Some Spencer Family burials in Eastern Cemetery
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Some Spencer Family burials in Eastern Cemetery

This list of names was derived from the Rootsweb Cemeteries Mailing List.  It was compiled by Sonya Garrett - Havens.  The author speaks candidly about how to go about obtaining information at this cemetery. "
Below is a partial list of Spencers buried in Eastern Cemetery in Louisville, Jeff Co., KY. This cemetery has a terrible history, and many of those buried there had headstones moved, removed, and several graves were reburied.  The cemetery is now cared for by volunteers.

   I obtained this list from Mr. Philip DiBlasi, an archeologist at the University of Louisville. His contact information is Mr. Philip DiBlasi, Archaeology MS 04-14, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292-0414.  Mr. DiBlasi wrote, 'If you have specific death dates, the Day Books can be searched for more specific information. If any of the individuals on the attached list are family members, I can find more information about them. Please let me know.'  Mr. DiBlasi hosts his own web pages as found in the Eastern Cemetery Index page right before this one.

I have tried to group them by location. If no location is listed, that information was not provided to me. Please remember these are BURIAL DATES.

Spencer Burials 


Christopher Spencer 1-1-1897

Alice Spencer 6-28-1865

Hager Spencer 7-15-1864

Catherine Spencer 5-12-1897

Clarence Spencer 1-24-1890 (Loc. 24-4)

Lee Spencer 6-5-1889 (Loc. 7-26)

Mattie Spencer 10-10-1883 (Loc. 54)

Minerva S. Spencer 10-16-1884 (Loc 13)

Bertha Ruth Spencer 12-20-1884 (Loc 13-28)

Media Spencer 4-20-1890 (Loc. riendship Lot #25)

Fannie Spencer 4-11-1891 (Sec A Range 1 Lot 7e/2, Linvill Lot)

William Spencer 3-13-1937 (Sec A Range 1 Lot 7e/2)

Merritt Spencer 3-25-1929 (Sec A Range 26 Lot 41)

George Albert Spencer 11-24-1973 (Sec B Range 1 Grave33)

Mrs. Jessie Lee Spencer 10-3-1972 (Sec B Range 1 Grave32)

Will Spencer 5-14-1986 (Sec B Range 2 Grave 39)

William R. Spencer 6-24-1975 (Sec B Range 6 Lot 7)

Mattie Spencer 8-22-1978 (Sec B Range 6 Lot 7)

Leonard J. Spencer 12-13-1918 (Sec 2 Range 53 1/2 Grave 13)

Infant Ed Spencer 11-24-1900 (Sec 2 Range 74 Grave 44)

Sam Spencer 2-5-1910 (Sec 3 Range 14 Grave 4ex)

Christopher Spencer 1-1-1897 (Sec 4 Range 25 Grave 52)

Joseph Spencer 7-22-1890 (Sec 4 Range 33 Grave 35)

Edward M. Spencer 2-23-1904 (Sec 4 Range 50 Grave 83)

Infant Ed Spencer 10-17-1901 (Sec 4 Range 50 Grave 83)

Josie Spencer 6-24-1896 (Sec 4 Range 56 Grave 54)

James Albert Spencer 4-13-1968 (Sec 7 Range 19 Grave A)

Helery Spencer 12-27-1969 (Sec 16 Range 14 Grave 14)

Louisa B. Spencer 7-19-1903 (Sec Col'd B ange 31 Grave 14og)

Jesse Spencer 1-5-1918 (Sec CW Range 39 Grave 27)


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