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Louisville Memorial Gardens West

Please email your coordinator if you have any additional burials to add to this cemetery database, or if you're aware of a short history.  Interment.com states that "this cemetery was opened in the early 1920s by Saber Management, which owns and operates both this and Louisville East."  Submitter initials will be listed at the right side of the page.  An asterick simply means the listing was derived from another source, most notably, an obituary from within this site.  Photographs are included where one is available.  Contributors to date include Anna K. Baker (AKB), Doris Joyce (DJ), Hollie Perkins (HP), Donald Murphy (DLM) and Priscilla (P).

4400 Dixie Hwy, Shively, Kentucky (502) 447-4220

 Burial  Birth  Death  Notes


 Arnold, Elmer F.  04 Dec 1924  03 Mar 1973  husband of Wanda


 Arnold, Wanda R.  27 Jan 1927  30 May 1968  wife of Elmer


 Arnold, Richard G.  1950  1973  "Ricky"  AKB
 Cain, William Walter   19 Feb 1896  10 Nov 1964    P
 Cain, Lula Ethel Vertrees  02 Aug 1894  01 Oct 1976  wife to William Walter  P
 Campbell, Jimmy Allen  18 Dec 1977  10 Apr 1999  son of Janet & Johnny Campbell  HP
 Haysley, Lucy Eller  1915  1991  wife of Walter  AKB
 Haysley, Walter S.  1901  1977  husband of Lucy  AKB
 Joyce, William E., Jr.  07 Jun 1935  01 Apr 2003  husband to Doris Joyce  DJ
 Logsdon, Harold  10 Oct 1946  01 Oct 1982  son of William & Reba Huff  HP
 Logsdon, Sammy E.  1947  1968  son of Sam & Dorothy Logsdon  HP
 Logsdon, William J.  22 Feb 1917  22 Feb 1992    HP
 Medley, Alvie E.  29 Apr 1909  28 Oct 1990  husband to Zelma  HP
 Medley, Zelma E.  1908  09 Se[ 1991  wife to Alvie  HP
 Morrison, Lavada  1921  20 Feb 1997    *
 Murphy, Pauline Virginia  1925  30 Jul 2002  wife to Samuel Woodrow Murphy  DLM
 Racine, Edward H.  1917  12 Aug 1997    *
 Sadler, Alta Mae Talley  07 May 1915  16 Jul 1995  daughter of Rev. Richard D. Talley  P
 Sadler, Charles Ray  06 Mar 1941  27 Feb 1992  son of Alta Mae  P
 Schildknecht, Maurice G.  1925  1986    AKB
 Simon, Edward J.  14 Oct 1911  06 May 1997  husband of Irene  AKB

 Simon, Irene

 07 Apr 1918   07 Feb 1998  wife of Edward J.  AKB
 Talley, Rev. Richard D.  04 Oct 1886  06 Aug 1966    P
 Talley, Bertha B. Mann  26 Mar 1901  03 Jan 1997  wife of Rev. Richard Talley  P
 Talley, Aaron Shelby  01 Aug 1923  08 Apr 2000  son of Rev. Richard & Bertha  P
 Vertrees, Alta Lindsey  17 Oct 1903  20 Nov 1991  wife of Herbert M.  P
 Vertrees, Herbert M.  04 Jul 1896  27 Aug 1980    P
 Vertrees, Herman Lee  20 Oct 1908  08 Jun 1998    P
 Vertrees, Iva Irene Cundiff  22 Dec 1909  20 Aug 1984  wife of Herman Lee  P
 Williams, Lela Mae Cain  12 Sep 1915  28 Dec 1981  daughter to William & Lula Cain  P
 Williams, Sidney  17 May 1917  24 Jul 1986  husband to Lela Mae  P
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