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Data submitted by Jack and Carol Mertens

Pleasant Level Farm Cemetery

located near Columbus, Kentucky


Located 1 1/2 miles southeast of Columbus, Kentucky on State Route 58, then north and east on Resin Road, approximately 1 mile at Bowles Creek (this road could have been originally , The Columbus - Springhill road according to a local genealogist). It is situated on a knoll on the present day farm of Connie and Betty Keene.


When The Pleasant Level Farm was sold in 1946, a 30' x 30' plot of ground was reserved in the deed and dedicated as The Pleasant Level Cemetery, it contains the following family members:

   Thomas Winn, Sr. 1785 - 1862

   Maria Bull Cooke Winn 1784 - 1853

   Thomas Winn, Jr. 1824 - 1908

   Isabelle Winn Taylor 1816 - 1853

   Sidney H. Young 1831 - 1855

   Mariah Winn Redman 1863 - 1918

   Sarah Gaines Winn 1849

   Kate Higby Greene Winn 1840 - 1921 (no marker based on family record)

   other family members may be interred there, no markers


History of the original land grant:

In 1811, Thomas Winn met and married Maria Bull Cooke  in Versailles, Woodford County, Kentucky. All of the couples ten children were born there.

About 1832, they moved and lived in Henry County, Kentucky where we assume they worked at farming.

About 1835, the couple and some of their children settled on an approximate 1000 acre tract of undeveloped land in the northwest section of Hickman County near Columbus, Kentucky on present day Bowles Creek and Resin Road.

Thomas, the son of Hezakiah Winn and Christiana Bowles was born in Hanover County, Virginia. Maria Bull Cooke, the daughter of John Esten Cooke and Catherine Burton Nourse was born in Berkeley County, Virginia (now in West Virginia). Thomas was a brick maker and farmer by trade. He and his family began clearing the land and eventually built a large four room log home that contained fireplaces in each room.

Thomas was a County Magistrate and the family were members of the Christian Church, Maria was Episcopal by birth. Maria died in 1853 and Thomas died in 1862, both are buried in the family cemetery.

Thomas Winn, Jr. took over the operation of the farm, and later that same year married Kesiah (Kate)A. Greene, daughter of Thomas Bryant and Nancy Higby Greene. The couple had two children that we know of, Maria and Susan Mary.

Thomas Winn, Jr. died in 1908 and was buried in the family cemetery. Kate died in 1921 and according to family records is buried in the family cemetery, although no headstone is visible.

We assume that the farm was sold to E.B. Griffin during that time period.


Written by Jack Mertens for Carol Mertens, Great-Great-Grandaughter of Thomas and Maria Winn.

(this is written based on records and facts from different family histories,  please feel free to contact me of any changes to document).

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