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Bullitt Family Cemetery

  This is another of Alan Murray's work.  He already has a website online dedicated to cemeteries in Jefferson County and has  gracefully offered his transcriptions for use here on our KyGenWeb site.   Please email your coordinators or Alan Murray if you have any questions regarding this cemetery.


William Marshall Bullitt, son of Thomas W. and Annie P. Logan Bullitt, born 04 Mar 1873, died 03 Oct 1957, Solicitor General of the United States 1912 - 1913.

Nora Iasigi Bullitt, daughter of Oscar and Amy Gore Walker Iasigi, wife of William Marshall Bullitt, born Swampscott, Massachusetts  23 Aug 1881, died Louisville, Kentucky 26 Jul 1976.
John Christian Bullitt,  20 Aug 1861 - 12 Nov 1897
William Christian Bullitt,  04 Nov 1853 - 05 Apr 1865
Irene Smith Bullitt, 08 May 1859 - 08 Jul 1860
Martha Bell Bullitt, 09 May 1851 - 25 Jun 1860
Elizabeth Poland Smith, wife of Joshua Fry Bullitt, 04 Mar 1823 - 15 Jul 1902
Joshua Fry Bullitt, 22 Feb 1821 - 16 Feb 1898
Charles Smith Bullitt, 16 May 1855 - 13 May 1856
Alexander S., son of J. E. and E. R. Bullitt, died 02 Jun 1849, aged 17 mos.
Thomas Walker Bullitt, son of Wm. Christian Bullitt and Mildred Ann Fry, 17 May 1838 - 03 Mar 1910 (same stone as below)
Annie Priscilla Logan, wife of Thomas W. Bullitt, daughter of Caleb Wallace Logan and Agatha Madison Marshall, 26 Apr 1847 - 07 Sep 1925 (same stone as above)
John Christian, child of Thos. W. and Annie L. Bullitt, 31 Mar 1883 - 23 Sep 1883
Mildred Ann, child of Thos. and Annie L. Bullitt, 12 Oct 1879 - 16 Apr 1889
Keith Logan Bullitt, son of Thomas W. Bullitt and Annie P. Logan Bullitt, 18 Feb 1881 - 07 Oct 1940
 Mirah L. Bullitt Rush, daughter of Thomas W. Bullitt and Annie Logan Bullitt, 12 Jul 1885 - 17 Jan 1952
 Alexander Scott Bullitt, son of Thomas W. Bullitt and Annie Logan Bullitt, 23 Jan 1877 - 10 Apr 1932, buried in Seattle, Washington
Agatha Marshall Grabisch, daughter of Thomas W. Bullitt and Annie P. Logan Bullitt, 24 Nov 1875 - 02 Jun 1948, buried in Dublin, Ireland
James Bell Bullitt, son of Thomas W. Bullitt and Annie Logan Bullitt, 18 Jan 1874 - 07 Mar 1964, buried in Massachusetts
 Sarah T. Browne, who entered into rest 17 Jan 1844, aged 57 years
Thomas Walker Bullitt, 12 Sep 1917 - 08 Nov 1991, creator of the Oxmoor Shopping Center, Captain Calvary Army of the United States 1942 - 1946, attached to the British Army 1943 - 1945, Normany, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, 21 Army Group, Special Allied Airborne Reconnaissance Force mentioned in Dispatches
Nora Iasigi Bullitt Leake, born Louisville, Kentucky 05 Feb 1916, died Baltimore, Maryland 06 Oct 1980, buried in Stockbridge, Massachusetts
Christine B. Conn, 23 Oct 1891 - 15 Jun 1912 (earlier records refer to her as the adopted daughter of Henry Massie Bullitt)
M. Lou Frederick, wife of Henry M. Bullitt, 24 Aug 1847 - 09 Mar 1924
Henry M. Bullitt, 09 Nov 1842 - 17 Jun 1908 (earlier records give middle name as Massie)
Wm. Christian Bullitt, 14 Feb 1793 - 28 Aug 1877
Mildred Ann, daughter of Joshua and Peechy Walker Fry and wife of Wm. C. Bullitt, 09 Jul 1798 - 12 Jul 1879
David Bell Bullitt, 15 Dec 1830 - 21 Nov 1833
Alexander Scott Bullitt, 03 Aug 1822 - 03 Feb 1840
Martha Bell Bullitt, 02Mar 1827 - 26 Oct 1847
James Bell Bullitt, 16 Jun 1840 - 04 Jul 1862, "Pro Patria"
Col. Marshall Key, 08 Sep 1788 - 16 Nov 1860
Mrs. Helen M. Key, died 17 Dec 1871, in her 82nd year
Miss Nancy Massie, who was born 15 Jun 1780 and departed this life 01 Nov 1833, sister of Henry Massie
 Henry Massie, Esquire, born in the state of Virginia 05 Feb 1768 and departed this life 08 Feb 1830 at Ridge Way, his residence near Louisville, Kentucky, husband of Helen Scott Bullitt, third child of Col. Alex Scott Bullitt and his first wife Priscilla Christian
Mrs. Annie C. Howard, 06 Nov 1786 - 10 May 1828
Col. Alexander S. Bullitt, who departed this life 13 Apr A. D. 1816 in the 54th year of his age.  He emigrated to this state in 1783 and firm and decided as a patriot, zealous and faithful as a friend to the public his whole life, was devoted to his country's good; and struggling through many hardships, in those perilous times, he lived to aid in her councils and witness her prosperity.  As to his private virtues, they will live in the hearts of his devoted children and be held up as a bright example to their offspring.
Mrs. Priscilla Bullitt, who departed this life 11 Nov A.D. 1806 in the 36th year of her age.
Col. William Christian was Killed in Action with the Indians 09 Apr 1786, aged 43.  This monument was erected to his memory by the Filial Piety of his son, Henry Christian, who died 05 Nov 1800, aged 19.
Elizabeth B. Dickinson, who died 13 Nov 1834, age 62, relict of R. Dickinson and daughter of C. N. William Christian.
 Henry Courtenay, 10 Jan 1846 - 13 Mar 1846
Robert M. Courtenay, 28 Nov 1848 - 06 Jul 1851
 John Phillips Aldridge, who departed this life - - Aug A. D. 1823, age 36
Richard Dickinson, who departed this life - - Aug A. D. 1810 in the 47th year of his age
 Geo. F., son of J. F. and E. R., died 08 Sep 1850, age 16
John Christian

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