1910 Harlan Census 

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Page 1a
Fee, Blanton, Thompson, 
Jones, Napier
Page 1b
Hensley, Fee, Garrett,  Brittian, Carter, 
Napier, Burgan
Page 2a
Burkhart, Dean, Coldiron, Sheperd,
Hensley, Croley
Page 2b
Osborn, Irvin, Branson, Eager, Pope, Smith
Page 3a
Johnson,  Irvin, Thomas, Johnson,
Page 3b
Thomas, Ball, Osborn, Harbor, Gilbert, Jones, Dixon, McCreary
Page 4a
Ball, Johnson, Blanton, Dean, Hall, 
Sergent, Mitchel
Page 4b
Noe, Farmer, Patrick, 
Hall, Clem.
Page 5a
Pace, Farmer, Clem, 
Dean, Jones
Page 5b
Crider, Kelly, Smith, Hensley, Irvin, Witt, Eldridge, Lyttle
Page 6a
Burgan, Ball, Lankford, Sergent, Crider, Carmical, King, Cox, Bledsoe
Page 6b
Crider, Kelly, Hensley, Irvin, Lyttle, Eldridge,Witt.
Page 7a
Ball, Whiton, Green,
Page 7b
Smith, Crider, Noe, Lyttle, Howard, Farmer, Sergent, Gross, Osborn.
Page 8a
? David B, Howard, Osborn.
Page 8b
Page 9a
Smith, Lyttle, Ball, Sergent,
King, Irvin,
Page 9b
Grills, Sergent, Turner, Cornett, Irvin, Ball, Howard, Tweed, Short, Crider, Johnson,  Gross, McCreary, Harris
Page 10a
Gilbert, Harris, Ball, Helton, Paul, Noe,
Page 10b
Harris , McCreary, Sergent, Howard, Noe, Lamkford,  Huff,  Day,  Brown.
Page 11a
Turner, Osborn, Pope, 
Parker, Ledford
Page 11b
Adams, Noe, Wolf, Howard, Price, Creech, Eldridge, Adams
Page 12a
Matz, Cornett, Pennington, Wolf, Howard, Gregory, Hensley, Jones, 
Page 12b
Howard, Noe, Winfrey, 
Ball, Calahan
Page 13a
Thorn, Ball, Harris, Pennington, 
Bailey, Paterson, Starkey, Sherrod, Holden, Lewis, Massengale, Jones, Farley, Gray, Holden, Robinson, McBride,Tonella, King, Druskasus, Shelly, Bowman, Carter
Page 13b
Long, Howard, Brown, 
Nolan, Jackson, Metcalf, 
Farley,  Shackleford, 
Creech, Hall, 
Lewis, Muncy
Page 14a
Cornett, Noe, Creech, Farley, Harris, Neely?
Page 14b
Johnston, Howard, Sams, Harris, Coldiron, Clem, Noe
Page 15a
Clongenger? Shooemaker, Johnston,  Thompson, Howard, Farley, Bailey
Page 15b
Collins, Howard, Johnston,Howard, Cox, Roark
Page 16a
Blanton, Cooper,
Nolan,  Sergent
Page 16b
Wilder, Farley, White, Hall, Lankford, Coldiron, Turner, Cabi?, Jones, Nolan, Middleton
Page 17a
Jones, Middleton, Sergent
Page 17b
Howard, Sergent, Coldiron, Harris
Page 18a
Sceara, Gross. Nolan, Wilder, Howard, Burkhart, Shell, Jackson, North
Page 18b
Chestnut, Ray, Fulty, Bailey, Vanover, Caudle, Colwell
Page 19a
Creech, Ellis, Cooper, Roark, Coldwell, Toliver
Page 19b
Cooper, North, Sullivan, Toliver, Wilson, Gross, Napier
Page 20a
Duff, Newby, Creech, Bailey, Shell, Toliver, Griffith
Page 20b
Scott, Vanover,
Page 21a
Toliver, Roark, Blevins
Page 21b
Page 22a
Fields, Smith, Sergent, Hensley, Ball, Hood, Jones, Little, Smith, Skidmor
Page 22b
Ball, Eads, Creech,
Renfro, Turner
Page 23a
Jones,  Ward? Hensley, Sam?
Denham, Skidmor,  Farmer, 
Eager, Ball
Page 23b
Baker, Arnet, Shackleford, Walker,Cawood, Cornet, Young, Farmer, Thacker
Page 24a
Lewis, Ward,  Blackburn,
Bailey, Howard, Turner, 
Wakefield, Smith
Page 24b
Tabor, Skidmor, Keller? Nolan, Blanton, Gregory, Noe, Hensley,  Middleton, Howard, Saylor, Smith
Page 25a
Clem, Smith, Forester?, 
Fields, Napier, Howard, Hacker, Brock, Lyttle,  Hall
Page 25b
Carter, Eversol, Howard, Buffas, Blackburn, Nolan, Creech, Ball, Smith, Davis, Lewis
Page 26a
Middleton, Hensley, Clem, 
Ball, Ward, Rica, Huff,
Howard, Turner
Page 26b
Howard, Smith, Hall, Burgis, Cawood, Smith, Cachane? Crider, Farmer, Skidmore
Page 27a
Blackbourn, Burgin, Flenor, Howard, Carmicle, Shackleford, Hall, Jane?, Smith, Snodgrass, Browning
Page 27b
Clem, Fields, Lankford, Brock, Jane?, Smith, Snodgrass,
Page 28a
Hensley, Michel, Jones, H-?, Farley, Lewis, Ball, Kirk, Wade,  Dean
Page 28b
Ward, Cawood, Clark, 
Smith, Lankford
Page 29a
Duffield, Hall
Page 29b
Page 30a
Nolan, Harris, Smith, Turner, Middleton, Ball, Skidmor, King
Page 30b
Smith, Osborn, Capps, Sergent, Ellis, Howard, Middleton
Page 31a
Stewart, Wynn,  Houston, Gilbert, Sergent,  Middleton, Cawood, Dean
Page 31b
Napier, Clem, 
Stewart, Middleton
Page 32a
Smith, Short, Middleton, Dean
Page 32b
Dean, Sergent, Fields, Kirk, Blevins
Page 33a
Pace, Gibson, Turner, Rowland, Dean, Griffith, Pennington, Kelly, Huston, Haynes, Johnson
Page 33b
Turner, Carroll, Setson, Crider, 
Sergent, Kelly, 
Doss, Ball
Page 34a
Kelly, Smith, Jones, Sergent, Turner, Gilbert, Creech
Page 34b
Cook, Creech, Burkhart, Turner, Shackleford, Dean, Gilbert
Page 35a
Page 35b
Turner, Gilbert, Farley, Madden, Middleton, King
Page 36a
Crider, King, 
Harris, Short
Page 36b
Farley, Crider, Thompson, Gilbert, Dean, Smith, Boggs
Page 37a
Burkhart, Napier, 
Cloud, Farley, 
Page 37b
Farley, Madden, Hall, Madden, Wynn, Middleton, Gilbert
Page 38a
Stewart, Thomas, 
Wynn, Jones
Page 38b.
Hensley, Presley, Middleton, Jones, Wynn
Page 39a
Jones, Pace, Blevins, Cloud
Page 39b
Middleton, Pace, Eldridge, Cloud, Wynn
Page 40a 
Madden, Wynn, 
Page 40b
Middleton, Blevins, Madden, Cloud, King, Johnson, Fields, Thompson, Dean, Creech
Page 41a
King, Dean, Clem, Burkhart, Johnson, Blevins, Smith, Napier
Page 41b
Creech, King, Blanton, 
Metcalf, Skidmore
Page 42a
Kelly, Smith
Page 42b
King, Creech, Skidmore, Metcalf, Blanton
Page 43a
Bailey,  Stanton, Kelly, 
Brewer, Creech
Page 43b
Priest, Kelly, Dixon, Jones, Blair, Brown, King, Clem
Page 44a
Page 44b
Mullins, Robbins, Brown, Bailey, King, Parker, Kelly
Page 45a
Bailey, Parsons, Wynn, Creech, 
Smith, Cloud
Page 45b
Wynn, Ely, 
Kelly, Caudle
Page 46a
McKnight, Caudle, Dixon, Kelly
Page 46b
Kelly, Saylor, Holmes
Page 47a
Huff, Short, Crider, Witt, Parsons
Page 47b
Kelly, Witt, Holmes, Short, White
Page 48a
Short, Huff, 
Page 48b
Bailey, Short, Huff, Moore, Blair, McKnight
Page 49a
Wishman, Huff, Brown, Adams, Rice
Page 49b
Flannery, Mullins
Page 50a
Flannery, Bush, Whisman, Trett, Clark
Page 50b
Witt, Clark, Blair
Page 51a
Couch? Creech, Dixon, Scott, Cornett
Page 51b
Pace, Coldiron, Fields, Dixon, Nolan
Page 52a
Howard, Creech, Harris, Eversole, Estep, Cornett
Page 52b
Cornett, Isom, Creech, Hall, 
Brown, Huff
Page 53a
Lewis, Estep, Bush, Couch? Creech? Gilliam
Page 53b
Irvin, Creech, Rice, Hall, Huff, McKnight, Brock, Dixon, Cornett, Brown
Page 54a
Dixon, Creech, Estep, 
McKnight, White
Page 54b
Huff, Scott, Blair, Hall, Rice, 
Isom, Creech
Page 55a
Hall, Boggs, 
Smallwood, Creech, 
Hampton, ????
Page 55b
Gilliam, Boggs,  ? Kelly, 
Blair, Halcomb, Thompsom, Maggard, Fields
Page 56a
Halcomb, Surgill, Maggard, Farmer?. Bibbs
Page 56b
Blair, Davidson, Huff, Halcomb, Hall, Morris, Bibbs,  Scott
Page 57a
Blair, ????, Mcknight, Morris, Sheperd, Neise
Page 57b
Hensley, Halcomb, Blair, Scott, Neise, Lewis
Page 58a
Scott, Blair, Cornett, 
Halcomb, Magard,
Boggs, Creech
Page 58b
Dixon,Smith, Cornett, ? Coldiron, Scott, Blair, Hall, Beleia?, Halcomb,Gilliam, Gilly
Page 59a
Page 59b
Gilliam, Radcliff, Halcomb, Estep, Isom, Cornett
Page 60a
Cornett, Halcomb, Bosch?,Lewis,
Page 60b
Page 61a
Davis, Helton, Hall, Cornett, Huntsman, Harris, Lewis
Page 61b
Cornett, Mcknight, Scott, Short, Hensley, Saylor, Metcalf
Page 62a
Metcalf, Farley, McDaniel, Eversole
Page 62b
Lewis, Hensley, Clem, Howard
Page 63a
Lewis, Ball, Sergent, Howard
Page 63b
Howard, Nolen, Middleton, Hensley
Page 64a
Ellis, Howard, Hensley, Nolen, Sergeny, Ball, Blanton
Page 64b
Creech, Howard, 
Page 65a
Reddin,Williams, Brown, Neal, Gordon, Inek?, Johnson, Campbell, Hill, Moon, Toliver, Tinsley, Boyxton, Harrris, Howard
Page 65b
Clem, Howard, 
Huff, Wilder, 
Sergent, Holmes, 
Page 66a
Napier, Huff, Bailey, C--ch? Cornett, Miniard
Page 66b
Miniard, Napier, 
Johnson, Farley
Page 67a
Turner, Lewis, Harris, Creech, Boggs
Page 67b
Day, Turner, Boggs, Smith, Creech
Page 68a
Turner, Creech, Begly, 
Metcalf, Gilliam, Lewis, Browning, Adams
Page 68b
Browning, Lewis, Creech, 
Wilder, Gross, Miller, Shell, Ellis, Vaughn, Nolen
Page 69a
Sp---n?, Day, Smith, Metcalf, Johnson, Smith, Cress
Page 69b
Nolen, Blanton, Shoop, 
Creech, Turner
Page 70a
Turner, Shell, Nolen, Day,  Shoop, Farley, 
Page 70b
Nolen, Coots, Howard, Hensley, Creech, Williams
Page 71a
Fee, Pope, Pace, Cloud, Middleton, Spurlock
Page 71b
Lankford, Hall, Neff, Pace, Skidmore, Cuelio??
Page 72a
Fee, Britian, Eli, Scott, Pace, Gilliam, Middleton, Fee, Hood?
Page 72b
Tipton, Hensley,
Middleton, Spurlock
Page 73a
Hensley, Fee, Smith, Turner, Hensley, Neff, Dean
Page 73b
Fouler?, Hamblin, 
Wilson, Daniel
Page 74a
Wilson, Napier, Gibbons, Hensley, Taylor
Page 74b
Scott, Hensley, Smith, Daniel, Thomas, Cotreal?
Page 75a
More, Lee, Saylor, Marcum, Smith, Howard, Lawson, Boaman, Brock, 
Page 75b
Jones, Stewart, Hensley, Scott, Roark, Johnson, Daniel, Lee
Page 76a
Smith, Daniel, Carter, Noe, Wilder, Taylor, Hensley, Ledford, Mame? Roark,Scott
Page 76b
Lee, Scott, Roark,
Howard, Wilson, 
Eads, Jones, Edwards
Page 77a
Eads, Long, Napier, Boaman, Gipson, Hoskins, Cole, Clouse, Goins?, Dean
Page 77b
Hall, Hensley, 
Page 78a
Hensley, Blanton, Pace, Osborn
Page 78b
Hensley, Gibbons, slusher
Page 79a
Lesenbee, Howard, Eads, Saylor, Pa--?, Lawson, Simpson, Johnson, Daniel, Payne, Napier
Page 79b
Napier, Howard, 
Young, Lee, 
Lawson, Payne
Page 80a
Howard, Young, 
Hensley, Daniel, 
Bowman, Brock
Page 80b
Brock, Bradford, Helton, Lawson, Howard, Payn, Wilson, Lee, Miracle, Saylor
Page 81a
Lawson, Craig, Roark, Bradford, 
Saylor, Howard, Taylor, Hensley, Eads, Wilder
Page 81b
Wilder, Brock, 
Hensley, Lee, Taylor, Tipton, Middleton, 
Page 82a
Lee, Wilder, Irvin, Tipton, Dash, Lawson, Rice, Smith
Page 82b
Page 83a
Howard, Pope, Brewer, Stewart, Irving, Napier, 
Page 83b
Howard, Pope, Hall, Skidmore, Osborn, Thomas, Hall, Napier
Page 84a
Osborn, Farmer, Pace, Hall, Thomas, Noe? Stewart
Page 84b
Cawood, Blanton, Farmer, Collins, Green, Pace, Cole, Osborn
Page 85a
Stewart, Napier, Kirk, Noe, Cawood, Blanton, Grills, Ledford, Osborn
Page 85b
Noe, Brewer, Johnson, Swanson, Browning, Cawood, Osborn, Irving
Page 86a
Osborn, Cawood, Stanton?, Stewart, Carter, Grubbs, Hensley
Page 86b
Stewart, Howard, Irving, Jones, Su----? Osborn, Sergent, Fields, Johnson
Page 87a
Stewart, Case, Hall, Lankford, Stepp, King, Howard, Browning
Page 87b
Browning, Fee, Pope, Stewart, Burkhart, Day, Johnson, Fee, Fields
Page 88a
Fee, Day, Pope, Helton, Day,
Skidmore, Pace, Mitchel,
Dean, Ledford, Noe, Jones
Page 88b
Powel. Spurlock, Green, 
Day, Noe, 
Pace, Burkhart
Page 89a
Pope, Woodyard, Shackleford, Green, Short 
Page 89b
Smith, Ledford, Kirk, Saylor, Short, Green, Burkhart
Page 90a
Burkhart, Shackleford, Noe, Ely, Hedrick, Spurlock, Sullivan, North, Blanton, Noe, Hall, Day, Ledford
Page 90b
Shackleford, Sergent, 
Howard, Fee, Ledford,
Browning, Napier
Page 91a
Collins, Thomas, Day, Stepp, Swanson, Napier, Blanton, Short
Page 91b
Cole, Roberts, Napier, Stewart, Brewer, Pace, Browning, Noe, Smith
Page 92a
Gross, Skidmore, Wynn, Sergent, Stewart, Hall
Page 92b
Page 93a
Fee, Farmer, Powell, Howard, Rice, Woodyard, Smith, , Hall
Page 93b
Hall, Reynolds, Cole, Howard, Ledford, Day, Dean
Page 94a
Farmer, Ledford, Skidmore, Doyle, Napier, Cawood, Mitchell, Dean, Noe, Howard
Page 94b
Ely, Green, Walker, Ledford, pace, Renfro, Arnet?, Ward, 
Moore, Short
Page 95a
Turner, Pope, Rogers, Ledford, Capps, Creech, Mitchell, Lewis, Carter
Page 95b
Carter, Whitaker, Ledford, Mitchell, Turner, Carnes, Olinger, Creech, Day
Page 96a
Day, Moore, Napier, Stacy, Garrett?, Skidmore, Lundy, Doyle, Irvin, Farley
Page 96b
Russell, Garrett, Day, Hall, Skidmore, Wynn, Roup?, Napier
Page 97a
Shidmore, Napier, Garrett, Powell, Green
Page 97b
Page 98a
Howard, Johnson, Simpson, Gross, Shackleford, Farley, Helton, Noe
Page 98b
Howard, Buell, Noe, Simpson, Sayler, Bingham, Slusher, Blanton
Page 99a
Howard, Wilson, Simpson, Saylor, Blanton, Noe, Unthank, Heycork?,Nolen
Page 99b
Unthank, Cornett, 
Ruter?, Garrett, Blanton, Saylor, Simpson
Page 100a
Blanton,Crawford, Howard, Hensley, Ledford, Unthank, 
Page 100b
Bradford, Blanton, Sergent, Noe, Unthank, 
Page 101a
Noe, Green, Simpson, Orsbon, Wilson, Long, Orsbon, Saylor, Howard
Page 101b
Lefevors, Hensley, 
Howard, Farley
Page 102a
Bailey, Blanton, Vaughn, Shackleford, Saylor, Simpson, Saylor, Stepp
Page 102b
Brock, Hensley, Noe, Blanton, Brummett, Noe, Saylor, Simpson
Page 103a
Scott, Hensley, Blanton, Hampton, Taylor, Crawford
Page 103b
Helton, Crawford, Helton, Noe, Scott, Simpson, Howard, Barnes
Page 104a
Noe, Simpson, Blanton, Vaughn , Ball, Setser?, Brock, Howard, Rutherford, Daniel
Page 104b
Howard, Dot? Carter, Gray, Roark, Lewis, Cornett, Hensley, Saylor, Brock, Morgan
Page 105a
Long, Cornett, 
Morgan, Boggs, 
Howard, Brock, 
Blanton, Gross
Page 105b
Brown, Pearsall, Unthank, Sizemore, Bishop, Cox, Jones, Clark, Wilson, Jackson, Jones, Shelton, Bayless, Bowles, Webb, Smith, Lewis, Pottim?, Poe, Paris, Highbert? Collins, Elison, Duncan, Brue, Webb
Page 106a
Ellis, Rogan, Uttez?, Miller, Goodloe, Johnson, Laska, Long, Moore, Ewell, Broken, Green, Blakely, Small, Graham, Hill, Beavers, Lawerce?, Thomas, Hubbard, Pearson, Wiggins, Rogan, Franklin, Clifton, Stacy, Williams, Steel, Petway, Walker, Thomas, Grant, Bell, Ont, McDowel, Hodge, Williams,Clifton
Page 106b
Burglegome, Crag, 
Unthank, Howard, 
Fee, Brummet, 
Blanton,  --ax?, Wilson
Page 107a
McKnight, Griffith, Ward, Wilson, Nolen, Sullivan, Belcher, Gross, Colwell
Page 107b
Cooper, Belcor, Saylor, Colwell, Ward, Gross, Whitehead
Page 108a
Wilson, Ward, Rice, Colwell, Morgan, Howard
Page 108b
Foresrer, Colwell, 
Brock, Saylor, 
Page 109a
Saylor, Brock, Colwell, Morgan, Pearce, Howard, Irvin, Bailey, Wilson
Page 109b
Page 110a
Page 110b
Osborn,  Blanton, Howard, 
Scott, Brock, Long, Saylor, 
Hopskins, (T)aylor
Page 111a
Russell, Callaway, Saylor, Simpson, Blanton, Howard, (L)ush, Doggett?
Page 111b
Russell, Taylor, Simpson, Brummett, Saylor, Howard
Page 112a
Howard, Taylor, 
Howard, Simpson, Saylor, Osborn , Fee, Belsher, Gross
Page 112b
Slusher, Brock, Blanton, Riddles, Osborn, Simpson, Hopskins, Coldiron, Saylor, Taylor
Page 113a
Simpson, Saylor, Noe, Roberts, Brock, Daugherty, Blanton
Page 113b
Skidmore, Blanton, Brock, Saylor, Shell, Howard, Hopskins
Page 114a
Hopskins, Blanton, Cornet, Osborn, Helton, Morgan, Saylor
Page 114b
Howard, Saylor, Johnson, 
White, Bullins
Page 115a
Green, Fugate, Blanton, Baker, Saylor, Miracle, Bingham, Brock
Page 115b
Clark, Howard
Page 116a
Page 116b
Robinson, Wills, Hall, N----D?,Cook, Comptom, Wilson, Jackson, ?, B?bbe, Bradshaw, Henderson, Johnson, Kile, Swatsey, Phillip, Brown, Tucker, Gregory, Johnson, Smith, Clark, Hudson, Howell, Wilson, Price, Patterson, Green, Franklin, Stokes,  Broyles, Gosip, Jones, M--Whorten
Page 117a
Hawkins, Everhart, S---?,Griffin, 
Banks, Mitchel, McKenna, 
Robinson, Hudson, Garfield, Brown, Douglas, Rice, 
Pope, Sherfield, Fencher,
Collins, ?lood?, Wilson, Johnson, Bucks, Leopes?
Page 117b
Mason, Graham, Otto, H--t?, Perkins, Huff, Blakley, Ni, Calloway, Shaw, Stiff, Young, Henderson, Berrian, Davis, Stetson, Crawford, Harris, Nicely, Po--le?, Rainey, Russell, ,Williams, Ross, Caudle, Oss, Milton, Woods, Rogers, Donaldson, Brook
Page 118a
Martin, Graham,Wingate, Harrison, Williams, Brown, Hie? Stanley, Hall, Dotson, Griggin, Hollech?, Robinson, Moore, Steel, Polly, Ray, Stoves, Jackson, Macnahan, Renals, Dotson
Page 118b
Martin, Graham, Wingate, Harrison, Williams, Brown, Hie?, Stanley, Hall, Dotson, Griffins, Polly, Ray, Renals, Holleck, Robinson, Stoves, Jackson, Douglas, Steel, Macnan, Moore
Page 119a
Doggett, Greggs, Ragsdale, Jackson, Allen, Butler, Williams, McCreary, Holbrook, Mathews, Rutherford, Simmons, Christian, Davis, Thorp, Wilson, Lattensone? Jarvis
Page 119b

Names transcribed by Elva Nolan Morgan
© 2001

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