Jessamine County Researchers
Jessamine County Researchers
Researcher Surname E-Mail Address
Robert Cathers Cathers [email protected]
Susan McCauley DeGroote Arnold, Dale, Harris, Hifner/Heifner, Johnson/Johnston, Lancaster, Mahin, McCauley, Mitchum, Proctor, Singleton, Skillman, Weakley, & Woolfolk [email protected]
Brenda (Lewis) Gervais Garrison, McDowell [email protected]
Billie Hunt Blakeman and Dean [email protected]
Sheila Fraley Laber Agee, Blankenship, Conn, Corman, Costlow, Crawford, Darnall, Drake, Ewing, Fraley, Hendren, Hillard, Hocker, Howard, Hundley, Irvine, Kilgore, Kinder, Masters, Mays, McElroy, McMicheal, Rice, Riley, Steagall, Timberlake, White [email protected]
Judith Mack Hoover, Nave, White [email protected]
Roxanne Moores Blakeman, Brumfield, Cobb, Easley, English,
Fain, Hogan, Irvine, Wade, White
[email protected]
Nancy Page Alcorn, Benton, Brinegar, Estes, Lunsford, Tudor [email protected]
Nora V. Seemann Hendren and Ragsdale [email protected]
Marty Smith Cobb, Fain, Gentry, Haggard, Kindred,
Sanders, Smith, Stinnett, Wells, Zike
[email protected]
Jean Sorensen Bell and Green [email protected]
Gary Stuart Woodard/Woodward, Hogan, Blakeman,
Wilkerson, and Stewart/Stuart
[email protected]