Jefferson County Genealogists & Footwork Specialists

  If you would like to volunteer to do any footwork for others, please e-mail your county coordinator and it will be added to this page immediately.  There are many people out there who simply don't have the time or expertise to research or obtain records for their own family histories.

Jefferson County Researchers

This site seeks to promote free genealogy on the web.   However, it is also aware that many persons do not have the time, expertise or the inclination to work on their own family histories.  This page is provided to assist those seeking professional help in completing their trees, or simply needing someone in the area to do some footwork to find a record to document data they have already learned.  This page is listed with the knowledge that these persons charge a fee for their services.  Please check out the web pages and/or email the researcher for more details on services provided and fees charged.  Please let the researcher know if his or her services were of assistance to you.   The coordinator of this site would also like feedback, so as to know whether or not to continue to recommend a particular researcher.  Email me with your experiences.
Footwork or Total Research

Chester Ward, Jr.

 Chester has a website where he offers to do genealogical research, but he is also willing to obtain death certificates and obituaries for those needing them.  Check out his website here: Research


Footwork or Total Research

Dana Brown

Vintage Roots

Dana Brown has started her own venture into research.   She has turned her love of genealogy into a business.  Email her for the little things you might need, or your entire genealogy.  Let her do the footwork for you.  She'll gladly quote her rates for various services with a simple email.  Her website is here:  Vintage Roots

Photographing Headstones


Karen is a photojournalism major in school and loves to visit local cemeteries to find inspiration.  She has offered to do the footwork for those needing a photo of a tombstone.  Examples are at her page below.  Please email her for rates.  She is available for Jefferson in Kentucky and Floyd, Clark and Harrison in Indiana.

Karen's Webpage

Footwork or Total Research

Nathaniel Elliott

My services include (but are not limited to) U.S. Census Lookups, Kentucky Death Certificate Lookups, Courier Journal Obituary Lookups (Louisville, Ky.) and Louisville Times Obituary Lookup.   I'm also available for your complete genealogical history.  No task too big or too small.   Check out my website:   My Family Roots

Death Certificates

Mary Bishop

Death Certificates for KY- to Frankfort once weekly and pick them up.  I charge $2.00 which just covers my expenses.   Vital Certificates are 1911-1954.


Wayne Walker

Wayne has offered his services to do obituary searches from the newspapers located at the Louisville Free Public Library.   This has been a much needed service for those searching ancestors in the Louisville area.  This can be a time-consuming task, so please email him for his rates.





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