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Brown-Lawrence Family Cemetery

Please email your coordinators if you have any questions regarding this cemetery.  This listing was found from an old book at the Oldham County Library entitled "Old Cemeteries of Jefferson County".   It basically was an old folder with copied pages from other publications.  It was in very poor condition and falling apart.  Some of the material appears to have given credit to the Filson Quarterly and miscellaneous other sources, even though this transcription did not give author of work .  The names were written below as previously transcribed, so some of the names may be confusing as to who is who.

*Additional information Contributed by Ellen White 6/2015

*I could not verify all of the people listed on the KYGenWeb page for this cemetery. It is in very poor condition. The gate is padlocked, but the hinges are broken. The wall is in good shape, and the grass is cut, but the cemetery looks like it has been ransacked. Stones are toppled and broken, and crypts have been opened and are empty.

James Brown’s home, Wildwood Farm, is listed as the James Brown House on the National Register of Historic Places. His son’s home, the Theodore Brown House (now the Inn at Woodhaven, a bed and breakfast) is nearby, and is also on the National Register of Historic Places. Unfortunately, the cemeteries that were part of the homeowner’s original land are not always included in the historic preservation area. (6/10/2015)

No mention made of location. Some handwritten notes on pages in parentheses.  It was called the Brown Burial Ground.

* Location: Brown Park, on Browns Lane just past the intersection of Sherburn Lane

 Elizabeth Brown, who departed this life 18 Sep 1822, aged 10 years, 6 mos. (dau of James & Urath Brown)  In Memory of Emiline Brown who died 08 Jan 1826, aged 10 mos.  Francis C. Brown, died 04 Jul 1830, aged 1 year, 2 mos.
Alfred Brown, infant & Samuel L. Brown, infant (children of James & Urath) Elias Dorsey Lawrence, born 01 Aug 1799, died 18 Jun 1828. "Those who knew him loved him." (brother of Mrs. James Brown) Mary Ann, dau of James & Urath (Lawrence) Brown and wife of Thomas S. Forman, 11 Dec 1817 - 20 Jul 1850
 Thomas Seabrook Forman, born in Mason County, 09 Nov 1808, died in Louisville, 24 Jun 1849  Urath, dau of Samuel & Sarah (Owings) Lawrence and wife of James Brown, born in Maryland 27 Jun 1791, died in Kentucky 02 Jan 1854 James Brown, born in Maryland 10 Oct 1780, died in Kentucky 09 Apr 1853
P. H. P. L. (footstone)  Patrick H. Pope, son of J. F. & U. Lawrence, born 28 Nov 1850, died 01 May 1862 James Lawrence, son of James & Urath O. (wings) Brown, born 10 Mar 1827, died 13 Apr 1861 Samuel Smith, Mary Emiline, children of George & Mary A. Nicholas
Horace Brown, son of Theodore & Sally Brown, born 06 Jun 1856, died 20 Mar 1857  Theodore, son of H. & S. Brown, born 29 April, died 07 Jul 1858 Thomas S., son of T. S. & M. A. Forman, born 15 Mar 1849, died 21 Jun 1853
Mary, wife of Samuel R. Hobbs, born 17 Apr 1784, died 05 Jul 1830 Norburne Galt, infant son of Arthur & Matilda (Galt) Brown, born 06 Sep 1853, died 23 Jan 1860 Patrick Henry Pope, born 17 Mar 1806, died 04 May 1841 (his wife, nee Sarah Lawrence Brown is buried at Cave Hill Cemetery
James Brown, Mary Emiline, Alfred Thruston, children of Patrick H. & Sarah Pope  Sally Pope, Lizzy Gray (front of stone)  Sally P. born 11 Aug 1850, Lizzy G., born 23 Jul 1852, died 21 Dec 1853, children of Wm. H. & Bettie T. Galt (back of stone)

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