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If you would like to volunteer to do lookups from any resources you may have, please e-mail your county coordinator and it will be added immediately.  There is no better service to your fellow researchers than to help them find data  they need without leaving their home!

Jefferson County Lookup Volunteers (Free Service)

Footwork & Professional Researchers here


1. Please indicate the County and type of reference you are requesting.
1850 Jefferson County Census Lookup

    2. Include first & last names, dates, places and any other information (name of spouse, siblings, nick names, etc.) that might help the volunteer in the lookup. Limit your requests to a few names at a time.

3. Please remember to thank the volunteer for his/her time and effort. The USGenWeb system is centered on volunteers who contribute their time and effort for free, which saves you a little legwork in your own research.  A thank you is always appropriate.

This site seeks to promote free genealogy on the web.   It is understood that most genealogical endeavors do  include some fees associated with actually obtaining documents.   However, with the help of Lookup volunteers, much information can be learned from others who may already have a certain publication or database.  Please feel free to volunteer your resources to others who may not have the ability to find the same records you have.    Volunteers are always needed to do lookups from Jefferson County resources.


Births, Death & Marriage Records 1852 - 1909

Chelle Shonkwiler

I would like to volunteer for lookups.  I have in my possession the following microfilm for Jefferson County, Kentucky:


I now have 5 rolls of microfilm in my possession, PLEASE VIEW THIS PAGE (link here-http://www.geocities.com/chelle_shonk/Ky_lookups.html) to see what rolls I have.

I have also begun to post Various Vital Records, they can be seen HERE! (Link to  http://www.geocities.com/chelle_shonk/Vital_Records.html)

I also have the Book "Death Notices for Jefferson County, Kentucky and Other Areas, Volume One", compiled by SSG Alan D Murray.

I only ask that people be as specific as possible on dates and names, because viewing these rolls is a time consuming task.

Birth Records

Rosie Dailey

Rosie is presently transcribing Kentucky Births for Jefferson County 1911-1999.   If you need a lookup for a surname you don't yet see online, feel free to have her look for you.  She has the CD for the entire state for this time period.  She also has a CD for Kentucky Marriages 1973-1999 and Kentucky Deaths 1911-1999, if you need some of that data.


Kathy Reeves

Kathy is offering to do lookups from a book she has entitled "Jefferson County Wills & Estates 1838-1846" and another one entitled "Kentucky Marriages 1797-1865".   The latter book involves marriages taken from 8 newspapers from around the Fayette County area.   Many of those who ended up here passed through that area first.

Newspaper Abstracts

Madeline Bechtold

I will be able to do the following lookups if you would like to add me as a volunteer.
Hi. I just got a book for Christmas that might be helpful for someone. It's called "Early Louisville Kentucky Newspaper Abstracts 1806-1828." It has an index by name, and I'd be willing to do lookups on specific first AND last names. The book is compiled by Lola Frazer Crowder and was published by the Frontier Press, Galveston, 1995.  I'm no expert on Jefferson County genealogy, and haven't had much luck looking for my ancestors there, but maybe this will help others.

Census & Marriage


I have much info on Bullitt County and very little on Jefferson County.  I'd be happy to do look ups from these.  Happy Hunting!    I do have the following:
2 Marriages
229 Marriages
233 Marriages
1850 KY Census
1880 KY Census
1910 KY Census
185 KY Genealogies

Other Useful Lookup Resources

Volunteers are always needed to contribute information of any kind. All data remains the property of the contributor and you will be credited as such.

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