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If you would like to volunteer to do lookups,
please e-mail me here and I'll add you to the list!

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Volunteers are needed to do lookups in Hancock County sources.

References Available Lookup Volunteer
We here at the Hancock County Genealogical Society do lookups for people. We have plenty of Resources here and plenty of manpower to get the job done. If you want to Visit our Genealogical Society it is located in the old courthouse in the Hancock County Archives, 3rd Floor. You may also write us at Hancock County Archives; P.O. Box 667; Hawesville, Ky; 42348 We also have an E-mail address Mary
I will do lookups in the following:
  • Marriage Book II 1858-1874
  • Marriage Register Book 3 1874-1900
  • 1850 Hancock Co Census
  • 1860 Hancock Co Census
  • 1880 Hancock Co Census
  • 1900 Hancock Co Census
  • Hancock Co KY Records Book # 1, Deaths 1852-1861 (deaths of persons over 15 yrs. old) and Wills 1827-1865
  • Gena Hart
    I have the following Hancock Co. books that I am willing to do lookups in:
  • Hancock County Vital Statistics 1852-1910
  • 1894, 1895, 1896> all three are School Census books of Hancock County
  • Sharon Brown Woodcock
    I have a copy of Hancock County Cemeteries Volume I and can do look-ups in that as well as in The Forgotten Ones.
  • The Forgotten Ones
  • Vol I Old Cemeteries in Hancock, Ohio, Breckinridge and Daviess Co. Ky. by Lt & Gay Nell Newton. [Not a large book but many burials not listed in other books.]
  • Carol Arrington
    I would like to volunteer to do lookups for people. I own the following publications:
  • Hancock County Census 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900 & 1910
  • Hancock County Vital Statistics: 1852 - 1910
  • Hancock County Marriage Register: 1874 - 1900
  • St. Lawrence Baptismal Records, Daviess County 1824 - 1910
  • Doug Egan

    1. Please indicate the County and type of reference you are requesting. [Example: 1850 Hancock County census lookup]

    2. Include first & last names, dates, places and any other information (name of spouse, siblings, nick names....) that might help the volunteer in the lookup. Limit your requests to a few names at a time.

    3. Please remember to thank the volunteer for his or her time and effort. The GENWEB system is centered on volunteers who contribute their time and effort for free. A THANK YOU can be a nice way to show your appreciation.

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