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Forwood-Potts Cemetery

 Please email your coordinators if you have any additonal information regarding this cemetery.  The material contained on this page was derived from the book "Wilderness Road Cemeteries in Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia" by Robert Foster Johnson for the West-Central Kentucky Family Research Association, which holds the copyright to this information.  The book was published by McDowell Publications in 1981 and I was told by the Association's President that it still has a very limited supply remaining.  Please contact them if you wish to purchase a copy of this book.

This cemetery is located north of Hwy 155 (Taylorsville Road, 2 miles west of Fisherville)

It is not certain when this survey was taken, but going on the fact the book's copyright was 1981, it must be assumed it was a time before that date.  The book states that the owner of the property where this cemetery lies at this time belongs to a Leroy Isenbach.  The cemetery is located on the north side of Taylorsville Road back a lane (unnamed), 1/2 mile south side of said lane, and 150 yards south of an old log home.   The cemetery has approximately 50 graves.  The writer, Mr. Johnson, also states "this could be the land grant to the Forwood family.  They were the first to bury here.  Then came the Potts family who owned it many years."

This is not a complete listing of graves, but the author has stated that he generally names the oldest stones of a cemetery.
Forwood, William, born 04 May 1754 and died 28 Dec 1816,  lived 62 years.
Forwood, Hannah, wife of William died Aug 1829 at 70 years.
Pomeroy, Sarah, dau. of William & Hannah died Feb 1811 at 29 years.
Forwood, Samuel S. born 1856 and died 1878.
Forwood, G. W. born 1863 and died 1919.
Forwood, M. L. born 1865 and died 1921.
Kelly, Elizabeth, wife of William H. Forwood, born 1835 and died 1876.
Forwood, Samuel died 02 Mar 1863 at 80 years.
Forwood, Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Forwood born 14 Feb 1787 and died 14 Jul 1853.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Potts, John born 20 Feb 1813 and died 16 Jan 1891.
Potts, Rebecca born 28 Mar 1825 and died 09 Oct 1896.
Potts, Luther born 26 Dec 1852 and died 25 Dec 1897.
Potts, Suetta born 05 Oct 1867 and died 20 Feb 1926.
Potts, William A. born 1849 and died 1917.
Potts, Martha A., wife of William A., born 1870 and died 1893.
Potts, Jennie Brainer born 01 Jan 1868 and died 08 Nov 1891.
Potts, Annie Sharp born 31 Jan 1874 and died 01 Jun 1881.
Potts, Stephen Douglas born 05 Mar 1860 and died 10 Oct 1940.
Fields, Thomas H., son of I. and E. Fields, born 1856 and died 1958.
Moody, Isaac born 1852 and died 1928.
Moody, Lydia born 1856 and died 1932.
Fairfax, William Alexander born 12 Oct 1923 and died 12 Oct 1923.
Walden, Andrew born 1837 and died 1885.
Walden, Mary E. born 1850 and died 1898.

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