Orr Cemetery

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Orr Cemetery

This is not previously listed on the KYGenWeb site. I saw it on Find-A-Grave, and visited it on June 11, 2015.

Location: 1901 Campus Place. This is the Pharmerica corporate office, next door to Papa Johnís corporate offices. Go to the rear of the Pharmerica parking lot. There is a wooded area, and a paved walking path. Do not go onto the paved path, but cut over to the wooded area, and you will see it. It is just a short distance from the parking lot.

†Please email your coordinators†if you have any additional information regarding this cemetery.†

*Information Contributed by Ellen White 6/2015

This is a very peaceful cemetery, tucked into a wooded area. There are soothing sounds from the nearby lake. Someone has placed a camp chair next to the graves.


James Orr and Mary House Orr share a stone:

Father Mother

James Orr Mary House

Nov. 12, 1811 His Wife

Dec. 21, 1902 May 30, 1824

Aug. 9, 1881

Not Death But Sleepeth

There are also two small stones, probably their children, but I could not fully read the initials, although the last initial for each, O, is verifiable.

M. (P. or B.)? O. (first two initials unreadable) O.

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