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James T. Middleton
son of James T. Middleton & Abigail Blevins Middleton
James b. 1850, d. 1890 he married Manerva Fee Middleton, b. December 1849, d. June 5, 1936

Excerpts From The Mountain Echo Newspaper:

August 8,-Murdered last Monday evening as James T. Middleton, better known as "Rocky Mountain Jim," Harlan County, was coming to Harlan Court House from the election in company with James Giles preparatory to coming to London as a witness in the Jennings case and when he had reached a point about four or five miles from the town on Catrons Creek, he was fired on from behind trees in the woods by unknown parties and instantly killed. He was shot through and through five or six times with 44 Winchester balls, judging from the wounds. Mr. Giles escaped without injury, the parties probably not having any feeling against him and making the dash to get away as soon as the firing began. Enos Hensley, William McGraw and James Howard were arrested, charged with the murder, but it is the general impression that they were not guilty. They were arrested in consequence of some ill feeling which was engendered between the men at the election, while others we learn suspect friends of Wils Howard as doing it, Mr. Middleton was one of the best known men of Harlan county, and known to be a brave and daring fellow.
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