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Harlan County Coal Camp, help Identify
 HarlanCo Kentucky Research

Updated 3/18/10

Harlan County USA Movie
Academy Award Winner 
Filmed: Harlan County:
Harlan: Coal Mining Families
Brookside Coal Miners Strike 1973
Five Stars

 Harlan County, Ky War Dead
World War Two


  World War Two
Ages Cumberland Kildav Sunshine
Alva Dartmont LeJunior Teetersville
Bardo Dayhoit Lenarue Three Point
Baxter Disney Liggett Totz
Benham Elcomb 9344 Louellen Tremont 
Black Joe Evarts Loyall Tway 
Bledsoe Fairview  Lynch  Twilla
Blue Diamond Grays Knob Mary Alice Van Lear
Brookside Gulsten Mary Helen Verda
Cartons Creek Harlan Molus Wallins
Cawood  High Splint Napier Willhoit 
Chevrolet Holmes Mill Nolansburg White Star
Closplint Hulen Path Fork Yancy
Coalgood Insull Putney  
Coldiron Jones Creek Red Bud  
Coxton Kitts Ross Point  
Cranks Creek Keith Shields  
Crummies Kenvir Straight Creek Beach Grove

Harlan  County Ky, Land Grants

Life in Harlan County: 1939 Coal Miners Strike
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Willian (Bill) Hall) and group of men, Photo-Need help to identify

Coal Miner Memories: A poem

These Photos are available in the 1939 edition of Time Magazine 

Harlan County Ky Census 

1800 1810 *1820 *1830 *1840 1850 *1860 1870 1880 1900 1910 1920

Harlan County Query Board
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1857 to 1862 Marriages
1875 to 1891 Marriages
1892 to 1894 Marriages
Marriage, divorce,  license 1924-25 
 Marriages 1854 to 1862
Transcribed records below

Marriage Book A.  1818 to 1905 Search by Groom, Bride and  Date
Submitted By: Elton Bingham

1888  Harlan Tax list for Harlan Kentucky
submitted By: Elton Bingham
1891 Tax List for Harlan Kentucky
Submitted By:Elton Bingham

Pace Death Certificates transcribed by Darlene Pace

Anna Short Bige Gross Mary Howard Farley Albert Nolan
Mrs Carlo Hall Obit Nancy Brewer Raymond Johnson Rubie Johnson
Chad Nolan Vicie *McIntosh* Nolan Bud Brewer Adron Nolan
McKinley Napier Lorinda Brewer Ingles Submit a death cert Elijah Green Smith
Polly Callihan Silas Boggs Bish Boggs  / Murdered  Robert  Creech
DenverCreech Raymond Johnson Susie Johnson Silvanie Johnson
Daniel Johnson CoalMiner  Carter Coots Coal Miner  Frank Roark /Bell Co Wolford Johnson 
Nannie Napier Sarah J. Blevins Johnson Leonard Jason Penley Ora Halcomb 
Anna Estes /Cert/Obit Hiram G. Wilson  Will D. Estes Cert/Obit  George W. Short 
Dora Synthea Martin  Charlie O. Martin  James McCreary Cert /Obit   Sally McCreary Cert/Obit 
Rice Whitaker Johnson   Rice Johnson (Miner)  Bud Brewer Headstone  Alexander Burke
Sarah Ann Shoupe Nolan  Sudie Hensley Shoupe  Elige Middleton  James  V. Gross
Phoebe T. Carr  William Henry Roberts James Johnson Carolina Johnson
Mack Johnson  Rachel Lundy  Ethel McQueen  Mallie Howard 
Preston McIntosh Sarah *Brewer* McIntosh Bradley Cox   Garland R. Beals
Bige Blevins  Polly Coots  Polly M Johnson  Gladys E. Johnson
Charles Johnson Sr  William F. Johnson  Bessie Bennett Linnie Jenkins 
Lourelda George Visa Nolan Floyd Stephen Johnson  Letticia Halcomb
Daniel Halcomb J.W. Bennett  Sophia Kansas Cole  Minnie Bryant 
Frank  Roark David Eldridge Frank  Roark  submit a death cert
J.C. Roark  Elhanon Roark  Carr Eldridge Boyd Wilson 
Lucille Moses Pauline Moses  Harrison Moses   Henry Maggard 
Tilda Maggard  Nelson Messer  Wood King   Anderson B. Noe 
Lucinda Bull  Louisa Day Litty S. Williams James Will Day
Arthur Williams Sr Elbert Williams Bertha Day Grace Isaacs
Jarvis J.Noe  Bill Williams  Sebery Pace Hall William Buell 
Jack Pace Polly King Felix King  Noble Day Death 
Nathan Harris Noe John D. Noe Remus Delph  Felix King Obit/ Cert
Henderson L Day  Leander Ledford William Day John Day 
Leander S. Ledford Lloyd Day  Rebeckey Day Daniel Boone Day
Daniel Boone Day  Monia Unthank  John Noe Death John Noe
Archie Nolan Obit  Ruby Nolan  E.A. Sergent   Georgia Sergent 
Hubert Moses  Cert/Stone Evelyn Montgomery  Elizabeth Crumm Nancy Faye Canady
Amanda Laws Obit Garrett S. Gross Obit Lucy Curry Obit Gladys "Cooper" Curtis
Audrey "Ball" Neal Obit Anna Pauline Kaylor Dixie Day Obit Henry Collins 
Edith Faye Pullom Alice Crabtree  Arvel F. Burkhart Helen Ackley 
Herman Looney Oscar Randolph Georgr C.Burkhart James Collins Photo
Mrs Daisy Taylor Obit Job Whitehead Obit Jane Gentry Obit Joanah Pope Cawood 
George Malicoat Jr  Ludie Jones Obit 1925 SGT B.H. King Obit  Frank Bellini Obit-1923
Henry Garrett Prewitt Henry Garrett Prewitt /HS Mrs Carlo Hall Obit Ray Kelly Obit
William Turner Obit  Lucy Johnson DC  Berry Neely DC  Claude Johnson DC
James Roark DC  George Johnson Age 71 DC  George Johnson Age 61 DC  Carlo Johnson DC
Calvin Johnson DC Malinda Johnson  DC Dorie Mae Lively  DC Wyley Johnson   DC
Sarah Johnson   DC Doris Noe DC Martha A.Parsons  DC Mrs Lillie Hesler and Infant son Obit 1928
Sarah Lou Harris Obit 1944 James C.Burkhart Obit 1944   Corp. Willis Lee Brock  Pfc. Robert W. Creech
Pfc. Beecher Howard Pvt. Andrew Burkhart William Campbell Creech Pfc. Paul H Jones

George W. Short Adrian Nolan
Cora Ellen Nolan Lorinda Brewer
Cleda Mae Johnson Virgle Johnson
Charlene Johnson Cloey Wilson 
Fred Johnson Rice W. Johnson
George Johnson Charles Edward Johnson
Pearlie Johnson James Dillard Howard 
Elizabeth Howard Lucy Howard 
Speed J. Bryant   James. W. Bennett 

Wilkerson Farley Bible Record

Harlan County Family Photographs 
First Black Diamond Festival

Odds and Ends

Each month we will honor the memory of  our love ones
Johnny Osborne
who touched our lives and left  footprints upon our hearts with memories to precious to be lost in time.

Blane /Sudie Grubbs Abraham Bennett / Bessie Short Bud Brewer
Hannah Hall Smith / Family Robert Lee *Miner* Cornelius /Ameldia Nolan Wilder
William /Jane *Howard* Nolan Hyde Children 1945 Silas / Susanna Miniard Boggs
Elsie *Simpson* Gross  William Henry/Amanda Ellen "Sergent" Laws Farley Family 
The Howard photo removed.2/16/04 Susanna Harris Emmett /Nannie Napier Spurlock
Mahan Ellison Coal Camp Jefferson / Martha Nolin Hall Adron Nolan
Joyce Charlene Johnson Shannon Bennett Hall  family Charles Edward Johnson
 Lovey Jane Lee Wanda Mae Barker/Halcomb Leonard / Bertha White Penley
David F /Sylvania Napier Lee Roxie Brewer Ray Hamp/Joanna Gross Nolan
Green / Verda Skidmore Sarah Jane Blevins Johnson Wolford Johnson
Thomas / Mae Moore Bulich Cameliza (Osborn) Skidmore Nelson/Emily(Ledford) Skidmore
Steve and Mossie Skidmore Thomas Sheffee/Doshia Fee/MaryPace Lee Wilson /Warren Carden
Ralph Nolan James M./Mamie R. Wilson Miller Howard Family 1902
Ben F. Noe & Others Lee Arthur Fox Hershel Rainey
1896 Harlan County Men Thomas Jefferson King John Bailey and family
JohnR /Margaret Collins Blakley Bea /Claude Robinson / family James Smith
Jack/Ethel Brooks Rigney Family Nicholas/Fannie/Rebecca/Ball Bartle Melton/Workers The L&N
Abraham/Irene Garrison Nolan Bryan Powers abt 1946 Lillie Johnson
Bessie/Herbert/Mackinnely/Smith Wm Andrew Lee/ wife Lovey Saylor Elige/ Lizzie Howard Middleton
Mae * Boggs* Nolan Polly Mae Johnson Cora Nolan Freeman 
David F Lee /John M. Napier  John M /Elizabeth Garrett Napier  David F Lee / Slyvania Napier
John H. Blanton / family1908 Johnny Barker Dora Bell Hall 
Flora /Kirk/Garrett/ old photo  Unknown Harlan County Girls  James F.Burnes /Cy Jones/Miners
Middleton Reunion  Middleton Family Photos  Middleton Reunion Cousins 
Eliza A. Thompson Napier (86)yrs  Cecil Napier Mossie J(Napier) Skidmore
Hiram Shackleford    Steve Osborne
Sudie Osborne  Manerva Howard  Andrew Caddell 
WillieOsborne  Tom/Babe/Shackleford  Wix_Howard_Headstone
Manerva Howard   Anna Larue Caddell  Johnny Osborne
Mildred /Verna Shackleford  James Osborne Frank Finley Shackleford
Willie Osborne  Damon Martin/unknown lady  Damon Martin /unknown lady
Unknown young girl  Damon Martin /unknown girl Unknown Photo
Bardo School Bardo Company Store  Bardo Coal Tipple 
James/Elizabeth Nolan Curry  Chester /Susie Curry Irvin Martha and Tilda Curry 
Robert/ Dora B. Turner Collett James / Elizabeth Curry  Chet/Martha Curry Turner 
Susie Curry 8yrs old  Loretta Irvin Whitehead  Curry family 
Roscoe Baker  Sarah Dean  John D.Dean
Isaiah Wilson/Hannah Osborne  Coles--Deans--Stewarts   Submit a family photo
Virginia Orick Maxine Martin  Glen/Fay Dean Shackleford
Bradley / Geneva Dean  Jane Dean Ewell Stewart 
Hiram/Louisa/McCreary Wilson  Hiram Wilson Family  Sgt Hayward Grubbs
Blanton and Brock reunion 1958  Dillard Brown  Blanton's 
Philous S. Saylor/Perlina Burkhart  Hester (Hettie) Burkhart   Waiting for the Train 1910
Louise Wilson and children Unknown Hubbard/Smiddy Ida Elvira Johnson
Steward Shell 1916 John Curry Jr/ Ice truck Ages,Ky James*Loyd* Louisa Napier Turner 
Solomon Hubbard Spanish War Solomon and Lou Smiddy  Hubbard Julia Hubbard/Lee June.Hubbard 
James and Elizabeth Curry /Cousins Deliliah Smiddy  James and Lloyd Curry 
Dora Belle *Turner*Curry Louise Curry Sargent John and Lee J. Hubbard Curry 
Willie Mae Smiddy Luke Hubbards Store, Ages Ky  John Curry Jr/Coxton Ky 
Bob Brown-Roy Sargent  Sargent/Brown/Howard  Curry/Brown/Hensly/Ellis/Sargent 
Ralph Nolan  Willie and Flora Nolan  William/Elizabeth Shoemaker
Lee Finley Johnson Deputy Sheriff  James V. Gross Sheriff Candidate  Israel and Joana Miniard Napier
Elige Middleton  Hugh and Martha Shoupe Hall Harmon, Tom, Ida, Howard, Fred Middleton 
Ida Elvira *Johnson* Shoemaker William/Elizabeth/Redman/Shoemaker Monroe/Bessie/Gadd/Shoemaker
Calvin Simpson  Matilda Simpson Nancy Middleton/Dorothy Shoupe
Blevins and Johnson Family   Cox Family Photo  John Day
John Huff and Mary J Miniard  Rebecca Mae Huff  Mallie Huff and Alafair Huff
Almon Huff Eli Huff  Cawood Family 
John Morgan Middleton /  family Hiarm Cawood and  Sallie Brittain  Carlo Brittain and Sallie Hamlin
Narcissa Howard Middleton and William T. Middleton James T Middleton Photo and newspaper article Martha Dean 
John  *Loyd* Turner Harvey Lee  *Sam* Turner  J.B Roberts 
Louisa Napier Turner and Maltilda Napier Harris Berry Hayward Curry Wayne Cupp Photo
Bardo Coal Miners name index Bardo Ky 1940 Miners Employee Benjamin Harris Spurlock 
Green and Vina Skidmore  William Turner the third Mary Chadwick Fiorini
 Ethel Fiorini  Photo Virgie Bays and Pat Lay Family  Sarah Coomer and Bert Fields
Thad Warsaw Bays William, Hobert, Charley/ Gillis George  Steve Stewart
Andrew Napier  Louisa Blevins Madden King Dora Madden and Levi Gilbert 
Issac Madden Isaac, Callie and Johnny Madden Louise Jackson
Dolly and Burley Smith Perry  Hensley Sirelda Jane Brittain
Carl Brittain  Lizzie Brewer Marion Stewart and Lizzie Brewer
Cornellia Collins  Burt Hensley and family 1902  Crummies Creek Coal Miners 1940
Ella King Tomlinson Twedt/1925  Doc Madden Photo Louis Grubbs Photo
Lemuel *Paris* Smith Photo John Shell--131 years old--Photo Mildred Daniels/ Ethel Simpson
Harold Doug and Lois Ball  Benson and Brenda Ball Photo Mary Cottenham Folk 
Mildred Daniels/Ethel Simpson Emily Ann (Skidmore) Grubbs   Shirley Cox
Polly Middleton Cox  Otis ( Tad ) Minerva Middleton King Polly Middleton Trett 
Clarence Cox  Minerva and Polly Middleton Harlan Ky Law Officers
Harrison Moses  Harlan Police Officers  William Caldwell/ Dora Bell Gross Howard 
Josiah (Joe) L. Howard Elijah S. Howard/Lucinda Asher Howard  Elijah Howards Family
Malinda Brock Homeplace  The Brock Boys Sons  Owen Stanley Howard
Elijah J./Elizabeth Forrester Howard  Grandkids of Berry and Malinda Caldwell Brock  Elijah S. Howard and Lucy Asher Howard and family 
Fannie Sizemore Stanton Felix King  Thomas King 
Andrew Howard--Lee Ward---Bev Howard--Chester Wilson  Edith Middleton Houston  Sam Huston/Edith Middleton
Jill McDonald Threatte Dykes L and N Section Gang, Loyall,, Ky Photo 1923  Chockley King photo
Chockley King 1942 photo  John Dishman Nolan & family  William / Jane/Griffith/Gross
Paulis/Ola Mae "Cornett" Hall My Memories  By: Paulis Hall George C/ Catherine Ledington Burkhart
George Collins WW Two  Cluster "Buddy" Osborne  Lonnie Vincent Collier
Vinnie Jones Photo Alonzo Branson 19 yrs old  Branson Family
Lincoln Branson Ed Osborn/Ham Shoup/Toby Moore   Meeks Family Reunion 1951
Amanda Laws/Narciss Bennet/Nancy J. Sergent Blain and Joan Sergent Photo Cecil Lingar Laws 
Lingar and Ora Sergent Wilder Geniva Cloud Photo Jack Nolan 
Theodore Hightower Thomas Hicks Ethel "Randolph" Hicks
Chappells Dairy Employes  Grant Smith and family  Grant and Mary Smith 
Robert and Delia Turner  Minerva and Mary Chadwick Photo Joseph,Smith,Chadwick,Walker, McCabe
Charles Youngblood Johnny Carl Hall  Photo Vietnam Lela and Lizzie Photo
  Glenn Powell: WW Two Photo  

Harlan  County Class Photos and Churches
Evarts School 1925
Loyall Basketball Team 1935
Kelly High School: 1933  off site
Loyall Choir 1949
Alice Balls Kindergarden class
Miss Mosleys 1st and 2nd grade class
Ages Grade School Class of 1957--Sixth  Grade
Three Point Class Photo 1933/1935
Wallins Creek Class Photo 1930s
Ages Grammar School 1957---First grade Grade
The Old  Incline Class Photo
Benham High School 1932-off site
Three Point 7th and 8th--off site
Evarts High School 1964
Mr Roaden Principal of Blackstar High School  Photo
Fifth Grade Class Photo 1933 Insull, Ky. Blackstar
Eight Grade Class Photo, 1939, Insull, Ky--Blackstar
1942-1943 Class Photo Blackstar, Insull, Ky
Christmas Choir Photo Insull, Ky,  Blackstar 1933
Ages Grammar School Mid 1920s
Ages Grammar School 1956
High Splint Baseball Team 1955-1957
Salt Trace Class Photo 1936-1937 
Mrs Nellie Brocks 5th Grade  Cawood
Verda Grade Ky School 1939 Photo
Harlan County Yearbook Photos
Wallins Creek 1933/34  4th Grade Photo
Sunshine Class of 1939 Photo
Wallins Sports Team Memories
Yancy Church
Three Point Grade School 
Verda School 3rd Grade- 1935-1936

 Harlan County Marriage Certificates
Submit : Marriage Certificates
Abe Bennett and Bessie Short William Noe and Anna Harris
Adrian and Ruby Nolan Chester Turner and Martha Curry
Lillie Johnson and Bradley Clem James Ingle and Lorinda Brewer
Sherman Bush and Margaret Hall W.L Clark and Ollie B. Bush
Tennessee Bush and Amy McKinney Silas Boggs and Susannah Miniard
Harvey Napier and Victoria Napier Preston Maggard and Susie Creech
Simon Scott and Darcus Fouch? D. G. Nolen and Margaret Brewer
Asher Noe and Sally Ledford Walter Thomas and Matilda Swanson
Nash Marion and Mourning Napier William Creech and Virginia Turner
Joseph Nowlin/Nolan and Eliza Farmer Nathan Thomas and Polly A. King
Silas Boggs and Clarinda McDaniel Silas Boggs and Polly Jane Pennington
Philip Johnson and Susan Brock John and Ann Watkins Nolan-1787
Damon Martin and Virginia Orick Bill Napier and Georgia Orick
Fred Shoupe and Nancy Middleton  David Shoupe and Susie Hensley
James Blanton and Matilda Simpson   A.B. Lewis and Martha Nolan 
Roy L. Jennings and Eva Jenkins Marriage Cert Jonathon Squire Bryant and Minnie Cole
Otis Lee Noe and Pauline Partin Marriage Ewell Day and Lucy Farmer Marriage
Lucy Jane Blevins 7th Marriage 1944 Submit A Marriage Cert/Article here

Harlan Daily Enterprise
P.O. Box E, 1548 U.S. Highway 421 South 
Harlan, Kentucky 40831 

1800's  Newspaper Articles
Other States
Burkhart and Gross: Pennsylvania * Gettysburg * The Star And Sentinel *1885
Three Men Killed, Middleton, Shackleford, Middleton, *The Portsmouth Times*1894 
Three Dead: Johnson, Howard and Neal, Maryland, Frederick *The News* 1884 
John Nolan, Kills Edward Pace and one Sitzer: llinois *Decatur*The Daily Review*1892
Newaspaper Obits 1916-1990---With Harlan Ky Connections 

Harlan County Pension Applications 
Submit Rev War Pension Applications
 Henry Smith Revolutionary War Patriot
John Nolin/Nolan
William L. George Burial site:War War 11
Old John Shell--Testimonials: Aug 8 1920
Samuel Howards Rev War Pension Application
Jesse Brock  Rev War Pension Application

Harlan County Court Cases

      Harlan County Obits

Submit: Harlan County Obits here.
All Obits submitted by:  Elva Nolan Morgan unless otherwise noted
E-Mail-  Elva Nolan Morgan

Josira Boggs D. G. and Margaret Brewer Nolan  Jane A. Irvin Obit
Michael Ray Ball Obit Carlos Napier Denvil Maggard
E. C. Brittain Jackie B. Nolan Jeanette Blair
Jesse Saylor Jim Middleton Margaret *Bledsoe* Nolan
Melinda Tomilnson Martha Creech Nolan Susan Malicoat
Roxie *Helton* Nolan Otis Click C. F. C. Nolan
Chester Howard Nancy *Smith* Nolan Denver Short
Bryan Ellis Bryan Whitfield Betsey Ann Howard
Denver Short Dora Howard Dorothy *Wilson* Collett
Earl Lee Johnson Edna Mae Sizemore Elbert Sizemore
Elizabeth *Pennington* Lankford Farmer Asher Floyd Smith
Hazel McKnight Ida Cornett Isaac Hyde
Larwence Shackleford Myrtle *Stewart* Ball Mammie *Wilson* Miller
John Mark Hopkins Lenore *Tudor* Nolan Mary Lee Unthank
Minerva Ledford Nettie Ellis Pearl McGeorge
Sally *Fee* Pace Pearl Farmer William Finley Lanham
Taylor Roark Sue *Middleton* Perkins Verley Spurlock Ledford
Riley Ball Archie Brock Jr Dewey Wayne Curry
Clarence Wells  (Miner 1926) Robert Elmore ( Miner 1922) Elsie (Alcey) Simpson Gross 
Carl Carmack Kersey  Sadie Thomas Nancy Mimeau 
Mary Ellen Johnson O. Howard Dean Jr  Willie Nolan
Lawrence Ward Sr  Mintie Ward Elsie Ward Lawson 
Steve Skidmore  Evan Glenn Martin  Green Skidmore 
Della Hensley Howard Skidmore  Marvin "Monk" Skidmore 
Oliver "Ollie" Skidmore  Nolan Obits  George W. Short 
Flora Nolan Obit  Ralph Nolan  Catherine *Jacobs* Unthank
Bodie Nolan Obit Lucille Nolan Obit Opal Bohannon Obit
Audrey Neal Obit Daisy Wallace  Obit Moses Lemual Ball Obit
Michael Ray Ball Obit Jane A. Irvin Obit C.H. Beal Obit
Laura Hendricks Obit  James Eugene Brock  Ages Ky Ronnie Curtis  Brookside, Ky
Mark Morgan Poem/Gravesite Marker Calvin Franklin Brown   Mary Hyde-July 1922 Obit
Frances Hall Obit 1922 Lois Wallace Obit--1922 Mrs Cora Creech Obit
Flossie Mae Huddleston/Napier Sheriff Floyd Ball and Deputy Sheriff J. J.. Hensley 1928 Martin and Betty Ann Sergent 1928
Lissie Jenkins Obit Ruby Nolan Obit John M. Trusty Obit
James E Jenkins Obit Lissie Jenkins Obit William Cox Obit
Mossie Burkhart Obit Cynthia Cloud Obit Frank Blair Obit
Jack Absher Obit  Mrs Thomas King Obit Carter King Death Notice
George W. Ball: Headstone and Obit John Hightower Jr:  Headstone John Hightower Sr:  Headstone
Peggy Sue Johnson: Obit/Headstone Cheryl Ann Bargo Headstone Smith Cemetery. Gabes Branch Ages, Ky
Smith Cemetery. Gabes Branch Ages, Ky Burkhart Cemetery Gabes Branch. Ages Boggs Cemetery Ages Ky
Brookside Cemetery Headstone  Evarts Memorial Gardens 


Harlan County Mystery Photographs
       Mystery Photos Of Harlan County
Group of Men From Harlan
Unknown Girl

Harlan County Births

1852 Birth Records 1861 Birth Records
1853 Birth Records 1875 Birth Records
1854 Birth Records 1876 Birth Records
1855 Birth Records 1878 Birth Records
1856-1857 Birth Records 1903-1904 Birth Records
1857-1858 Birth Records 1911-1920 Birth Records
1858 Birth Records 1921-1930 Birth Records
1859 Birth Records 1931-1940 Birth Records

Harlan County Marriages

Marriage Records 1818-1825 1875 Marriages
1852 Marriages 1876-1878 Marriages
1853 Marriages Marriage Records 1893-1895
1854-56 Marriages Marriage Records 1893-1895 pg. 2
1857-58 Marriages 1903-1904 Marriages
1859 Marriages Marriage Records,  letter "C"
1861 Marriages Marriage Records 1924
Marriage Records 1872-1874 Knox County Marriages 1801-1825

 Harlan Co Deaths
Current Death Records

1852 Death Records 1859 Death Records
1853 Death Records 1861 Death Records
1854-1855 Death Records 1875-1877 Death Records
1856-1857 Death Records 1878 Death Records
1858 Death Records 1903-1904 Death Records

Hamilton Telegraph
Butler County, Ohio
Thursday, June 28, 1849
The Oldest Man in America

GEORGE BUCKHART, living in Harlan County, Ky., is one hundred and
fourteen years old; was born in Germantown, Pa., and has lived for
several years in a hollow sycamore tree, of such dimensions as to
contain his family, consisting of a wife and five or six children, bed
and bedding, cooking utensils, &c.  He professes to hold to the Lutheran
faith.                                   Submitted By: Judy Simpson

Kentucky Vital Records
Kentucky Department for Public Health
Office of Vital Statistics
275 East Main Street
Frankfort, KY  40621
(502) 564-4212

Harlan was created from Knox County in 1819 so some early Knox records will be included here

Deeds 1820-22 Cen Brady Citizenship
Deeds 1823-24 Hall Guardianship
Deeds 1825 Harris Guardianship
Index and Images from Deed Book A Howard Guardianship
 Early Knox County Court Records Smith Guardianship
  1831 Court Records 1 1831 Court Records 2

 Harlan County News
L & N Railroad Comes to Harlan County
Ball amd Colson Feud, Riley Ball fatally Wounded
1924 Newspapers Articles
Chester Howard fatally wounded 1924
Harlan County News 1922
1925-1925 newspaper articles Murders and more 6 pages
Howard/Turner Feud
George Baker-Fatal coal mining report 1961

Ages--Brookside-Ky.   A Mining Camp
Births-- Deaths--Photos
Brookside Post Office and Company Store 1940
Brookside Miners Baseball Team
Brookside Beer Garden Orchestra abt 1940 
Bill Peterson: Disk Jockey For Evarts High School Reunions
Ages Ridge Coal Company--Ages, Kentucky
Postcard with coal miners photo. This mine only operated from 1914 to 1915. If your ancestors, lived in Ages and was a coal miner then he could be in this photo postcard. Please help identify
Click here for photo

 Harlan County Census Records

Harlan was created from Knox County in 1819. A tax list was created of all men over the age of  twenty one, to ensure they voted in the county of residence 

 Submit your files, photographs, stories, to  Harlan Research,  Harlan County Kentcky
 Contact Elva Nolan Morgan

Harlan County Census Records
 Harlan was created from Knox County in 1819, Early Knox county records will be posted here
Harlan 1820 Census Index Knox County Tax List 1800
Harlan 1820 Census Knox County Tax List 1801
Harlan 1830 Census Index Knox County Tax List 1802
Harlan 1830 Census Knox County Tax List 1803
Harlan 1840 Census Index Knox County Tax List 1804
Harlan 1840 Census Knox County Tax List 1805
1870 Harlan County Census Knox County Tax List 1806
Harlan 1860 Census  Knox County Tax List 1807
Harlan 1880 Index to Census Knox County Tax List 1808
Harlan 1890 Veterans Schedule  Knox County Tax List 1809
1900 Harlan Census Index and Images 1810 Knox County Tax list
1910 Harlan Census Index and Images 1819 Tax List, Knox  to Harlan
Harlan 1920 Harlan Census Images  Knox 1810 Census Index

Books About Harlan County Kentucky
Books I purchased and own.
  These books are listed as History and Genealogy reference only.
If you have a book related to Harlan County and it's people. I will list it here.
1. Coming Down The Cumberland: History of the Maggard Family-- V. N. Bud Phillips
2. Black Diamonds In My Own Backyard-- Rufus J. Bailey
3. Growing Up Hard In Harlan County: G. C Jones
4. Days Of  Darkness-- John Ed Pearce
5. Generations-- John Egerton
6. Stinking Creek-- John Fetterman
7. The Tarnished Knight:  Sheriff of Harlan County Paul L. Browning:  W.C Stump, *Browning was murdered in 2003*
8. We Be Here When Morning Comes: Bryan Woolley 
9. My Land Is Dying-- Harry Caudill
10. Before We Forget-- William D. Forester
11. Pioneer Families Of  Eastern Kentucky: William C.Kozee
12. Up And Down Greasy-- Leonard W. Roberts
13. Harlan Miners Speak-- Theodore Dreiser 
14. Harlan County Goes To War-- William D. Forester
15.The Shame that is Kentucky's--By: E. J Costello
16. Black Diamond 1924 Year book.  Harlan High School
17. Patriots Of  Kentucky---World War II-Names and photos  all Kentucky 
18. The Hurricane Creek Massacre----By: Thomas N. Bethel
19. Christmas Pardons for the Harlan Miners----Kentuckys Defense Fund
20. Poems Out Of Harlan County-- Vivian Shipley
21. Big John Wright-- "Pine Mountain"Phillip K. Epling
22. Tap Roots-- A History Of CloverFork: Evarts Humanities Class-1987/88
Cemeteries were documented for East Harlan and history was written for each  mining camp By Evarts High School Students.
23.  Hearings , United States Senate 1937 Harlan County.
24. My Appalachia--Rebecca Caudill
25. Resthaven Cemetery Book-- Harlan Hertiage Seekers
26. Howard Turner Feud--New York Newapaper--1892
27. Hatfields and McCoys
28. 1823 Kentucky law--Actual Court  cases--Cherokee Indians--land disputes., Cherokee school students, Indian names only.
*Hell In Harlan
* 1921 West Va Annual Coal Mine Report
*1912 West Va Annual Coal Mine Report
*20,000 Coal Company Camps
*Senate Hearings-Harlan, Ky--1937
*Coal Fields of the United States--1917
*Fire In the Hole--Seltzer

29. Inspector Of  Mines Ky-- 1893-1895-1905-1906-1908-1912-1914-1915-1926  Books PURCHASED AND FULL RIGHTS  GIVEN TO ME BY:
Cathy Prothro:  [email protected]
Secretary to the Commissioner
Dept. of  Mines and Minerals:  Transcribed  by Elva Nolan Morgan
Ky Annual Coal Mine reports are rare and very few exists. 
Number of fatalities reported but no names publishedfor the years 1916-  1917- 1919- 1920- 1921- 1923- 1924- 1928--1929- 1930-1931-1932-1933-1934-1935-1936-1937-1938-1939-

30. The Appalician: Oct 1934-Feb-Mar-May 1935-
31. A Pictorial History Of  Harlan County , Ky-- Harlan Daily Enterprise Microfilm
32. Harlan Census Books-1820-1830-1840-1850--1870-1880-CDs 1900-1910--1920--1930
33. 1860--Holly Fee, 
34. 1870-- Janette and Gertrude Nolan, 
35. 1880--Holly Fee Timm
36. 1900--Transcribed: Elva Nolan Morgan
37. 1910- Transcribed; Elva Nolam
38. 1920--Indexed by: Elva Nolan Morgan
39. 1930 Census working on index.
40.  Brookside--A pictorial of Brookside residents. Vol--1--Vol--2---Vol 3
41  Harlan American--1908--Microfilm
42. Harlan Enterprise--1922 to 1923--Microfilm
43. Harlan Enterprise--1924 to 1925--Microfilm
44.  Harlan American--1925 to 1928---Microfilm
45.  1926--1927--Harlan Enterprise   Microfilm
46.  Thousansticks--Hyden, Ky--1906---1922---Microfilm
47.  Tri City News--1941---Cumberland--Microfilm
48.  Tri City News-- 1946--Cumberland--Microfilm
49.  Tri City News--1947--Cumberland--Microfilm
50.Harlan Enterprise--1944 July to Dec--Microfilm
51.  Harlan Enterprise--1949--Jan to June--Microfilm
52   Harlan Enterprise--1949--July--Dec. Microfilm
53.  Ky Vitals--1852 to 1938 Death Statistics 
1852 to 1910-- Birth , Marriage, and Deaths for, Lee,  Leslie,  Letcher,  Lewis, Lincoln Counties
54.  Ky Vitals--1852 to 1938--Birth and Death Statistics.
1852 to 1910--Birth,  Marriage, and Death for, Hancock, Hardin,  Harlan,  Harrison Counties

Harlan County Cemetery Records

Clyde and Beatrice Rainey
            Billy Jean Rainey               bbBill

Ball Cemetery
Evarts 1 Cemetery
Blackjoe Cemetery
Evarts 2 Cemetery
Blanton Cemetery
Evarts 3 Cemetery
Burkhart 1 Cemetery
Jones Cemetery
Burkhart 2 Cemetery
Musick Cemetery
Dean Cemetery
Cemetery Records Online
Fee Cemetery
Britton Cemetery
Dizney Church of God
Noe Cemetery
Smith Family Cemetery
 Ball Cemetery
Sergent Cemetery
  Huff Cemetery
Hiram C Lewis Cemetery
Metcalf Cemetery
Alva Memorial Gardens
Wilson Cemetery
 Jonathan Cornett Cemetery
Farmer Cemetery 
Nolan Cemetery 
 Resthaven Cemetery Coming Soon Index of  Names
Browning Cemetery
 Shoemaker-Johnson Cemetery 
Short--Witt Cemetery
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Harlan County Cemeteryombstones Images
Brookside Cemetery Tombstone Images
Augustus Peterson Mary Irene Peterson
Adron Nolan Jarvis Nolan
Ballard Huff Rebecca Huff
Lawson Loveday Bessie Loveday
Edna Crider Irvin Freelin Curtis
Luther Sr and Luther Hubbard Jr Squire Sergent
Joe Lasley Carl and Nettie E. Ball
Tom Short John Silas Clouse
George and Delia Smiddy Shirley Day Webb
Grace Bowling Maggie Stevens
Anthony Mills Biship P. Nolan
John and Sudie Deaton Ronnie "Fats"Curtis: Birthdate:Jan 10, 1950
Death: Mar 13, 2004
Cluster Osborn Cynthia Jones
Sharon Osborn Chester Osborn
Joe Logan and Nannie Ball Chester William Collett
Robert L. Collett Jr Janice Fay McFarland
Larry Clark Nipper Ida M. Igo
Hazel Osborne Jacobs Cecil I. Ball
James Albert McFarland Nicholas  and Belma Brewer
Silus M and Debbie Sergent Ball George W. Irvin
Samuel and Chole Howards   Submit a file
Harlan County Kentucky Cemeteries
Thanks to Adrion L. and Debbie Osborne for preserving many of these images
All photos are copyrighted by the owner ©1999- 2000-2001-2002-2003-2004-2005-2006
Adrian Nolan Joseph Nolan 
Barbara Ann Nolan Thomas Nolan
Roy And Georgie Nolan Osborne Chester and Sally Cooper Nolan
Chadwell and Louisa Turner Nolan Dessie "Effie" (Nolan) Jones
Chadwell N "Chad" Nolan Gillis B & Dora Belle (Blair) Nolan
Dr. William Turner Nolan Enoch Howard & Margaret (Bledsoe) Nolan
Chadwell "Chad" & Jane (Hall) Nolan Jane D (French) Nolan
John H Nolen Ruby Nolan  (Living)
Virgil Nolan Lawrence E Nolan
J. M. Nolan & family Mary Jane Nolan
John & Sallie (Nolan) Wilder Sally (Nolan) Horne
 Denver and Fannie Middleton Nolan  Daisy Nolan Osborne
Willie and Flora Nolan   Joseph Nolan Sr  War 1812
Ira D. Hall Headstone  Wix Howard

Harlan County Schools

Off Site Links
Rosenwald High School History

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Ages school  Cawood School
  Whitestar  Loyall School
 Coxton School  Wallins Creek School
 Evarts High School  Jones Creek School
Shields Verda School
Cranks  Red Bud
Molus Highsplint
Chevrolet Closplint
Little Creek Cawood Nolansburg

 Eastern Kentucky
Coal Mines

 Harlan County Research
Coal Miners Deaths
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Inspector Of  Mines Ky-- 1893-1895-1905-1906-1908-1912-1914-1926  Books *PURCHASED AND FULL RIGHTS  GIVEN TO ME BY:
Cathy Prothro:  [email protected]
Secretary to the Commissioner 
Dept. of  Mines and Minerals:  Transcribed  by Elva Nolan Morgan

Lists condition and names of mines, accidents, deaths for all of Kentucky Counties.

1913----1929 1960----1969
1930----1939 1970----1979
1940----1949 1980----1989
1950----1959 1990----2000
These files are Copyrighted by the owner These files are copyrighted by the owner
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Harlan County Coal Mining Camps
Harlan County Coal Mines Verda, Ky
Hazard Ky A Photo History Bardo
Kenvir Ky
Glenn Robbins Website
Wallins Creek
Ben Jones Website
Sunshine Ky   Benham Ky 
Harlan Colleries Coal Scrip Photo (Brookside Ky)  Life Magazine Harlan 1939 Miners  Strike Photos

Harlan County 
Military Files

Korean War Deaths Harlan Co Revolutionary War Soldiers
Civil War Preservation Program Harlan County in World War II

  Harlan Coal MinersPhotos
And Mining Camps

Black Mountain Mines #30-31 Blue Diamond Coal Camp
Clover Gap Company Store Blue Diamond Tennis Courts
Coal Camp School, Lejunior Blue Diamond Mine
Lynch, Ky Coal Camp School Blaine Sergent and Friends
Carl Ruth and Family Jerry & Nannie Rainey and Family
Sergent Family Photo 2 2 Dixie Darby Miners
Hazard Coal Tipple   1896 Photo of  Harlan County
 Hazard KY A Photo History Brookside Coal Mines
 Black Diamond  Evarts Ky

Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God
  Blessed are the meek for they shall inheriet the earth

Harlan Coal Scrip
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Black Diamond Scrip  Yocum Creek
Little Creek (Bell)  Brookside
 Blackstar Highsplint

Harlan CountyFamily Home Pages

Tim  Hoskins Home Page  John Nolans Decendants Carl Estes Home Page
Slyvenous Brewer Amelia Moore Blevins in Kentucky Lefevers genealogy
The Shortt Genealogy  Submit a file  Submit a file
 Ball Family  Homepage of Aileen Greer Norris Southeastern Kentucky Connections

Harlan County: Things of Interest

Harlan Ky City Guide
  Hotels in Harlan

Bryan W. Whitfield, JR. Public Library
107 North Third Street
Harlan Ky 40831
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Thelma Creech
 Harlan Newspapers
Libraries-Reprographics Dept
University of Kentucky
500 South Limestone
Lexington, KY 40506-0039
Harlan County Clerk
Wanda S. Clem
PO Box 670
205 Central Street
Harlan, KY 40831-0670
Phone: (606) 573-3636
FAX: (606) 573-0064
  Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives,
 300 Coffee Tree Road
 Frankfort KY 40601

 ATTN:  Ms. Alice Yeager
502-564-8300--- ext 319

Caudill Public Library
310 W. Main St
P.O. BOX 14,
Cumberland Ky 40823
Phone: 606-589-2309
Kentucky Historical Society
 100 W. Broadway
Frankfort, KY 40601

    Harlan Co Bios

Don Whithead Ora Hicks son, Coach Billy Hicks
Charles Thomas  George Ella Lyon

Harlan County Archived Queries
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Kentucky Law & African American
 Africian American Miners
  History of Berea College
The Fight for Equal Rights

Kentucky Genealogy From Dr. John J. Dickey's Diary

Number 36 in the series
Number 53 in the series
Number 57 in the series
Number 61 in the series
Kentucky Explorer Article in Reference to Dr. Dickey
surnames mentioned; Farmer, Howard, Roberts, Sizemore, & Williams


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