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Bethany - South Jefferson Cemetery

These partial transcriptions are the work of Dana Brown of Louisville and Anna K. Baker.  The listings below are limited to those of their ancestry, but it is hoped that additional entries will be donated as time goes by.  Please email your coordinator if you have any names  you would like to add.  Official address of this cemetery is 10915 Dixie Highway, Valley Station 40272.

Located at the bottom of the ramp of west Gene Snyder Freeway and Dixie Hwy., in Southern Jefferson County

[This is only a partial listing of those interred]

"In walking this cemetery, it seems to me there are designate sections, determined by service roads within the cemetery. One service road that runs "north and south" slices through the cemetery, with the older sections to the west of it, and the newer sections running to the east of it. In the older sections, are service/entrance roads that divide it into smaller sections. My descriptions of "where" you are is as if you were standing on Dixie Hwy., looking into the cemetery." - Dana Brown

Excerpted from Dana's Family Tree

Leon E. Allgood (located in Front Middle section) 3/1/1922-2/16/1986  (inscription) US Army, WWII

Reedie M. Allgood (located in Front Middle section) 1913-1997   (inscription) Wedding 9/23/1945

Lucy H. Allgood (Front Middle section) 1903-1981   (inscription) Wedding 9/23/1945

Ben H. Allgood (located in Front Right section) 1871-
Jessie Worley Allgood (located in Front Right section) 1870-1939
Edd Allgood (located in Front Right section) 1891-1928
Ben Allgood Jr. [picture on stone] (located in Front Right section) 1900-1929
Emmett Blakely (located in Front Right section) 1897-1962
Gertrude Blakely (located in Front Right section) 1896-1987
Earl E. Blakely (located in Front Right section) 9/24/1922-3/12/1930  (inscription) Son of Emmett & Gertie Blakely At Rest
Lorena Blakely (located in Front Right section) 10/13/1923-10/27/1923  (inscription) Daughter of Emmett & Gertie Blakely

Excerpted from Anna's Family Tree

Joe & Ruth Baker , 15 Jul 1915 - Sep 1975 and 07 Jun 1920 - 12 Apr 1975
Will & Anna Baker , 1891 - 1969 Father and 1889 - 1977 Mother
Elenora Baker , 1911 - 1990 Daughter
Marion & Geralding Dicken , 19 May 1919 - Living and 18 Jun 1919 - 22 Nov 1993

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