Harlan Co Ky Photo  
Brookside Mines

Employees of the mines were John Carter, John McKinley, Joe Whitfield. These men were office workers. John Carter was the postal clerk for Brookside. Farmer Asher was the Tipple boss. Company store employee's were. John Sharp, Lenore Cross, Little Bill Cross, Bob Yount and Thelma Nolan.  Harlan Colleries had 200 employees and supplied company housing for it's employees. New Camp homes consisted of four rooms and no indoor plumbing. George Ball was the company carpenter. The homes were very nice compared to other camps in Harlan, County. Company bosses lived in Tipple Holler, the homes were larger and most had indoor plumbing. The medical clinic was located ,across the railroad tracks from  the store. Nurse was Catherine Unthank. Dr Jones, was our company doctor. Later Dr Wilder replaced  Dr Jones. If you were not a miner, you had to use the Ages post office. To rent a Brookside home, you had to be employed by Harlan Collieries Mining Corp. The company had a select way of renting. To move out of the camp , there was a waiting list. Most desired was Brookside Hill and
homes located  on the Clover Fork. Bryan Whitfield Senior had a beautiful white house, located a few ft below New Camp. 

The Beer Garden was a a saloon type nightclub for the miners. It was fashioned after the old western bars with the swinging doors. It opened it's doors abt 1938. The garden closed abt 1943. Maggie Bailey of Kitts was the local bootlegger for east Harlan. Many patrons drove to Cumberland, about 25 miles to legally have a drink and swish and sway across the dance floor. Gordon Peterson was in charge of the Garden. Brookside post office opened it's doors March 30, 1930

Guy Fain, is on the bottom row of the baseball team, fifth man from the right.
Front row 2nd from left. [Jarv Ganes]
3rd. from left.  [Jim Neal]
4th from left.  [Arlie mills]
5th. [Guy Fain]
Back row from left. Mgr. [ Tom Hall]
2nd. back row.[ Jr. Hightower]
 3rd back row[Dukie Jones]
4th [Bill Cross Jr]

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