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Quillman-Gutermuth Cemetery




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"This is a third Quillman Cemetery that Marguerite has come across.   Please email her above if you have additional information to add to this database.
The tombstone data below was derived from the book by Robert Foster Johnson entitled "Wilderness Road Cemeteries in Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia", a McDowell Publication.   At the time of printing Mr. Johnson did not have a name for this cemetery.  He did give directions to it's location:  "Located in southwest Jefferson County off Blanton Lane to Oak Valley Road, then to top of hill on Dawn Drive on East side of road, on spot behind houses in dense woods, only paths exist.  Approximately 25 graves.  This must have been the Gutermuth or Quillman farm about 1860." 

 Mr. Johnson made mention of two Gutermuths and two Quillman graves:

John Gutermuth (husband) b. 04 Jan 1835 and d. 30 Dec 1909.

Louise Gutermuth (wife) b. 16 Jan 1843 and d. 31 Oct 1926.
Lorenz Quillman (husband) b.  1814 Deutchland and d. 1860.
Amaria Quillman (wife) b. 1816 and d. 1874.
Marguerite Miller confirmed the information above by stating, "This should be the other Quillman Cemetery and it should be named Quillman and Gutermuth Cemetery.  That is because it was first Quillman land and the their daughter married John Gutermuth.  I think the daughter Louise got this part of land that has the cemetery on it.  I believe this was Lorenz Quillman’s farm and Louise Quillman Gutermuth and husband John Gutermuth later owned a part of it. It is located in dense woods behind house at 1515 Dawn Drive on the water company land. I had not located its exact location on this property."

The following is information belonging to Marguerite Miller.  It is data she derived from church records both in Jefferson County and in Germany.


 Lorenz Quillman, Husband, 29 Jul 1814 - 06 Apr 1860, born Dalherda, Germany

 Amaria (Anna Marie) Quillman (nee Grösch), 02 Jan 1816 - 02 Oct 1874, born Dalherda, Germany

 John Gutermuth, Husband, 04 Jan 1835 - 30 Dec 1909

 Louise Gutermuth (nee Quillman), Wife, 16 Jan 1843 - 31 Oct 1926


Also believed buried there is:

 Othilia Quillmann, born 23 Oct 1836, Dalherda, Germany - died after 1840, but before 1850.

This is child of Lorenz and Anna Marie Quillmann)

I was told by a Gutermuth relative that their were others buried here as late as in 1930's.

 This web page placed online 122504.  If you have any questions regarding this graveyard, please contact Marguerite at her email listed above. .... your county coordinator.

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