Will of David Jackson

Jessamine County Kentucky
Will Book D: page 316
Will Dated: 6 Jun 1831
Filed with court: Feb 1832

In the name of God Amen. I David Jackson being of sound and disposing mind and memory, but frail of Body, and aware of the uncertainty of Human life, do make and constitute this my last will and Testament.

First: I desire that all my just debts shall be paid.

Secondly: I give & bequeath to the legal heirs of my dec*rsquo;d daughter, Polly Jamison, the portion of my estate which I intended for my daughter, Polly, which is one equal share with all the rest of my children, except the sum of one hundred dollars heretofore given her. Except David who for his trouble and expense and attention to my wants etc., I intend to give two shares.

Thirdly: The sum of one hundred dollars which I gave Polly is a part of the portion of her children, as my intention is to charge each child with whatever they have rec’d. I give to Martin one equal share also, but to be charged with the sum of one hundred & fifty dollars, which I have heretofore given him. I give to Elijah one equal portion & to be charged with the sum of two hundred dollars given him heretofore. I give to my daughter Milly, one dollar only, she having had her full share. I give to my son Hezekiah one equal share & also to James one full share, not subject to any deduction, have given them heretofore little or nothing. I give one equal share to Nancy Allen & the Heirs of her body. Also to Rebecca & William one equal share, William to be charged to the sum of one hundred dollars. To my son David I give for reason before stated two shares of my estate. And lastly I give & bequeath one equal share to my daughter Fanny.

I further will and desire that my farm where I live by valued by two disinterested men and David to retain it by paying within four years, without interest, after my decease, to the other children, whatever sum said land may be valued to over and above his two shares. David is to take care of my daughter Fanny, she being the youngest child, free of charge.

I appoint my two sons David and James, and my friend Geo J Brown Executors of this my last will & testament. And my further wish is that the Court [unclear] will not require security of them.

The Negroes, stock, farming utensils household & kitchen furniture, etc. to be valued & retained by the children if they choose to do so; if not, to be sold at the discretion of my Executors.

In testimony whereof I hereto fix my hand & seal this 6th day June 1831.

/s/ David Jackson (Seal)

Levi L Todd
C. R. Lewis
B. Vetherland, Jr.
Note: the words, without interest, were interlined before the will was signed.

Levi L Todd
C R Lewis
B Vetherland, Jr.

Jessamine County Sct February Court 1832

The foregoing writing purporting to be the last will and testament of David Jackson Dec’d was this day produced in court and proven by the oaths of Levi L Todd and C. R. Lewis, subscribing witnesses [unclear], to be the last will [and] testament of said Jackson Dec’d. Whereupon the same was ordered to be recorded which is done.

Test: David B Price, Clk

Contributed by Carl Moore.