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Old Louisville Western Graveyard

This work is excerpted from "Kentucky Ancestors", Volume 12, No. 1, July 1976,  A quarterly
publication of the Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort, Kentucky.

This work was submitted by Mrs. Bennett F. Hughes, Louisville, Kentucky 40205.  Copied in 1955
by Mrs. R. R. Richardson and Mrs. Bennett F. Hughes, Louisville, Kentucky.

If illegible, it was left blank or ---- was used.  Many stones were down.  No dates were found later
than the 1890's.  The area is now used for a playground for local residents.

Please email your coordinators if you have any questions regarding this cemetery.  Please use your browser's search feature to find a name on this page, as the original order was kept, assuming this might be the layout of the cemetery. 

Western Cemetery is located at 14th, 16th, and Jefferson Streets, Louisville, Kentucky

The transcription:

Dr. John Hagan, native of Ireland, died in the 80th year of age.  Requisat in Page - Use.

William Rogers   ----

Michael Fleming, born in Kildaire, Ireland July 1813, d. 17 Feb 1872.  Also his wife and nine children.

Apolonia Ziegler, b. 18 Jan 1801, d. 20 Apr 1866.

Sophia Cinig, b. 17 May 1823, d. 24 Oct 1854.

In memory of Patrick Maxcy, b. in Clonmel Co., Tipperary, Ireland in 1783, d. in Louisville, Ky. 29 Jun 1849 in his 66th year.

Katherine, dau. of ?, d. 15 mo., Matthew, age 18 mo., John, age 10 mo., Joshiah, d. 1818.

Edward Duncan, died on Steamer Atlantic, 22 Jun 1855, age 26 years.

Samuel Swing, b. 14 Feb 1809, d. 25 Oct 1857.

John B. Poe, d. 05 Jun 1878 in his 81st year.   John Q., son of John and Eliza B. Poe, died in infancy.  Jospehine, dau of Eliza and John.

David Rau, b. 10 Mar 1810, d. 30 Dec 1881.  Erected by his son-in-law, H. Frey.

Mary C. Marret, b. 12 Mar 1822, d. 15 Dec 1860.

Catherine, wife of Wm. Brown, b. in Fairfield Co., VA  27 Jul 1793, d 07 Nov 1840. Wm. Brown, in Baltimore, MD  15 Feb 1790, d. 20 Jun 1859.

Paul Allenet, native of Louisville, KY, b. 22 Jan 1831, d. 18 Apr 1960.

Henry J. Hurray & his wife Eliza S. Hurray, dau of Wm. & Catherine Brown (could not move other stone),  Franklin J. Hurray, d. 27 Jul 1858, age 13 yrs., 03 mos.

Francis F. Goddard, d. 15 Sep 1845, aged 54 years.   Charlotte B. Goddard, d. 28 Aug 1841.  Martha B. Goddard, d. 18 Sep 1833, aged 33 years.

Murville K. Givin, b. 03 Jan 1815, d. 12 Oct 1828, age 13 years. Andrew H. Givin, b. 22 Oct 1822, d. 22 Jan 1855.

Wm. Collins, b. 22 Jul 1798, d. 04 Jul 1833, aged 34 years, 11 mo, 12 days.

Sarah H. Ma____.

David Ferguson, son of M. R. Ferguson, b. 30 Jul 1807, d. 30 Dec 1817, age 10.

Matthew Ferguson, b. in Dauphin Co., PA 04 Aug 1732, d. 20 Jun 1855, aged 82 yrs, 10 mo, 16 days.

Elizabeth Cassandra, dau of Matthew & Cassandra Ferguson, departed this life 28 Aug 1835, aged 1 yr, 4 mo, 19 days.

Anderson Miller, Jr., b. 12 Mar 1810 (could be 1870), d. 07 Jul 1835 (could be 1885).  Has damaged or odd print.

John Farquar  -----

Jane A. Spurrier, b. 30 Sep 1808, d 12 Sep 1873.

Benevith for the mortal remains of the Rev. Geo. W. Ashbridge, Pastor of the 1st Presb. Church of this city, b. in Philadelphia, PA in 1800, d. in Louisville, 04 May 1834.

BANKS:  Daniel Chapman Banks, Minister of the Gospel of Greenfield, d. in Louisville, 12 Jul 1844, aged 82 years, 8 mos, 21 days. 
Martha Ann, native of Fairfield, d in NY 05 Aug 1848, aged 46 years, 07 mos, 10 days. 
Wm. Talcott Banks, oldest son of D. C. & M. A. Banks, d. in Louisville, 07 Sep 1887, aged 84 years, 05 mos, 02 days.
Harriet Trumbull, wife of Dr. W. G. Williams, dau of Dr. & M. A.Banks, d. in N. York, 04 Jun 1871, age 54.

Jane Martin Johnson, dau. of John & Susan Johnson, b. 1839, d. 1846, age 07.
John N. Johnson, son of Frances & Prudence M. Johnson, b. 15 Aug 1809, d. 2 Aug 1840, age 31.
Frances Johnson, Atty. and Council at Law. 
Jane Martin Young.
Alice June Johnson, 2nd dau. of F. & J. M. Johnson, b. 1822, d. 1842, age 20. Mary Moore Johnson, eldest dau. of T. & S. M. Johnson, b. 1813, d. 1844. 
Frances Johnson, b. 1776, d. 1812.
Jane Martin Johnson, b. 1784, d. 1810.

Julia & Joseph P., children of Joseph & Sarah Metcalfe.  
Julia, d. 31 Mar 1834, age 1 mo.,
Joseph P., d. 15 Dec 1837, age 1 yr, 1 mo., 21 days.

Elizabeth Bell, dau of Benjamin & Susan Bridge, b. 03 Jun 1791, d. 11 Jun 1837, age 46 yrs., 6 mos.

Elisa R., dau of David & Rebecca Brooks, consort of J. W. Phillips, d. 25 Mar 1840, age __  yrs.

James F. Perkins, b. 17 May 1825, d. 05 Jan 1851.

Brent W. Sawtelle, ----

Richard Gomley, ----

Wm. R., son of Robert & ___ Brown, d. 29 Jan 1841, age 19.

Our father, Roger Curry, b. 29 Jan 1807, d. 1871, and mother Ruth Curray, b. 01 Feb 1809, d. __ Oct 18??.

Isaac. N. Holbert, b.01 Feb 1811, d. 07 Jan 1851.

Sarah A., wife of Henry Duncan, b. in York Town, 01 Jan 1826, d. 09 Nov 1870.

Rebecca ___ Kemell, ____ 1821.

Lamanda Malory, _____.

Elizabeth Thompson, wife of E. B. Davidson, b. 04 Feb 1815, d. 19 Nov 1872.

George A. Brown, son of Robert & Le__ Brown, who lost his life Jul 1841, aged 19 years.

Elizabeth Mary, _____.

** Notice: Memorial has been placed in Cave Hill Cemetery to Samuel H. Cook.**

Our father, Arch Glass, b. 26 Sep 1772 at Mt. Edwards, Co. Atrim, Ireland, d. Louisville, Kentucky, 17 Dec 1851.

Our mother Jamima, consort of Aron Wilson, b. 06 Jul 1781, d. 16 Sep 1857.

Sarah E., wife of C. H. Clarke.

Mabez Boldrey (unclear), b 1795.

Catherine H., wife of Henry L. Hoff.

____ Beard, b. 01 May 1796, d. 01 May 1864, aged 68.

Robert C. Gates & Mary A. C. Gates.

Dobbin _____, ? ?

Mary H. Maxwell, consort of Thomas Maxwell, departed this life 19 Jan 1964, aged 61 years.  She fell asleep in Jesus.

Sarah E. Dunn, wife of Major R. L. Dunn, d. __ Jan 1833 in her 86th year.

Thomas J. Allen, son of Soloman Allen, d. 09 Apr 1835, in his 27th year of age.  Mary Rebecca Allen, wife of Thomas J. Allen, dau of Maj. R. J. Dunn, d. 10 Dec 1832, in 19th year of her age.

Thomas Yeatman, ___.

Louisa Ann, wife of W. C. Hull, dau of D. C. & W. A. Banks, d. 02 Feb 1835 (or 1885), age 24??.  Daniel C., son of W. C. & L. A. Hull, d. 12 Aug 1884, age 14.

Robert Stewart, b. 1790, d. 1851, aged 61 years.

James Pickett.

Patience Beamer,  d. 11 Dec 18??, age 32 years, 10 mos., 11 days.   Also infant Mary, 1 mo.

** Edmonds**

John C. Bayless, Sr., b. 04 Feb 1782, d. 11 Nov 1849.  His wife, Jane, b. 14 Nov 1785, d. 18 Sep 1837.

Luther Owens, d. 13 Oct 1839, aged 55 years.  His wife, Maranda, d. 12 Oct 1864.

John Timmons, departed this life 08 Sep 1810. 
John Robert Timmons, 1823-1831. 
Julian Henry Timmons, 1811-????.

Wm. Henry Todd, a native of Shelbyville, Kentucky departed this life 27 Aug 1814, aged 21 years.

Harris Miles, b. Jun 1779, d. 21 Apr 1812, aged 33.

Elizabeth Fisher, b. 1810, d. 1823, age 13. 
George Fisher, b. 1836.

Catherine Euphemia, mother of Moses McLellon, departed this life 17 Mar 1814.

Mary Reed, mother of John Reed, d. 29 Jan 1814.

George W. Danner, b. 04 Aug 1863.
Odd Fellows & Masonic Emblems:  Jacob Danner, b. 12 May 1811, d. 25 Apr 1885.

William Rowley Taylor, b. 11 Dec 1797, d. __ Nov 1863, son of Thompson Taylor (grandson of Commodore Richard Taylor who is buried on Taylor farm at Goshen, Kentucky).  
Mary Ann Oldham Kellar Taylor, b. 03 Dec 1781, d. 23 Nov 1825, wife of Wm. Rowley Taylor.  (grandchildren of Wm. R. & Mary Ann Taylor)
Taylor Grable, b.& d. 1868, Oldham Grable, d. 12 Jun 1871, age 10 mos., William Grable, d. 05 Jun 1870, age 10 mos., 13 days, Panola Grable, b. 07 Oct 1879, d. 20 Nov 1880, age 13 mos..  These were children of Cyrus & Frances Oldham Taylor Grable, who are buried in Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky.


The following burial name was given me by Jennet Wrighthouse.  It was not listed on the above transcription.  Check out the website to learn about this noteworthy individual in our history:   

Rev. Isaac McCoy, b. 13 Jun 1784, d. 21 Jun 1846.   Clark County, Indiana Biography

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