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Ages Bottom
Ages Bottom, this is where the Ages School and the Baptist church are located  To get into Ages Bottom, you have to cross over the Ages bridge , that was built over the Clover Fork River. At the end of this bottom, you will travel into Ages Holler. Looking on the right, where the brown house sits. Chester Woodard and his wife Pearly Boggs owned a house that was destroyed by fire.  Across from the second building, the Baptist church, the Willinghams lived. The old Mountain Assembly church located by the Willinghams burnt down. Mae Harrison was the Piano Player for the church. The big white house further down was owned by the Saylor family. Boggs  restaurant was located across the street from the Ages School. Owner was Cassie Boggs Yount. Cruseo Huff  lived in Ages Bottom and was the principal of Verda school. Grant Saylor and his wife owned a store  behind Ages school.

 The rail road reached Ages in 1911. The only two mines located in Ages was the Ages Ridge Coal Company, 1914 to 1915, the High Point, 1917 to 1924, this mine was a bucket mine.

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