Harlan County Ky Photos  
Harlan County Photos
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1896 Photo of various people, names listed
Ages Coal Co - postcard
Ages Post Office
Ages School 1920
Ages School 1957
Baker, George - notice of death in the mines
Bailey Family
Ball, Nicholas and family
Bardo Coal Tipple
Bardo Miners, 1940
Bardo School and Company Store
Benham High 1932  off site
Bennett, Abraham and Short, Bessie
Blanton, James and family
Black Mountain Mines #30-31
Blakley, John and Collins, Margaret
Blevins, Sarah Jane
Blue Diamond Mine
Brewer, Bud - Headstone
Brittain, Carlo and  Hamlin, Sallie
Brookside Mines
Bulich Children- headstone
Burns, James
Carden, Warren
Chadwick, Minerva and Mary
Chadwick, Nevey and family
Clover Gap Company Store
Coal Scrip
Cox, Joshua and family
Curry, James and Nolan, Elizabeth
Curry, John
Dixie Darby Miners
Evarts School 1925
Farley Family
Fee, Thomas and Doshia
Fiorini, Mary
Fox, Lee Arthur
Freeman, Cora Nolan
Garrett, Flora (photo from her bible)
George Hubbard Store
George, William - burial site
Grubbs, Blane and Sudie
Hall, Bennett
Hall, Ira D - headstone
Hall, William and unknown group of men, 1902
Harris, Susana
Hicks, Thomas
Howard Family
Howard, Wix - headstone
Howards, Samuel and Chloe - headstone
Huff, Ballard - headstone
Huff, Mallie and Alifair

Hyde Family
Incline School
Insull Christmas Choir 1933
Insull School 1939
Irvin, Chester and Curry, Susie
Johnson, Lillie
Johnson, Wolford
Jones, Cy
Kelly High, Harlan  off site
King, Chokley
L & N Section Gang
Lee, David and Napier, Sylvania
Lee, David and Napier, John
Lee, William and Saylor, Lovely
Lejunior Coal Camp School
Lela and Lizzie - last name unknown
Life Magazine Photos of 1939 Strike
Loyall Basketball Tean 1935
Loyall High School Choir 1949
Lynch School
Middleton, Elige and Howard, Lizzie
Middleton, James T
Miller, James and Mamie
Moore, Toby
Napier, Eliza Thompson
Napier, Emmett
Napier Family
Nolan, Abraham and Garrison, Irene
Nolan, Adron - headstone
Nolan, Barbara
Nolan, Fay - snake handling
Nolan,  John - pension denial
Nolan, Jospeh - headstone
Nolan, William and  Howard, Jennie
Nolan, Willie and Flora - headstone
Osborne, Ed
Penley Family
Peterson, Augustus - headstone
Peterson, Mary - headstone
Police Officers
Powers, Bryan
Prewitt, H C headstone
Roark Children (possible)
Ruth, Carl
Salt Trace School 1936
Sergent, Blaine
Shell, John ("oldest man in the world")
Shell, Steward
Shoemaker, William and Elizabeth
Shope, Ham
Sigsbee, Arban and unknown men
Skidmore, Cameliza
Skidmore, Mossie Jane Napier
Skidmore, Nelson
Smith, Grant
Smith, Hannah Hall
Smith, James
Sunshine School 1939
Three Point School 1930's
Three Point High off site
Turner, James and Napier, Louisa family
Turner, William III
Twedt, Ella King Tomlinson
Unknown 1 (girl)
Unknown 2 (group of men)
Verda Mines
Verda School 1935
Verda School 1939
Waiting for the train
Walker, Andrew
Wallins 4th Grade 1933
Wallins High School 1930's
Wallins Sports 1930's
Wilder, Cornelius and Nolan, Ameldia
Wilson, Lee
Workers on The L&N - Bartle Melton,  Dock Gorkey,  Harlen Griffie,  Ray Morgan,  Harlen Short, Charlie Witley,  De Gibson,  Floyd Baker,  Oskar Smith.
Yancy Church

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