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Fey Family Cemetery

transcribed by Marguerite Miller [email protected]

the transcription

The Cemetery is now located in Windsor Lake Subdivision (photo) off Arnoldtown Road in Jefferson County on the Connor of Windsor Lake Parkway and Regal Pine Court, on Lot No. 22. No stones are left on the site today. Some stones may have been removed when the building site began and other stones were removed later from Lot 22 to a drainage ditch between Lot 19 and 20 in an area called Commons. The residences of the subdivision are aware of the Cemetery being located on Lot 22. Bruce Board, President of the Windsor Lake Subdivision Association was most helpful in our search for finding the ditch were some of the stones were located. Many of the walkers of the subdivision have seen the stones over the years. I know this because of stopping and asking a couple of walkers with a baby stroller if they knew of a cemetery, they pointed us in the right direction. It should be noted here that the Cemetery is not part of Windsor Lake Subdivision. The deed is exclusive of ˝ acre for the graveyard. The graveyard is owned by the descendents of the Fey Families. On 11 November 2001 Bruce and Brenda Fey and Charles my husband, and myself went to the scene and dug up and removed some of the stones from the drainage ditch in an effort to save some part of the history of the families. It was necessary for us to piece them together like they were a puzzle. It is a sad sight for us to think that such a thing like this is happening today. All are rules and laws don’t mean much to those who will destroy the burial site of those who have gone before us. Sources used for this list besides the stones found, are the Church records, family records and in some cases death certificates. The idea here was to find as many of the people as possible that were buried there.

Louis Chester Clark [1]
15 Jan 1901--20 Jan 1902

Catherine Fey [2]
13 May 1852 -- 15 March 1899

John Fey [3]
12 August 1816--16 April 1905

Dorothea Fey, nee Quillmann [4]
16 March 1822—11 June 1856
Anna Margartha Fey [5]
20 Sept 1836--20 Feb 1895
Catherine Fey [6]
20 Sept 1892--21 Sept 1892
John Fey[7]
27 July 1813—1896
Elizabeth Fey, nee Hartman[8]
12 October 1825—1875
Christine Steedley Fey [9]
3 March 1867--11 June 1902
John Valentine Fey [10]
25 December 1849
17 August 1914
Infant male child of [11]
Wm. & Dora Fey Steedly
Lived 2 hours
6 May 1918
Ida Elizabeth Steedle
Infant Steedle
Johann Magerhans [12]
Died 1850 age unknown but he had a wife at the time of his death.
Johannes Vey/Fey took care of his funeral and burial. He was from Hettnehausen, Germany. His father was Friedrich Magerhans.
Samuel Tyler Steedle [13]
July 1896-1901
Freddie Fey [14]
4 August 1883
2 May 1884
Katie A. Hendricks [15]
Wife of Alfonzo Hendricks
b.9 Feb 1881
d.12 May 1905
Lizzie Fey Probst [16]
Wife of James Probst
3_ Sept 1860
__May 1887

Footstone of: A. H. (This maybe a child of Alfonzo and Katie Hendricks ) and
N. W. (Could be Nick Wiser or child of), D. F. (This is Dorothea Quillmann Fey’s footstone)


[1] Salem United Church, located at 3408 Newburg Road.

[2] Salem United Church records and family records of Marguerite Miller.

[3] Salem United Church Records.

[4] Footstone and marriages records of her to John Fey. She is only on the 1850 census of Jefferson County. That making me believe she died between last known child born about 1852. Birth record was from the Church in Dalherda.

[5] Salem United Church records.

[6] Salem United Church records.

[7] Marguerite Miller’s family records.

[8] Marguerite Miller’s family records.

[9] Salem United Church records.

[10] Death cert no. 14/27442.

[11] Death cert no. 18/13370.

[12] Information taken from a letter written by Johannes Vey of Hettenhausen, German to his brother Johannes Vey/Fey here in America.

[13] Steedle Family records

[14] Cemetery stone dug up in the drainage ditch in Windsor Lake Subdivision .

[15] Cemetery stone dug up in pieces in drainage ditch in Windsor Lake Subdivision.

[16] Cemetery stone dug up in pieces in drainage ditch in Windsor Lake Subdivision.

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