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St. Louis Cemetery, 1600 Newburg Road, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky  502-451-7710

The first St. Louis Cemetery was opened for services on Christmas, 1811 and was located behind the original St. Louis Catholic Church at 10th and Main.  When the church (which later became the Cathedral of the Assumption in 1852) was relocated in 1831, the dead were moved to the Catholic Section of Western Cemetery and then later to the present St. Louis Cemetery, which was opened in 1867.

Just over a mile of limestone wall surrounds many of Louisville's most prominent Catholics.  It was sometimes referred to as the "Irish" Catholic Cemetery, but as you visit you will see the names of Catholics from many different heritages.  St. Louis has many fine traditional memorials that would not be reproduced today.  Diocesan priests, Xavieran brothers and Little Sisters of the Poor have lots in St. Louis Cemetery. - history submitted by Janis Fowler.

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This page is a collective transcription of some of the burials of St. Louis Cemetery by several individuals who submitted their family names to the website.  If you'd like to submit your family members details, they will be added to this page also.  Those names which are highlighted by a link include a photo of the tombstone.  Other online listings are linked at the bottom of the page. The Contributed By column on right include Anna K. Baker (AKB), Judith L. Miller (JLM), Michele Molina (MM), Janis Fowler (JF) and Elizabeth Wrocklage (EW).  The photos were submitted by the respective contributor.   Anna's sister, Alleen Davison, took most of those submitted with their family names.  Permission to use these photos must be obtained from the submitter.   If you have any other questions about this cemetery, please email your coordinator.

Surname - Last, First, MI  Birthdate  Death Date  Notes


 Baker, Aloysius (Ollie) William  05 Nov 1912  18 Sep 1913  S-L, Bet Rg 2&#, B-NS, Grave 39W AKB
 Bott, Frank Julius, Jr.   22 Jan 1890  25 Mar 1961



 Bott, Inez (Rhodes)  11 Nov 1892  01 Mar 1980   JF
 Clark, Rosa M. (Wrocklage)  Sep 1884  13 Dec 1956    EW
 Dicken, Charles W.  1859  1938  S-3, L-19, G-1, Father AKB
 Dicken, Richard R.    21 Jan 1918  S-3, L-19, G-3, Pvt. AKB
 Dicken, Richard A.  1919  13 Sep 1920  Also buried in above grave without separate stone AKB
 Dicken, Sophia  1863  1951  S-3, L-19, G-2, Mother AKB
 Hauser, George Adam    15 Oct 1886  Sec T, Lot 274, Father JLM
 Hauser, Gertrude    22 Aug 1907  Sec T, Lot 274, Mother JLM
 Hauser, Peter J.    16 Jun 1932  Sec T, Lot 274 JLM
 Hauser, John A.    19 Oct 1934  Sec T, Lot 274 JLM
 Hauser, Clyde P.    11 Mar 1953  Sec T, Lot 274 JLM
 Hauser, Margaret    24 Jan 1940  Sec T, Lot 274 JLM
 Hines, Michael    26 Sep 1909  Sec T, Lot 278 JLM
 Hines, Rosa    1? Dec 1918  Sec T, Lot 278, date difficult to read JLM
 Hines, Katie    10 Sep 1941  Sec T, Lot 278 JLM
 Hines, William J.    02 Jul 1915  Sec T, Lot 278 JLM
 Hornung, William A.  1863  1917  Father AKB
 Hornung, Phillipina  1871  1950  Mother AKB
 Hornung, Walter  26 Jan 1924  26 Jan 1924  infant son of Walter and Dora Hornung, no stone AKB
 Hornung, Walter I.   03 Jun 1930  03 Jun 1930  infant son of Walter and Dora Hornung, no stone AKB
 Humpich, Bessie  30 Sep 1880   28 Jun 1952  S-3, L-16, G-4, Mother AKB
 Humpich, Fred C.  16 Jul 1879  06 Jul 1919  S-3, L-16, G-3, Father AKB
 Humpich, Freddie  1917  1945  S-3, L-16, G-2, KIA in Germany AKB
 Kelly, Anna    1914  Sec T, Lot 274, Daughter, buried in Lot with the Hausers JLM
 Kelly, Louisa M.    03 May 1945  Sec T, Lot 274, Mother, buried in Lot with the Hausers JLM
 Knipper, Frances  29 Jul 1890  27 Oct 1944  Central State Hospital, dau of Herman B. & Katie Leppert Knipper MM
 Malone, John    13 May 1909  Sec T, Lot 278 JLM
 Malone, John J.    13 May 190?  Sec T, Lot 278 JLM
 Malone, Miss Annie    30 Mar 1915  Sec T, Lot 278 JLM
 Malone, Mrs. Ella    11 Sep 1950  Sec T, Lot 278 JLM
 Miller, Charles T.  abt 1890  18 Jun 1953    EW
 Miller, Alberta Rose (Wrocklage)   01 Apr 1899  20 Oct 1990  Wife of Charles T.  EW
 Simon, Charles P.  29 May 1899  19 Jun 1929  S-S, L-4, G-16, no headstone AKB
 Simon, Ester Mae  21 Dec 1916  11 May 1921  S-S, R-10, Gr. 52 AKB
 Wahle, Maximilian Philip  11 Jul 1857  24 Jul 1907  Sec T, Lot 276, buried 26 Jul 1907 JLM
 Wahle, Mary Antoinette Hoessle  05 Apr 1853  14 Dec 1940  Sec T, Lot 276, buried 17 Dec 1940 JLM
 Wahle, Gervas Philip  Dec 1879  13 Sep 1933  Sec T, Lot 276, buried 15 Sep 1933, son of Max & Mary JLM
 Wahle, Frank Albert  08 Oct 1883  13 May 1930  Sec T, Lot 276, buried 15 May 1930, son of Max & Mary JLM
 Wahle, Anthony Joseph  Mar 1892  21 Apr 1918  Sec T, Lot 276, buried 23 Apr 1918, son of Max & Mary JLM
 Wahle, John Henry  16 Apr 1886  22 Sep 1919  Sec T, Lot 276, buried 24 Sep 1919, son of Max & Mary JLM
 Wahle, Lillian Clifford  09 Sep 1886  23 Sep 1909  Sec T, Lot 276, buried 24 Sep 1909, wife of John Henry Wahle JLM
 Wahle, Maximilian Philip  13 Jan 1907  25 Nov 1918  Sec T, Lot 276, buried 25 Nov 1918, son of Frank Albert Wahle JLM
 Wrocklage, Herman  29 Jun 1854  08 Mar 1939  L, Sec 1, Lot 73 W 1/3, Grave 1  EW
 Wrocklage, Sophia Elisabeth (Acklin)  04 Oct 1853  08 Apr 1921  Wife of Herman; Sec L, Lot 73 W 1/3, Grave 2  EW
 Wrocklage, Henry F.  23 Aug 1877  03 Mar 1956    EW
 Wrocklage, Lena/Helen E. Hemmerle  Oct 1875  04 Jun 1955  (Also spelled Hecknearle); wife of Henry F.  EW
 Wrocklage, Eugene S.  25 Jun 1902  23 Mar 1970    EW
 Wrocklage, Bernard R.  14 May 1904  01 Dec 1971    EW
 Wrocklage, Helen May  03 Jul 1911  30 Nov 1911  Dau of Henry F. & Lena Hemmerle  EW
 Wrocklage, Edwin C.  11 Oct 1913  07 Mar 1973    EW
 Wrocklage, Clarence W.  06 Feb 1891  22 Sep 1942  L, Sec 1, Lot 73 W 1/3, Grave 4  EW
 Wrocklage, Herman A.  07 Mar 1896  12 Feb 1919  L, Sec 1, Lot 73 W 1/3, Grave 3  EW
 Wrocklage, Frederick  Dec 1845  15 Jul 1908  L, Sec G, Lot 95 NW 1/2, Grave 2  EW
 Wrocklage, Maria Carolina (Weber)  04 Mar 1850  13 May 1926  "Caroline", wife of Frederick; Sec G, Lot 95 NW 1/2, G 3  EW
 Wrocklage, John  abt 1875  02 Aug 1882  Son of Frederick & Caroline Weber, Sec G, Lot 95 NW 1/2, G 1  EW
 Wrocklage, John H.  19 Mar 1892  29 Aug 1912  Son of Fred & Caroline Weber, L, Sec G, Lot 95 NW 1/2, G 6  EW
 Wrocklage, Joseph J.  Feb 1885  Nov 1902  (buried 7th); s of Fred & Carol Weber; L, Sec G, Lot NW1/2, G 5  EW
 Wrocklage, Antoinette S.  07 Apr 1916  28 Feb 1917  Dau of Henry A. & Mamie Bauer; L, Sec G, Lot 95 NW 1/2, G ?  EW

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