Jessamine County Cemeteries
Jessamine County Cemeteries

I would like to acknowledge the work of several individuals that paved the way long before I became interested in cemeteries and, without which, you and I may have never found our ancestors’ cemeteries. Howard Teater, Ernestine Hamm and Clyde Bunch spent hours researching the cemeteries of Jessamine County. Howard Teater is responsible for compiling the cemeteries in the book for Jessamine County Cemeteries. Clyde Bunch had a particular interest in burial sites of Revolutionary Soldiers and provided GPS coordinates for many of them. Lastly, but certainly not least, Ernestine Hamm has spent countless hours ensuring the Revolutionary War Veterans of Jessamine County are honored with a military stone, and has willingly shared her vast amount of knowledge of the local cemeteries. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Your contributions are needed! To contribute cemetery information and/or tombstone photos,
email the county coordinator, Roxanne Moores, [email protected]

Cemetery List

Capt. Wm Anderson Cemetery

Antioch Christian Church Cemetery

Arnett - Young Cemetery

Arnold Cemetery

Arnold - Freman Cemetery12-30-16

Atwell - Fergerson Cemetery04-23-16

Baker Farm Cemetery

Barnes Cemetery - Chrisman Mill Road12-30-16

Barnes Cemetery - Mt. Lebanon Road12-30-16

Beam Preserve Cemetery - also known as Camp Nelson Family Cemetery

Beaumont Cemetery

Benton Cemetery12-30-16

Bishop Cemetery04-18-16

Blakeman Cemetery

Blakeman Cemetery

Blakeman - Dean Cemetery

Bourne Cemetery04-23-16

Mary Bourne Cemetery04-23-16

William Bourne Cemetery04-23-16

Bronaugh Cemetery

John A. Brooks Cemetery

Brumfield Cemetery

Brumfield Cemetery - Logana05-29-16

Bruner Cemetery

Armster Bruner Farm Cemetery

Christian Bruner Cemetery

Brutus & Carl Peel Farm Cemetery

Burdett Cemetery05-26-16

Butler Family Graveyard

Camp Nelson National Cemetery

Carothers Cemetery

Carroll Cemetery12-30-16

Carter Cemetery - Sugar Creek Pike

Carter Cemetery - Gayhart Lane

Cave Spring - Hampton Cemetery

Cave Spring - Smith Cemetery

Chapman Cemetery

Chrisman Cemetery

Cobb Cemetery

Collins - Cleveland Cemetery

Comley Cemetery

Cook Brothers Farm Cemetery

Cooley Cemetery04-23-16

Corman Cemetery

Craven Cemetery12-30-16

Cravens Cemetery

Curd Cemetery

Henry Day Cemetery - Hanly

Dearinger Farm Cemetery04-20-16

Deboe Cemetery12-30-16

Dickerson Cemetery

Dickerson Cemetery, Ky 169

Dinwiddie Cemetery

Drake Cemetery04-19-16

Duncan Cemetery

Easley - Overstreet Cemetery04-20-16

Ebenezer Church Cemetery

Elgin Cemetery

English Cemetery

Evins Cemetery

Fain Cemetery

Fain Cemetery - Sagesers Mill12-30-16

Fain - Blevins Cemetery

Amos Farra Cemetery

Aaron Farra Cemetery

Ferrell Cemetery

Fitch Cemetery

Foster Cemetery

Frost Cemetery

Gilmore Cemetery

Graves Cemetery

Gregg Cemetery

Gregg - McCampbell Cemetery

Jasper Griffing, Jr. Cemetery

Jasper Griffing, Sr. Cemetery

Grigsby Cemetery

Grow Cemetery

Gullette Cemetery

Hale Cemetery

Hogan Cemetery

Hoover Cemetery

Peter Hoover Cemetery12-30-16

Horn Cemetery05-29-16

Houp Cemetery05-29-16

Houp Farm Cemetery04-20-16

House Cemetery

House Family Cemetery

Hughes Cemetery

Hunter - Johnson Cemetery12-30-16

Irvine Cemetery

Jennings Cemetery

Johnson Cemetery12-30-16

Keene Cemetery, Est. 1894

Knight Cemetery04-23-16

Land Cemetery

Leroy Hall Farm Cemetery

Lillard-Nooe Cemetery

Locust Grove Cemetery

Lowen Cemetery

Lowry Cemetery

Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery

Mahin Cemetery - McCauley Road05-29-16

Mahin Cemetery - Troy Pike05-19-17

Maple Grove Cemetery

Marshall Cemetery

Mays Cemetery

McCauley Cemetery04-20-16

Meade Cemetery12-30-16

MeGee Cemetery

Megee - Phillips Cemetery

Miller Cemetery

Moravian Cemetery

Nave Cemetery

Nave Cemetery

Netherland Cemetery

Newman Cemetery - Spears12-30-16

Newman Cemetery - Valley View05-29-16

Offutt Cemetery

O’Neal Cemetery

Patterson Cemetery

Patton Cemetery12-30-16

Peel Cemetery06-25-16

Perry Cemetery

Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Portwood Cemetery12-30-16

Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Preston Cemetery12-30-16

Price Cemetery04-19-16

Quimby-Brumfield Cemetery

Moses Reynolds Cemetery

Thomas Reynolds Cemetery

Rhorer - Rohrer Cemetery

Riddle Cemetery

Russell Cemetery

Rutherford Cemetery

Ryley Cemetery04-23-16

Ryley - Thompson Cemetery04-19-16

Green B. Sageser Cemetery

Sageser - Watts Cemetery

Sanders - Brumfield Cemetery

Sanders Cemetery

Ephraim Sandusky Cemetery

Scott Cemetery, US 27 South

Scott Cemetery, US 27 South

Scott Cemetery, US 27 South

Scott Cemetery, Cream Ridge

Scott Cemetery, KY 169

Sherman Dean Farm Cemetery

Smith Cemetery01-02-17

Soper Cemetery05-29-16

Stanley - Wallace Cemetery

Stinnett Cemetery

Tapp Cemetery12-30-16

Todhunter Cemetery

Turner Farm Cemetery04-20-16

Vintner Cobb Cemetery

Thomas Wade Cemetery

Wade Cemetery, Thorburn Wade Farm

West Cemetery04-23-16

Wilmore Cemetery

Woods Cemetery04-19-16

Woodson - Crockett Cemetery

Young Cemetery