 1day Martin and Clarinda Salyer Sailor 26 Aug 75

Salyer, Elizabeth J 1y Jonathan Henry and Alenia Jones Salyer Sept 75 Cholera

Salyer, Lydia M 3m Benjamin and Elizabeth Stapleton Salyer Nov 75

Scarberry, David 65y Jan 75 Dropsey

Skaggs, Walter O 30y Miles and Elizabeth Skaggs Oct 2 75

Slone, Harkman 66y 14 Dec 75 Consumption

Stapleton, Marion 18y Lucinda Stapleton 5 Jan 75 Fever

Stapleton, Napolean 1day Edward and Eliza Salyer Stapleton 28 Mar 75

Stapleton, Rosabell S 3y Edward and Eliza Salyer Stapleton 10 Feb 75

Strong, John M 19y Hiram F and Phoebe Ann Godsey Strong 16 Jne 75 Conjuntive Fever

Strong, Warren M 31y Hiram F and Phoebe Ann Godsey Strong 17 Feb 75 Consumption

Tackett, Lucinda 6m Lewis F and Lydia F Lemaster Tackett 12 Apr 75

Vanhoose, Julia Ann 35y John and Sarah Clay Price 24 Mar 75 Consumption

Vanhoose, Thomas 62y John and Mary Bryan Vanhoose 31 Oct 75 Fever

Vanhoose, Valentine 55y James and Elizabeth Preston Vanhoose 23 Aug 75 Fever

Vickers, Fannie 23y William and Catherine Borders Davis 16 Oct 75 Fever

Walker, Catherine 26y John and Jamima Wheeler Davis 18 Oct 75 Billious Fever

Ward, Edmund 14y Andrew Jackson and Clarinda Webb Ward 31 Aug 75 Dropsey

Ward, Isaiah 7days King Solomon and Susan Jane Baldriege Ward 31 Aug 75

Ward, John C 4m Nathaniel and Martha Baldridge Ward Oct 75

Wells, Willey M 1m Allen C and Angeline Collins Wells 28 Feb 75

Wiley, Mary E 7weeks John M and Amanda Brown Wiley Sept 75

Williams, George E 5m Samuel and Sarah Bruner Williams 26 Sept 75 Encephalitis

Williams, Wiley J 3m Thomas and Malissa Stafford Williams 2 Feb 75 Pneumonia


Arms, Alma 5days Wallis B and Mary M Blair Arms 9 Nov 76

Arrowood, Eleanor 52y Benjamin and Rachel Bradley 9 Nov 76 Fever

Auxier, Jane 27y William and Susan Harrison 24 Jne 76 Consumption

Auxier, Millard M 4days George W and Angeline Preston Auxier 22 Mar 76

Auxier, Thomas J 6m Thomas J and Jane Harrison Auxier 31 July 76 Fever

Bays, (Not Named Girl)1day William H and Sidney Lewis Bays 9 Feb 76

Branham, Sarah J 5mJoseph J and Exer Ward Branham 12 Aug 76 Consumption

Brooks, Sarah B 3m George W and Elizabeth Murray Brooks 22 Dec 76

Brown, Louisa C 3y Frances A and Mary E Preston Brown 19 Oct 76 Croup

Cantrill, Sarah 1y Henry and Frances E Salyer Cantrill 26 Nov 76

Castle, Apperson 33y Drury and Sarah Ward Castle 7 May 76 Consumption

Castle, Cora B 6m James and Josephine McFarlin Castle 16 Jan 76 Fever

Castle, Elizabeth 30y Andrew and Pauline Carver Goodman 19 July 76 Consumption

Clark, Polly 4m Samuel and Susanna Wells Clark 26 Dec 76

Collins, (Not Named Girl) ?hrs Andrew J and Cynthia Collins Collins 23 Feb 76

Collins, Cornelia 21y William and Louisa Ratliff Collins 19 Feb 76 Encephalitis

Collins, Elizabeth 72y Jamima Dale 6 Feb 76 Dropsey

Conley, (Not Named Male) 5m Edward and Mary A (Salyer) Conley 8 Dec 76

Cox, Isaac 10d Samuel S and Mary J (Williams) Cox 26 Jan 76

Cox, Jeremiah 1m Samuel S and Mary J (Williams) Cox 13 Feb 76

Daniel, Caroline 18y Solomon and Mary A (Daniel) Daniel 13 Jne 76 Consumption

Daniel, Francis Marion 43y Thomas and Eunice (Adams) Daniel 30 Sept 76 Consumption

Daniel, Julia 7y Newton and Elizabth (Castle) Daniel 18 Aug 76 Dropsey

Daniel, Sarah 50y Henry and Sarah (Sparks) Jayne Jly 76 Typhoid

Daniel, Trinvilla 1m Plymon and Mary E (Rice) Daniel 8 Oct 76

Daniel, Unice 15y Francis Marion and Pauline (Daniel) Daniel 14 Dec 76 Consumption

Davis, Emily J 30y William and Nancy Osbourn 11 Sept 76 Consumption

Estep, Albertine 51y Adam and Susan Bowen 11 July 76 Dropsey

Evans, Benjamin K 32y Thomas and Nancy (Evans) Evans 5 Aug76

Fairchild, Aaron 22y Isiah and Susannah (Miller) Fairchild 25 Dec 76 Colic

Fannin, William 19y Samuel and Margaret (Wiley) Fannin 15 Oct 76 Typhoid

Fitzpatrick, Sampson 36y James and Sarah Fitzpatrick 28 Dec 76 Consumption

Fletcher, Alexander 60y George and Dicy Fletcher 22 Sept 76

Gambill, John A 1m William and Jeanette (Jones) Gambill23 Jan 76

Golden, Rachel 15y Peter and Janetta (Johnson) Golden 8 Apr 76 Fever

Hall, Mary A 9days Jesse and Victoria (Coleman) Hall 26 Jne 76

Hannah, (Not Named Male) 1hr Samuel and Elizabeth (Colvin) Hannah 1 July 76

Harrison, Issac F 63y 26 Oct 76 Hemorrhage of Lungs

Hicks, Isaac 56y Charles and Rebecca Hicks 13 June 76

Hitchcock, (Not Named Male) 2days Nimrod and Mary Frances (Bays) Hitchcock  2 Feb 76 Lung Fever

Holbrook, Martha E 6y William and Paulina Holbrook 27 Aug76 Fever

King, Mary A 8m Samuel and Emaline (Osbourn) King Dec 76 Croup

Lemaster, (Not Named Girl)2hrs William F and Nancy E (Picklesimer) Lemaster Sept 76 Brain Fever

Lyon, Charles 1m John and Phoebe (Bowen) Lyon 1 July 76

McDowell, Jamima E 2m James and Elizabeth (Sparks) McDowell 7 Oct 76

McDowell, Lewis 1m Francis M and Sarah A (Johnson) McDowell 26 Feb 76

McKenzie, Nathaniel 15y Newton and Margaret (Picklesimer) McKenzie 5 Oct 76 Chronic Disease

McKenzie, Newton 59y James and Frances McKenzie 20 Feb 76

McKenzie, Thomas H 3y Thomas J and Elizabeth (Fyffe) McKenzie 19 Jan 76 Encephalitis

Milum, James H 14y James and Clarinda (Spears) Milum 27 Feb 76 Inflamed Rheumatism

Mollett, Malissa E 2y John and Martha (Hall) Mollett 20 Feb 76 Croup

Mollett, Zelphia 9m Elias and Sarah J (Sammons) Mollett June 76 Summer Complaint

Murray, Alafair 12y William Dixon and Anna Murray Mar 76

Music, (Not Named Boy) 1m Charles C and Martha (Powers) Music 18 Apr 76

Music, Thomas J 1y John and Minerva J (Baldridge) Music 1 Mar 76 Lung Fever

Nickell, Charles A 6m Millard F and Elizabeth J (Pack) Nickell July 76

Pack, Lydia M 3m Allen and Paulina (Chandler) Pack 8 June 76

Pelphrey, Clarice 1y Frank and Louisa J (Picklesimer) Pelphrey 15 Dec 76 Burned

Pelphrey, Jesse Isaac 18y Daniel and Sarah Ann (Hitchcock) Pelphrey 28 Oct 76 Fever

Pennington, James D 2y Levi and Sylvania (Colvin) Pennington 3 Sept 76 Fever

Preston, Ellen 31y Daniel and Elizabeth (Hager) Wheeler 29 Nov 76 Consumption

Prince, Catherine 1day William and Aisley (Seagraves) Prince 7 Oct 76

Ramy, Rosa 1y James and Lucinda (Purky) Ramy 18 Nov 76

Reed, Jennie 4y Daniel and Polly Ann (Williams) Reed 4 Sept 76

Reynolds, Malinda 20y William M and Anna Reynolds 15 Feb 76 Consumption

Rice, Ida 2days George W and Mary E (Ramy) Rice 7 Mar 76

Salyer, James W 21y Joseph and Catherine (Stapleton) Salyer 10 July 76 Cramps/Colic

Selvage, Edward 2m John and Martha (Hitchcock) Selvage 1 Nov 76

Short, Rachel 73y John and Nancy Goble 19 Apr 76

Soward, Moses 4m George W and Mary E Holbrook Soward 29 Dec 76

Spears, Rosa M 1y John and Arena Hannah Spears29 Sept 76 Croup

Spears, Wiley M 4y Lindsey B L and Mahala Jane Ward Spears Feb 76

Spradlin, Almeda 1day James H and Frances J Reed Spradlin 25 Feb 76

Spradlin, Frances J 34y Asa and Dorcas Ramy Reed 29 Feb 76 Typhoid

Stafford, Hattie 1y Ralph and Amanda Hager Stafford 27 Aug76

Stanley, Jesse 13y John Linton and Sarah "Sally" Stanley 10 Aug76 Dropsy

Stapleton, Elmira 6m William and Elmira Palmer Stapleton 1 Nov 76

Stapleton, Elmira 26y/F/M/FW William and Elmira Palmer 11 Sept 76 Dropsy

Stewart, John F 63y/M/M/F James and Mary A Stewart 25 Aug 76 Congestive Chills

Teass, William H 31y/M/S/F John and Lucinda Teass 20 June 76 Small Pox

Thornsberry, Martin 48y/M/M/F Martin and Millie Thornsberry 24 Apr 76

Trimble, Flora 2y/F/S/FD John G and Matilda Vanhoose Trimble 23 Dec 76

Vanderpool, George P 14y/M/S/FS Robert and Biddie Vanderpool 3 Apr 76 Consumption

Vanhoose, Cora 3y/F/S/FD John B and Nancy M Brown Vanhoose 12 Sept 76 Summer Complaint

Ward, Catherine 31y/F/S/FD James and Jane Wheeler Ward 7 Sept 76 Consumption

Ward, Clark 5y/M/S/FS Elizabeth Ward 12 Feb 76

Ward, Martha J 29y/F/M/FW Stephen and Sarah Lemaster Ward 10 Nov 76 Consumption

Webb, Nancy J 40y/F/M/FW James and Lucinda Wheeler Ward 16 May 76 Consumption

Wells, William A 7w/M/S/FS Charles M and Susannah Dingus Wells 19 Oct 76

Wheeler, James 2y/M/S/FS William and Juda Ann Green Wheeler 8 July 76 Encephalitis

Wiley, Rebecca 13y/F/S/FD Andrew Jackson and Nancy Evaline Tackett Wiley June 76 Encephalitis

Williams, Araminta 30y/F/S/FD Lucas P and Elizabeth Picklesimer Williams 26 Sept 76 Fever

Williams, William W 26y/M/M/F Thomas and Susanna Ross Williams 16 Nov 76 Consumption

Witten, George H 3m Thomas and Louisa Ward Witten 18 June 76

Walter, Martha 2y John and Sarah Litteral Walter Feb 76 Fever

Wright, (Unknown) 2wks William and Serilda Skaggs Wright 1 Dec 76

Wright, Mary 2wks William and Serilda Skaggs Wright 1 Dec 76

JC Deaths 1900-1999