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Anderson Family Cemetery

 Please email your coordinators if you have any additional information regarding this cemetery.  The material contained on this page was derived from the book "Wilderness Road Cemeteries in Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia" by Robert Foster Johnson for the West-Central Kentucky Family Research Association, which holds the copyright to this information.  The book was published by McDowell Publications in 1981 and I was told by the Association's President that it still has a very limited supply remaining.  Please contact them if you wish to purchase a copy of this book.

Soldier's Retreat on Hurstbourne Lane. * Anderson Family Cemetery (a/k/a Soldier’s Retreat Cemetery) (as of 6/11/2015).  Location: Seaton Springs Drive and Nottingham Parkway, off Hurstbourne Parkway. It is located across the street from Soldier’s Retreat, which was Richard Clough Anderson’s home in Louisville. The outbuildings on that property are on the National Register of Historic Places.

Interments: There is one stone for the four children of Richard Clough & Sarah Marshall Anderson. The dates listed for Frances Marshall Anderson and Lucelia Poindexter Anderson on the GenWeb listing are correct. GenWeb lists Hugh Ray Anderson’s DOB as 8/29/1811, but it looked to me like it was 8/20/1811. The dates for Matthew Anderson are April 3, 1819 – Oct. 29, 1820

Charles Anderson: KYGenWeb says “born 1824,” but the stone says “Died 1824.”

As I mentioned re: Lawrence Cemetery, the stone for Carmalite Hall is now at the Anderson Family Cemetery:

In memory of Carmalite Hall who died Augt. 16, 1827, aged 2 years & 7 months. Till Christ shall come to rouse the slumbering Dead farewell Sweet Babe. (Augt. is the way they have listed August on the stone. I have seen this on other stones as well).

Unknown Anderson: this is incorrect. What is written there on KYGenWeb is actually still part of Richard Clough Anderson’s inscription. Richard Clough Anderson’s inscription reads like a biography! The entire transcription is:

Richard Clough Anderson Son of Robert & Elizabeth Anderson Born Jan. 12, 1750 At Gold Mines, Hanover Co., Virginia Died October 16, 1826 At Soldier’s Retreat, Jefferson Co., Kentucky A Patriot Soldier He served his country throughout the War for Independence in the Virginia Continental Line Having entered the Army a Captain and retired, when Liberty was secured, a Lieutenant Colonel He was wounded at Trenton, seriously injured at Savannah, taken prisoner at Charleston, (unreadable) as aide de camp to Lafayette in his campaign in Virginia and to Governor Nelson at the Siege of Yorktown. After the War he was appointed by the officers of his line Surveyor General of the Virginia Military Lands and retained the office during life. In 1781, he removed to Kentucky. One of the Patriarchs of his adopted State, he lived a life of usefulness and honor, Leaving to his children and country the memory of a good citizen, a true Patriot, and a just man.

Sarah Marshall Anderson is correct as listed on KYGenWeb. Elizabeth Clark Anderson appears to be correct as listed on KYGenWeb, although the dates were too faded to read.

*Additional information Contributed by Ellen White 6/2015

It is not certain when this survey was taken, but going on the fact the book's copyright was 1981, it must be assumed it was a time before that date.  The book states that the owner of the property on which this cemetery lies at this time belongs to the county of Jefferson, "located off Hurstbourne Lane on spot 120 ft. west of highway, approximately 15 graves.  This place is the famous Soldier's Retreat, so called by it's owner, Col. Richard C. Anderson.  The old home is gone.  A two-room stone house exists which may have been used as slave quarters.  This has been added to, and is now used as a dwelling."
This is not a complete listing of graves, but the author has stated that he generally names the oldest stones of a cemetery.
Frances Marshall Anderson, b. 29 Oct 1800 and died 02 Dec 1802. These are 4 children of Richard C. and Sarah Marshall Anderson.
Hugh Ray Anderson, b. 29 Aug 1811 and died 07 Feb 1812.
Lucelia Poindexter Anderson, b. 19 Sep 1817 and died 20 Aug 1820.
Matthew Anderson
Charles Anderson, son of Robert Anderson and grandson of Robert Anderson of Goldmine, VA, born 1824.
Richard Clough Anderson, son of Robert & Elizabeth Anderson, Lt. Col. Virginia Cont. Line in Rev. War, b. 12 Jan 1750 and died 16 Oct 1826.
Unknown Anderson, aide de camp to Lafayette at Yorktown.  Wounded at Trenton, aid to Gov. Nelson at the siege of Yorktown.
Elizabeth Clark Anderson, daughter of John and Ann Clark and wife of Col. Richard C. Anderson, b. 1768 and died 1795.
Sarah Marshall, b. 20 Nov 1779 and died 25 Aug 1854, daughter of Wm. Marshall of Caroline County, VA, and Ann Clark McLeod m. at Fair Hope, Jefferson County, KY 17 Sep 1797 to Lt. Col. Richard Clough Anderson of Soldier's Retreat, his second wife.

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