Jessamine County Kentucky

Jessamine County Will Abstracts and Inventories
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ALLISON, PETER June 4, 1802 Sons: John, Thomas. Daus: Nancy, Polly Campbell, Esthers Weathers. Gr.sons: John Weathers, Peter Campbell. Ex: John Campbell, Peter Weathers. Wit: John Lowry, George Smith, Wilson Hunt.
BARNET, JOHN June 1811 Inventory, Appr: Abner Young, Morgan Brown, John Greenwood, John Young.
BARR, ZACHARIAH April 1, 1812 Wife: Sarah. Sons: John, George. Dau: Agnes Buford. Ex: wife, sons John, George. Wit: Nathaniel Harris, Richard Dennis, Peter Poindexter.
BENNETT, REYNOLD Unknown Inventory Apprs: John Mc Kenney, James Overstreet and William McCormell.
BOUREN (BOURNE), REUBEN March 31, 1807 June 1807 Wife: Not named Son: Joseph. Daus: Five not named. Ex: Samuel Price, Elijah Bourne. Wit: Daniel Bourne, William Bourne, Benjamin Scott.
BOURNE, FRANCES June 2, 1803 September 1807 Wife: not named. Sons William, Ambrose, Abner, John, Daniel, David. Daus: Lucy Lowen, Agnes Hudson, Tabitha White, Fanny Young. Gr.Dau: Tabithat White. Ex: Sons John, Daniel. Wit: Armistead Reed, James Reed, Samuel Reed.
BRUSTER, JAMES August 15, 1807 Elinor(wife). James(son). Elinor Dunn, Sally Ervin, Jenny Ervin, Agnes Alexander, Polly Dunn(daughters). The children of Peggy Carr(daughter). William Alexander and Nathaniel Dunn(executors). James Doak, Thomas Browning and Joseph Doak(witnesses).
CARNS, JAMES Dec. 22, 1800 April 1801 Estate to friend John Flicklin. Ex. John Fliclin. Wit: Lawrence J. Daly, Robert Sherwood, Alfred Williams.
CHILES, JOHN January 4, 1813 Elizabeth (wife). Henry, David, Daniel and Garland (sons). Ann Stone, Elizabeth Gates, Susanna Hightower, Sally, Sophia Gates and Lucinda Gates (daughters). Wife, Richard Hightower and Elijah Gates (executors). John Metcalf and George Walker (witnesses).
CLAY, SAMUEL January 31, 1807 Inventory. Apprs: John Blakely, Sr., Robert Shankland, Charles Duncan.
CLOSE, JOHN September 18, 1809 Inventory. Apprs: Peter Poindexter, Zachariah Barr, Samuel Marrs.
COGER, MICHEAL February 19, 1801 September 1801 Wife: Mary. Sons: James, Thomas, Micheal. Daus: Elizabeth (wife of Matt. Anderson), Mary (wife of Elijah Cartmill). Ex: Joseph Crockett, Elijah Cartmill, John Barkly. Wit: Joseph Crockett, Bennet Henderson, John Mc Knight.
CUNNINGHAM, WALTER June 7, 1807 Wife: Jean. Son: John. Daus: Jean, Isabella, Mary Lowry (wife of Robert Lowry). Gr.dau: Sarah Larmine. Ex. Wife, William Drake, Robert Lowry, John Cunninham (son). Wit:David Steele, Jr., Enoch Chambers, Samuel Steele.
DAVENPORT, JAMES (JONAS) April 5, 1802. August 1802. Wife: Alice. Sons: Samuel and William. Daus: Polly, Nancy and Elizabeth. Ex: wife and George Walker. Wit: John Carrol, Thomas Fletcher and George Walker.
DICKERSON, MARTIN July 21, 1810 Sons: David, Lewis, George, William, Fountain. Daus: Fanny Mc Clure, Nancy Jackson (wife of David), Polly. Wit: William Mc Dowell, John Thomas.
DILLIN, THOMAS July 27, 1796 September 1803 Sons: Stewart, Squire. Daus: Margaret, Jane, Nancy, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary Mc Cabe, Ezabelle, (wife). Ex: Charles West, John Mc Kinney, Wit: Frances Dallam, John Cutright, M. Wealch.
DUNN, JAMES November 6, 1806 February 1808 Wife: Martha. Sons: James, Nathaniel, Alexander. Daus: Jean Spears, Elinor Dunn (widow of son Samuel). Gr.children: John Carson, Alexander Carson, Jenny Carson, Henry Doak, Martha Woods, Jean Spears. Ex: Nathaniel Dunn (son), Joseph Wood. Wit: William Garnett, James Garnett.
EDMOND, WILLIAM September 21, 1806 November 1808 Legatees: Sisters children: Mary Mc Milley(?), Rebecca. Brother's children: Rebecca, Polly, Jincy, John. Bro. Robert. Ex: James Edmond (bro), Hugh Scott. Wit: Ephiram January, John Young, Joseph Woods.
EMPSON, CORNELIUS May 27, 1808 August 1808 Wife: Hannah. Sons: John, Cornelius, Richard, Thomas. Daus: Elizabeth, Rachel, Sarah Stephens, Polly Mc Donald, Margaret Bryan. Ex: Wife, Nathaniel Harris. Wit: Abraham Coppell, Sr., Abraham Copell, Jr., James Risk.
FOSTER, JOHN April 25, 1808 June 1808 Leanah (wife). Pleasant, David and William (sons). William Moore and William Organ (executors). Robert Minor, David Speen and Robert Calterson (witnesses).
FROST, JOHN March 1810 Inventory. Apprs: James Lockett, Shadrack Moore, William Sallie.
FULKERSON, ABRAHAM April 6, 1806 Feb 1813 Ann (wife) Abraham, Ford, William (sons) and Stonestreet (step-son) Sally Sutton, Nolly Smith and Betsy Speed (daughters). Abraham and William (sons) (executors).
GATES, CHISLEY April 4, 1800 October 1800 Wife: Susannah. Daus: Fanny, Elizabeth, Mary. Son: Richard. Ex: wife and John Castleman(son-in-law). Wit: William Pollard, Edmond Bryan, David Oliver.
GATEWOOD, AUGUSTINE March 18, 1802 May 1802 Wife: Betsey. Daus: Fanny, Elizabeth, Mary. Son: Richard. Ex: wife, John Castleman(son-in-law). Wit: William Pollard, Edmond Bryan, David Oliver.
GATEWOOD, THOMAS August 23, 1811 Inventory. Apps Jacob Sandusky, Nataniel Evans, Ephiram Sandusky.
GILBERT, AGULLA (AQUILLA) December 20, 1806 February 1807 Sons: Isaac, Charles, Micheal, Benjamin, Samuel. Daus: Elizabeth, Martha. Ex: Micheal Gilbert, Benjamin Nickolson, Benjamin Gilbert. Wit: Ezekiel Gilbert, John Metcalf.
GILMORE, ELIZABETH September 19, 1804 December 1805 Sons: John. Daus: Genet Gilmore, Susannah Gilmore, Elinor Mc Campbell, Elizabeth Simpsin, Martha Burton. Ex: James Wallace (bro.), John Gilmore (son). Samuel Mc Dowell, Abraham Cassel, John Rusk.
GILMORE, JOHN June 16, 1807 August 1807 Sisters: Martha (wife of Josiah Burton), Elizabeth (wife of Robert Simpson), Sarah (wife of Andrew McCampbell), Jane Farley, Elina McCamobell (wife of James Mc Campbell). Nephews: John Burton, John McCampbell. Ex: James McCampbell, Samuel McCampbell.
GRAY, PATRICK August 14, 1812 March 1813 Margaret (wife). Sarah Gray, Daughter of David Gray (grandchild). wife, David and William (sons)(executors) James Baxter and James McKinney (witnesses)
GRIFFIN, JASPER March 1810 Inventory. Apprs: James Higginbotham, Samuel Johnson.
HEYDON, JOHN June 27, 1801 Lucy (wife) William, Jeremiah, Elijah, Noah, Lewis (sons). Susannah, Sarah Thomas, Betsy Brown, Thirza Nelson, Lucy Sallee, Polly Heydon (daughters). Ex: William Heydon (son), Abraham Bowman, George Smith
HOOVER, DAVID April 14, 1813 Nuncupative. Wife: Elizabeth. Bros: Moore Hoover, Jonas Hoover. Ex: wife, Andrew Hoover, Henry Hoover, Jr. Wit: Andrew Hoover, Barberry Hoover.
HOWARD, SPENCER March 24, 1800 John Miller, John Kellar and Gabriel Madison (appraisers)
HULSE, DANIEL September 11, 1804 May 1805 Wife: Dinah. Sons: Allanson, and George. Dau: Diedania. Ex: wife and Walter Kerr
HUNTER, HENRY October 15, 1810 January 1811 Wife: Sarah. Sons: Nathan, Henry. Children by first wife not to share estate. Children of first wife: William, Charles, Peggy Bartlett. Ex: Samuel Hunter. Wit: Jacob Hunter, Philip Roberts.
JOHNSON, JAMES December 7, 1808 Wife: Sarah. Legatees: Sylas Johnson (bro), Samuel Muldrone, John Muldrone (bro-in-law), Robert Johnson (bro). Ex: John Rogers, George Walker. Wit: William Walker, George Walker.
LACEFIELD, PETER March 1807 Inventory. Apprs: Richard Lapon, Randol Walker, William Hayden.
LOCKHART, JAMES August 1, 1804 November 1804 Son: Silas Daus: Elizabeth, Rebecca, Sarah. Ex: James Johnson, James Dunwidie, Roger Patton. Wit: James Johnson, Zadock Cannon, John Eakin.
LOGAN, ARCHIBALD March 1808 Guardian for infant son of Samuel Davenport
LOWERY, NATHANIEL June 2, 1810 August 1810 Mary (wife). John, Gersham, Thomas, William (sons). Wife, Peter Higbee and Gersham Lowery (executors) Benjamin Webber and Ashford Hardy (witnesses).
MC DOWELL, CALAB April 29, 1811 Inventory. Admin: Eliza Mc Dowell.
MC ELHANEY, JAMES August 11, 1801 Ann (wife)
MCKINNEY, JOHN November 1, 1811 Settlement
MINOR, THOMAS August 1812 Inventory. Apprs: Samuel Johnson, Jasper Griffin.
MOORE, SHADRACK July 1812 November 1812 Sons: Job, Shadrack, Jeremiah. Daus: Polly, Peggy, Jency, Nancy Young (dead). Wife: Rebecca. Ex: Archibald Lofton, John Mosely.
MORRISON, WILLIAM November 1808 Inventory
MURRAIN, ALEXANDER September 29, 1808 Daus: Martha, Polly, Judith, Elizabeth, Catherine. Son: William. Ex: William Lewis, Thomas Lewis, James Curd. Wit: Nathaniel Harris, Peter Pollock, Patrick Noonan
NETHERLAND, POWHATAN February 23, 1813 November 1813 Legatees: Father, mother, Benjamin, John (bros). Patsy, MaryAnn (sisters). Ex: John Metcalf. Wit: John Kersey, Hervey Ball
PATTON, ROGER November 10, 1811 February 1812 Benjamin, Thomas, William, John, and Martin (sons). Margaret, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary Ann (daughters) and Easter Patton (wife of John Patton). John Perry, Hugh Anderson and Benjamin Patton (executors). John Eakin, William and Benjamin Gilbert (witnesses).
PREWITT, JOSEPH January 30, 1808 February 1808 Polly (wife). Joel and Moses (sons). Betsy Talbot, Nancy Rice, Peggy Howard and Judy (daughters). Robert Prewitt, Bird Prewit, William Prewitt, Joel Prewitt, and George Walker (executors). Thomas Caldwell, James Erving and Mary Price (witnesses)
PRICE, ? October 1808 Inventory. Apprs: A. Logan, Robert Shanklin, William Hughs.
PUGMAN, CHARLES September 1802 Apprs: William Price, William Morrison, Joseph Hoover
RAINS, JOHN August 28, 1811 Inventory. Apprs: Richard Hightower, Francis Lowery(?), Benjamin Gilbert.
RYLAND, JOSEPH December 2, 1811 Inventory. Admin: Rosey Ryland.
SCOTT, JOHN February 22, 1811 Legatees: Grizel Scott(mother), Hannah Scott(sister), Sally Holmes, Nancy Gailey(sisters), Hugh Scott(bro.), Simeon Scott(nephew, son of William). Ex: Hugh Scott(bro.), Hugh Holmes, Thomas Scott(uncle).

Contributed by Dwight Scott
October 3, 1804 William Scott, testator. Names wife Grizel Scott, oldest son Hugh Scott. Other sons are William, John, and Samuel Scott. Names daughters Sarah Holmes, Nancy Galey, and Hannah [Scott]. Executors are sons Hugh and William with James Carothers. Guardians and counselors are James Scott, brother of testator, and Joseph Woods. Witnesses are John Morison, Nath White, and Richd Eaton. Probated in December court, 1804. Property appraised by Joseph Hughes, Wm Evans, James White, and Richd Eaton. Inventory produced in court and recorded in January, 1805.
SMITH, ELIZABETH June 1, 1807 November 1808 "My dear children as I am just leaving the world this is my last desire that what little belongs to me may be disposed of (Vis): my negro girl Brady and my beds and beddings and cloathes to my trusty and deserving granddaughter Ann Dallam. My negro boy to my dear Harrold Dallam. I can write no more. I am in misery. Your affestionate mother, Elizabeth Smith."
SMITH, GEORGE January 1809 March 1810 Wife: not named. Son: Philip, other children not named. Ex: William Hughes, John Mosely. Wit: Richard Lafon, Thomas Hayden.
SMITH, ISAAC January 4, 1806 February 1807 Wife: Polly. Children mentioned but not named. Ex: Jacob Todhunter, Abraham Venable. Wit: Isaac Thomas, George Armstrong, Robert Crews.
SPEARS, ROBERT September 1806 Inventory. Apprs: John McKinney, Samuel Rice, John Howel.
STEEL, DAVID November 3, 1812 Wife: Mary. Sons: David, Samuel. Daus: Polly, Nancy. Ex: ------. Wit: Robert Lowery(?), Thomas Rice, Mary Lowery(?).
STONESTREET, JOHN March 1, 1803 Ann (Wife). John and James (sons). Nelly Darnby (daughter). Wife and Robert Campbell (executors). John Lowery, Levy Walker and Thomas Butler (witnesses)
TAPP, LATANI March 1806 Inventory. Apprs: Richard Young, Abraham Venable. Admin: Lewis Tapp
TAYLOR, DAVID December 31, 1801 February 1802 John Taylor and Joseph Taylor (brothers) (legatees) Sisters unnamed. Lewis Tapp (administrator)
TEMPLEMORE, WILLIAM February 1806 C. W. McDowell, Pat Gray and John Eakin (appraisers)
TURNER, WILLIAM May 16, 1807 June 1807 Wife: Action. Sons: Starling, Peter, James. Ex: Sons Starling, Peter.
WALKER, COURTNEY February 7, 1804 March 1804 Legatees; Helen Call, Margaret Temple (sisters), Susannah Aldridge (niece), Andrew Walker (bro), Jacob Walker (nephew, son of David Walker). Ex: George Walker (bro). Wit: James Harris, David Walker, Jr.
WALKER, GEORGE, SR. December 22, 1798 March 1800 Wife: Priscilla. Sons: David, Benjamin, Jacob, William, George. Dau: Nancy. Ex: William Walker, George Walker (sons). Wit: David Evans, George Walker, Robert Spears
WEBBER, CHARLES June 17, 1799 Legatees: William, Philip, Archer (bros.). Ex: James Owen, Robert Cochran(?). Wit: R. Brashear, Jacob Rice, Peter Akin
WEST, CHARLES January 1, 1803 November 1812 Wife: Susannah. Daus: Philadelphia Summers, Janey Curd, Patsy Prewitt. Sons: Richard, John, Charles, Thomas, Clark. Ex: wife, Richard West (son)
WILKERSON, PETER April 2, 1801 Inventory. Apprs: Francis Miller, Samuel Walters
WILLIAM, JAMES June 20, 1803 Wife: Ann. Son: James. Daus: Nancy Walker, Frances Fisher. Gr. Son: Matthew, William. Gr. dau: Sally. Wit: --George Walker, John, M. Bourne. Ex:
WILLIAMSON, THOMAS October 31, 1800. April 1801 Wife: Elizabeth. Children not named. Ex: Wife, Her father (not named), her brother Thomas. Wit: John Walters, Samuel Walters, John Suffrett.
WILLIS, SHEROD March 3, 1806 June 1806 Wife: Mary Ann. Daus: Elizabeth, Jane, and other children not named. Ex: Wife, John Ellenbaugh, John Hunter. Wit: Joseph Hemphill, Joseph Dickerson.
WILSON, ISAAC August 11, 1801 Inventory. Apprs: Thomas Steele, John Hunter
ZIMMERMAN, FREDRICK September 25, 1805 Inventory. Apprs: William Sheave, John Barry, John Barnett.