Floyd's Fork Baptist Churchyard

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Floyd's Fork Burying Ground

 Please email your coordinators if you have any additional information regarding this cemetery.  The material contained on this page was derived from the book "Wilderness Road Cemeteries in Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia" by Robert Foster Johnson for the West-Central Kentucky Family Research Association, which holds the copyright to this information.  The book was published by McDowell Publications in 1981 and I was told by the Association's President that it still has a very limited supply remaining.  Please contact them if you wish to purchase a copy of this book.  The data listed belonging to the Brinley's and the Gentry's was supplied by Mary Anne Reiss, a Brinley family researcher.  Some of her notes were used to replace those dates not legible from the stones themselves.

This cemetery is located north of Hwy 155 (Taylorsville Road, 2 miles west of Fisherville)

It is not certain when this survey was taken, but going on the fact the book's copyright was 1981, it must be assumed it was a time before that date.  The book states that the owner of the property where this cemetery lies at this time belongs to a Carl Gatewood.  The cemetery is located at Route 2, two miles southwest of Fisherville, on spot on roadside 20 feet from curb.  The graveyard has approximately 150 graves.  The author states "this site seems to be where an ancient church stood.  The church must have been of logs as no cornerstones are seen."  This is not a complete listing of graves, but the author has stated that he generally names the oldest stones of a cemetery in his work.

This cemetery has also been called the Floyd's Fork Baptist Churchyard (Page Updated 042805)
Ashby, Corinne born 15 Aug 1868 and died 08 Aug 1892.
Ashby, John R. born 21 Jan 1834 and died 27 Nov 1880.
Ashby, Nannie J., wife of J. R., born 22 Dec 1837 and died 11 Sep 1895.
Bridwell, Lucinda, wife of Stephen, died 27 Oct 1872 at 52 years.
Bridwell, Stephen died 20 Feb 1875 at 64 years.
Brinley, Robert L. born 1919 and died 1974.
Brinley, Margaret, sister, b. abt 1893, dau of John & Rebecca.
Brinley, Jake (Jacob), brother, b. abt 1888, son of John & Rebecca.
Brinley, Mills (probably Thomas Mills), brother, b. abt 1881, son of John & Rebecca.
Brinley, John A., father (shares stone with Rebecca) b. 1849.
Brinley, John Sr., born 08 Feb 1860 and died 05 Jul 1930. (Submitted by granddaughter, Mary Wiseheart)
Brinley, John Jr., Ohio PFC, Co C, 338th INF, WWII, born 1917 and died 1956.
Brinley, Rebecca, mother (shares stone with John A.) b. abt 1861 and died btw. 1896-1900.
Brinley, Georgie, brother, b. abt. 1879, son of John & Rebecca.
Brinley, Meritt, born 1901 and died 1923, son of Richard & Sallie.
Brinley, Minnie, born 1890 and died 1903, dau of Richard & Sallie.
Brinley, Presley, born 1888 and died 1889, son of Richard & Sallie.
Brinley, Richard A., born 1854 and died 1924 (shares stone with Sallie), brother to John A.
Brinley, Sallie, born 1865 and died 1958 (shares stone with Richard).
Gentry, Herbert (Our Baby), no dates.
Gentry, Herman (Our Baby), no dates.
Gentry, Ida B. (Our Baby), no dates.
Harris, Malinda, wife of Rev. Daniel Harris, died 23 Dec 1851 at 63 years.
Jones, Sarah A. T., wife of William Jones, born 03 Feb 1834 and died 27 Apr 1871.
Markwell, J. Henry, born in 1852 and no death date.
Markwell, Katherine, wife of J. H., born 1858 and died 1894.
Paris, W. T., born 02 Mar 1798 and died 24 Apr 1887. 
Paris, Polly, wife of W. T., born 1802 and died 01 Feb 1884.
Paris, Susan born 1827 and died 1910.
Smith, Henry born 16 Jul 1822 and died 20 Aug 1893.
Smith, Julia A., wife of Henry born 14 Oct 1822 and died unknown.
Shrote, Mary E., dau. of M. & N. A. Shrote, born 27 Feb 1842 and died 08 Nov 1876.
Shrote, Peter died 08 Sep 1842 at 73 years.
Tolbert, William E. M., son of Jesse and Eliza Tolbert, born 17 Jul 1850 and died 29 Jul 1852.
Tucker, Elijah born 18 Jan 1808 and died 30 Jul 1848.
Tucker, Sarah D. born 02 May 1813 and died 06 Jul 1858.
Twomey, Charles W. born 17 May 1867 and died 09 Jan 1949.
Twomey, Cynthia, wife of C. W., born 18 Jan 1866 and died 23 Feb 1939.

Wiseheart, Delancey Samuel, born 12 Jun 1917 and died 06 Feb 1976 (Submitted by daughter, Mary Wiseheart)

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